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Custom Made 


Since 2007 we have been planning custom trips in South America with our travelers. Please look at some of the best trips we have designed during the past 16 years. We create and tailor all our trips from scratch, especially for you! Whenever you are ready, contact us so we can start designing your perfect South America trip, 

11 Days - From U$D 9,870 p/p
Ideal Time: Sep / April

This spectacular Patagonia Tour is everything you can imagine, and more. Soak up the culture and color of Buenos Aires; discover the ‘End of the World‘ by 4×4 and get up close to ancient Chilean glaciers. There’s the UNESCO world heritage area of Torres del Paine, rare birdlife and fiord and mountain scenery like you’ve never seen before.

21 Days - From U$D 16,250 p/p
Ideal Time: Nov / March

Discover the ‘end of the world’, stunning Patagonia, trekking in Torres del Paine, the most amazing Glaciers in Calafate. Then, head south to the White Continent on one of the world’s most unforgettable Antarctica Tours.

We only work with the best small expedition cruises, including amazing adventures such as camping in the ice, kayak, and more!  

14 Days - From U$D 8,200 p/p
Ideal Time: Sep / March

This is the perfect trip for food and wine lovers who are looking for two weeks of culinary and luxury adventure in South America. Experience the culinary delight of Buenos Aires. Discover Argentina and Chile’s Lakes District in Patagonia.
Taste the best wines in Santiago de Chile and Mendoza in Argentina. Stay in a charming wine lodge in Valle de Uco. One of our most loved Argentina Tours!

Ready to work with a team welcoming travelers like you in South America since 2007?

16 Days - From U$D 9,500 p/p
Ideal Time: April / Oct

Experience a mix of Nature, Wildlife, gastronomical highlights, world-class wines, culture, and Gaucho traditions in Argentina.
Combine this with a few days of Guacho and traditions in Areco while you stay at a classic estancia. 

10 Days - From U$D 8,100 p/p

Galapagos & Peru's Highlights 

Ideal Time: March / Oct

It’s the adventure of a lifetime. This is the ultimate South American ‘bucket lister’ – combining famous places and experiences like Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Galapagos Islands on board an exclusive small Yacht. When it comes to South American Tours, this is an itinerary to rival them all. The best mix of culture and natural beauties. 


Visit the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro with its striking beaches. Explore Buenos Aire's typical neighborhoods. Live Peru and learn about the Inca culture and its magnificent Machu Picchu Ruins. We offer you the best of South America in an absolutely authentic way.

14 Days - From U$D 7,500 p/p

Brazil, Argentina & Peru Highlights

Ideal Time: March / Oct

14 Days - From U$D 8,900 p/p
Ideal Time March / Sep

Discover a unique panorama of the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil. Here we will also be able to share an unforgettable moment with the wild yet playful Amazon River pink dolphins.


You’ll also dedicate time to fishing and walking off the beaten track at nightfall to see caimans, monkeys, birds, and other fabulous jungle hosts!

10 Days - From U$D 7.500 p/p
Ideal Time: Sep / May

Are you dreaming of the icy beauty of Patagonia or the immense lakes? Patagonia’s diverse landscapes and distinct culture make this destination a must-see for those that love the outdoors and nature!

This Itinerary includes the best places in the Argentine and Chilen Patagonia: El Calafate, Los Glaciares National Park, Torres del Paine, and El Chalten

22 Days - From U$D 12.980 p/p
Ideal Time: Sep / May

Explore the Highlights of South America; Start in Rio de Janeiro and end in Lima, Peru!

Remarkable landscapes of Rio, Culture immersion and the Gaucho life in Areco town, Tango, food delights in Buenos Aires and Santiago. Plus, the outstanding Glaciers and Lakes of Patagonia, with the unique Machu Picchu Ruins at the end. A "life-changing" experience"!

15 Days - From U$D 9,990 p/p
Ideal Time: Sep / May

If you are a foodie, love wines, and are looking for a luxury trip, check out our South America for Foodies and Wine lovers Luxury itinerary.


A perfect itinerary, including a food experience in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, an eco-lodge experience in the Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aire's rich culture and gourmet trip, and a Visit to Mendoza and Santiago de Chile wine lands. 

14 Days - From U$D 7,499 p/p
Ideal Time: July / October

The perfect way to visit Chile and Argentina salt flats while experiencing an authentic and Luxury trip with experiences like...⁣⁠

Visit Buenos Aires and Immerse yourself in the Gaucho Culture with a Luxury & Authentic Ranch Experience⁠. Enjoy a Luxury Glamping Experience in the remote Salt flats of Argentina. Explore the Atacama desert in Chile with an all-inclusive Luxury adventure experience and more. 

8 Days - From U$D7.100 p/p
Ideal Time: March to May and from September to mid-December

Enjoy an extraordinary adventure in Peru, complete with one-of-a-kind and genuine experiences and full of charm.

This trip is for you if you have only 1 week and want to focus on seeing the highlights of Peru: Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Enjoy unique and authentic travel experiences, that are "“Un-Googleable",  that allow you to embark on a one-of-a-kind journey 

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