Ibera National Park Argentina. A trip with a purpose.

Updated: Jun 19

“As they say, landscape without wildlife is just scenery.”

Douglas Tompkins

"While staying in Ibera National park, You are making a difference. We call it a Trip with a Purpose”….this is what Rita Cammisi from Rewilding experience love to Call a trip to Ibera National park…

Sunset at Ibera National Park
Sunset at Ibera National Park

Have you ever wondered how your holiday affects the local environment you're visiting?⁠⁠

⁠⁠ ⁠⁠

Happily, there's a new approach in many places in South America to travel In a responsible, sustainable, eco-friendly manner. Working not only to conserve the natural environment but also to give back to local communities.⁠⁠


The Rewilding experience in Argentina is all about that...⁠⁠

⁠⁠“Rewilding restores the natural world, brings well-being to local communities, and, above all, brings joy to our souls.”


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What is the role you are having while visiting Ibera National Park?

In 2001, Douglas Tompkins, a philanthropist, and conservationist, acquired the farm Rincon del Socorro to create a 74,131- acre natural reserve that would be handled by his foundation, The Conservation Land Trust (CLT). ⁠⁠


He had a simple but ambitious aim: to create the most incredible natural park in Argentina, return the locally extinct fauna and foster an economy based on ecotourism...⁠⁠


Today Rewilding experience owns three hotels in Ibera wetlands and one in Patagonia.

It is a social company that donates all the profits they have from eco-tourism to the

foundation for Rewilding Argentina so they can continue working with the restoration of the ecosystem and the reintroduction of species. Watch in this video what Rita from Rewilding experience has to tell us about this.

So, you are part of this project by staying in one of their hotels. You are traveling with a purpose and making a difference.


Check out my complete Instagram live interview with Rita from Rewilding, and you will understand why visiting Ibera National Park will amaze you while simultaneously helping preserve our planet. Watch here.


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