Stay at the Best Ranches in Ibera Wetlands, Argentina

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Known as Esteros del Ibera, the superb Ibera Wetlands is a natural wonder that deserves to be visited by all travelers who love nature and all its incredible gifts.

Located in northeast Argentina, the area is filled with amazing lagoons, swamps, and marshes, as well as an abundance of wildlife, including hundreds of bird species, marsh deers, alligators and, of course, capybaras, the mammals native to South America, and the largest living rodents in the world.

Unforgettable sunset on the Costa del Estero in Rincon del Socorro, a unique place in the Iberá National Park by @rincondelsocorro

Esteros del Ibera is becoming one of Argentina’s most important nature and eco-travel destinations. To make the most out of your visit, we suggest staying at one of the charming ranches in Argentina’s Wetlands. Here are our recommendations for the best Estancias to stay. Discover why a tour in Ibera Wetland is incomplete without a stay in one of these charming estancias and haciendas.

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Stay at the Best Ranches in Argentina’s Ibera Wetlands

A fabulous stay can enhance not only your adventure in South America but all your great travels. So, when visiting the world’s second-largest wetland, in the most extensive natural reserve of Argentina, book yourself a comfortable room in one of the best ranches in the area. To help you choose great accommodation, we have two estancias (country lodge) suggestions, Puerto Valle – Hotel de Esteros and Rincon del Socorro. Expect a unique blend of wildlife experiences and authentic hospitality at these estancias in Argentina.

Puerto Valle – Hotel de Esteros- The Luxury You Deserve

If you want to stay in the only luxury lodge in the Ibera Wetlands, Puerto Valle is waiting for you with high-end personalized services, unique culinary experiences, as well as a stunning location, right where interesting tradition meets beautiful nature.

Puerto Valle, a luxury lodge 🛎 in the Esteros del Iberá 🐊 and is only two hours away by plane ✈ by@hotelpuertovallear

A privileged location to visit the Ibera Wetlands, since it is only 55 km from the Posadas Airport and 350 km from the Puerto Iguazú International Airport, thus having air connections in both Argentina and Brazil.

Contemplating the Parana River while enjoying a traditional Argentine Asado 🔥by @hotelpuertovallear

So, you can easily get to Puerto Valle by play from Buenos Aires, and this sensational place is perfect for nature lovers who want to combine their stay with a memorable trip to the Iguazu Falls, as well as a visit to the lovely and Ignacio Miní Ruins.

Discover the different species that inhabit this natural paradise by@puertovallear

Built-in 1868, this authentic Argentinian estancia offers you more than just access to the rich biodiversity of the area. There are 13 exclusive rooms with breathtaking views of the Parana River, as well as a 14-hectare park and other lavish amenities, like a barbecue area, a swimming pool, an organic garden, and a library room with an impressive number of books and a cozy fireplace.

Horseback riding on the banks of the Paraná River by@hotelpuertovallear

In addition, at Puerto Valle estancia, you can enjoy a multitude of exciting activities, like horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, and of course, inspiring boat excursions.

Rincon del Socorro – An Oasis of Tranquility and Beauty

Located in the outstanding Ibera National Park and surrounded by incredibly diverse natural ecosystems, the lovely Rincon del Socorro is our second suggestion, when it comes to the best ranches in Argentina’s Ibera Wetlands.

Ibera Wetlands is one of the best places in the world to make wildlife sightings by @rincondelsocorro

Rincon del Socorro is linked to the conservation group CLT Argentina, which has been doing lots of conservation work in this area, so by staying in Rincon del Socorro, you will also be contributing to the effort of the reintroduction of locally extinct fauna.

The ranch Rincón del Socorro is built from farm originally constructed in 1896, which was personally restored and expanded by Douglas Tompkins.

In 2001, this philanthropist, and conservationist, acquired the farm with the ambitious aim of creating the greatest natural park in Argentina, return the locally extinct fauna and foster an economy based on ecotourism.

Rincon del Socorro, surrounded by wildlife and nature, within the Esteros del Iberá @rincondelsocorro

With 11 comfortable rooms, The Ranch is an all-inclusive service with meals and activities as part of the package. With a multitude of exciting activities, the gorgeous Rincon del Socorro Lodge promises to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

At the end of the walk along the coast of the estuary, contemplate the sunset surrounded by a unique natural environment! @rincondelsocorro

Get ready for a great culinary experience given by the perfect combination of local recipes with Argentinian and international dishes, as well as a typical Argentinian barbecue.

In addition, staying at the Rincon del Socorro gives you the chance to enjoy thrilling fauna sightings and safaris, birdwatching sessions, fun bike, and boat tours, kayak experiences as well as romantic and compelling night safaris. The activities offered by the lodge are available depending on the time of the year and, of course, the weather.

Boat trips to explore Esteros del Iberá @rewilding_experience