Buenos Aires


43 million


Argentinian Pesos

At a glance

  • A country in love with BBQ’s, wine, gaucho culture and football
  • See the wonders of Patagonia and the ‘end of the world’
  • Vineyards, wildlife and the iconic Iguassu Falls

Local insights
Why we love Argentina

  • We love strolling around Palermo Soho during the day or night – exploring the boutiques and people watching the porteños from cafes and restaurants
  • One of our favourite ways to unwind is a weekend away at a cozy boutique lodge in Mendoza, overlooking the Andes Mountains – Malbec wine at night and horse riding during the day, bliss!
  • Our family has always the colonial feel of Tilcara or Purmamarca in the Northwest of the country – Argentine history and tradition really comes alive here

Dreaming of patchwork vineyards, the icy beauty of Patagonia or the elegant architecture of Buenos Aires? Argentina’s diverse landscapes and distinct culture make this country a must-see for those that love the finer things in life.

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Chances are you’ve heard of Buenos Aires – known as the ‘Paris of South America’, the city’s leafy boulevards and plazas full of tango dancers tend to charm visitors from the moment they arrive. Buenos Aires will always hold a pretty special place for us, too – our company’s founders grew up here and actually Maria was born here and she is a “chica Porteña” (porteño girl);   we’re lucky enough to have our offices based in Palermo neighborhood, a part of the city known for its beautiful Green Spaces as well as its vibrant and bohemian restaurants and cafes.

But there’s so much more to Argentina than this famous city. Our renowned love for all things BBQ – or ‘Assado’, as we say in Spanish – promises any meat lover will not be disappointed. Argentinians can chat for hours when it comes to cuts of beef and how to best cook them (over hot coals, slowly, with a glass of Malbec in hand in case you were wondering).

The landscapes are some of the most diverse you’ll find in South America. In Patagonia, the Deep South, you’ll find the ‘End of the World’ – the very tip of the whole American continent. The views, wildlife and fiords found in Tierra del Fuego National Park really are something to write home about. Hikers and walkers are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful walking trails in this part of the county.  One hidden spot not to be missed is the paradise on earth for trekkers called “El Chalten” where the Fitz Roy Mount can be found. If you put your foot in Patagonia, definitely include in your itinerary a trek on the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Further north, you can’t go past the Mendoza region when it comes to scenic vineyards – don’t miss buying a bottle Argentinian Malbec; it’s a specialty.  San Antonio de Areco, in the heart of the Argentine Pampas, forms the cradle of Gaucho culture. And the Iguassu Falls, on the border with Brazil, really is Mother Nature in all her glory – the largest waterfall system in the world, a visit here is a powerful, visceral experience.

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