Travel to Stunning Ibera Wetlands in Argentina: Your Practical Guide

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

If you are passionate about nature and you want to get closer to Argentina’s most incredible places, you can begin your South American expedition with a visit to the Ibera Wetlands.

Sunset at the Ibera Wetlands the most important and biodiverse wetland area in Argentina @jchiavo

The Iberá estuaries – iberà means shining waters in the indigenous Guaraní language – are the second-largest freshwater wetlands in the world after the Pantanal in Brazil.

Floating islands of vegetation, unique wildlife, shallow water lagoons, and the amazing network of lakes will amaze you while you explore this Argentina’s natural wonder. A must-visit for any wildlife enthusiast!

If you want to travel to Ibera Wetlands in Argentina, continue reading this practical guide, and find out why this off the beaten track experience will impress you!

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How to Get There

The Esteros del Iberá is located in the sub-tropical north of Argentina in Corrientes Province. The relative remoteness of the location has enabled it to remain one of Argentina´s hidden gems.

💫Unforgettable sunsets in the Esteros del Iberá @hotelpuertovallear

Many people believe that exploring Argentina is going to be fast and easy. But, for instance, the distance between Buenos Aires and Iberá Wetlands is 671 km.

You can either take an overnight bus from Buenos Aires (11 hours) or elsewhere in the country to the city of Mercedes. Then, follow the others and jump on the next two-hour connection to Carlos Pellegrini, the primary hub for exploring Ibera.

There are more than 350 different birds species that call the Ibera marsh home, each as colorful as the next 🇦🇷Martín Pescador Grande 🇺🇸Ringed Kingfisher by @gag677

If you prefer taking a plane, keep in mind that the nearest airport is at Posadas. There are daily flights from BA to Posadas airport.

My suggestion of the best way to travel to Ibera Wetlands? Combine travel to Ibera Wetlands with a visit to Iguazu Falls. You can take a plane from Buenos Aires to Posadas airport, visit the wetlands for 4 days, and then continue your trip to Iguazu. There are no flights between Puerto Iguazú and Posadas, but it is possible to connect them by land with a private transfer and know the Ruins of San Ignacio Miní, which are halfway between the two points.

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Best Time to Travel to Ibera Wetlands, Argentina

The great news is that you can visit beautiful Ibera Wetlands all year-round. If, for instance, you don’t like very high temperatures, try to avoid the summer months (January until March). Choose traveling in Spring (September until November) because it has good temperatures, and the wetlands are very colorful and filled with animals, but it also tends to rain a lot.

Family of Capybara ( Carpinchos) that inhabits the Esteros del Iberá

Cooler and calm, the Autumn months (April and May) are a great time to visit this gorgeous area. If you want to avoid the crowds, travel to Ibera Wetlands, Argentina in winter (June, July, and August), during the low season. The temperature will be lower, but the wetlands welcoming and dry.

If you are interested in bird migration, plan your trip between September and April, and get ready for memorable bird watching sessions.

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Things to Do and See

The Iberá National Park covers an area almost the size of Switzerland (some 13,000 square kilometers, it is the largest reservoir of nature and biodiversity of Argentina, a sanctuary for wildlife and plants.

Fly-fishing “Doradazo” @rinconflyfishing 🎣

Diverse natural ecosystems can be found at the park. Large extensions of wild environments, such as lakes, rivers, wetlands, marshlands, grasslands, savannahs, forests, gallery forests, palm groves and submerged meadows, alternate in different proportions and surprises with amazing different landscapes.

Horseback riding allows to explore and enjoy the stunning scenery of the wetlands

The most impressive about Ibera National Park is that seeing the fauna on its natural habitat is ensured! The best way to get closer to the amazing species that inhabit this natural wonder is by boat, together with a specialized guide, who will show you the richest spots in wildlife while explaining to you all you need to know about the area.

Exclusive Expedition to the Esteros del Iberá and discover its flora and fauna! by @hotelpuertovallear

On your visit expect to come across two different species of alligator, deer, giant otter, countless capybara or even anaconda and monkeys and hundreds of species of birds.

Enjoy unique landscapes by kayaking on the Parana River

If you already have a lot of information about the wetlands and you want to explore it on your own, you can always have a memorable independent kayak adventure. Though you won’t have a guide to show you around, this experience promises to stay with you forever. In case water is not your cup of tea, you can explore the rich forests and swamps of the park during a relaxed horse riding tour, with a well-informed guide.