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Ibera Wetlands
& Culture of Argentina

16 Days, 15 Nights

Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Ibera Wetlands, Salta, Jujuy, and Areco.

Image by Dulcey Lima

What you will Love

Explore Buenos Aires, its Historic Districts, Local Markets & taste street food.

Image by Karla Robinson

Prices from

All-Inclusive 16-days*  

Boutique  U$D 9,500


Luxury  U$D 12,100


*Prices in U$D Per person

Trip details

Custom Made 


All our itineraries are 100% Custom made just four you.   

Arrive in Buenos Aires,  the “Paris of South America”



Upon arrival, transfer to the selected hotel. Welcome meeting with our experience manager to get acquainted with the Capital city of Argentina.

We will book you in a local barbecue and Argentinian steak restaurant. Let us know if you want other specialties (vegetarian, Latin, Italian influence, etc.). 


​​You'll discover why Buenos Aires is one of South America's most exciting culinary cities. Let us know what you love, from fancy restaurants to authentic little places. 

Meals: no meals included. Accommodation: Alvear Palace

Image by Nathana Rebouças
Image by Julián Amé


Highlights of Buenos Aires and Tango experience

You will enjoy the first city exploration of the Historic Districts;


What you will do today:


You will see Buenos Aires's history through its iconic buildings in Mayo Square and then head to the San Telmo district to explore the city’s architecture in this beautiful neighborhood.


You'll learn about the history of this famous neighborhood and its culinary artisans, including some of Buenos Aires' best street eateries.  


Bonus: taste the best local empanadas, “choris,” and medialunas. 

Bonus 2: An evening full of Tango enjoying top-class dancers and a fine dining experience paired with excellent Malbec Red wines will complement this tasty day perfectly. 


Meals: Breakfast, street lunch, dinner with wines. Accommodation: Alvear Palace

Salta Your first taste of Northern Food


You will fly to Salta, located in the North of the country, and private transfers to and from the airports are included. Stay in Salta’s countryside and enjoy the simple, tasty cuisine from the hotel’s restaurant, offering fresh produce from the garden.


Fun facts about Salta, Argentina: 


  • Salta is the Cradle of Argentina Folklore. 

  • It’s the home of the Argentine Inca Trail. 

  • Salta has one of the highest railways in the world, the “Train to the Clouds.”

  • It is an outstanding Wine destination in Argentina and home to Torrontés wine. 

  • If you love food, Salta makes the best Empanadas.


Highlight: Relax in nature while quietly breathing under the centuries-old trees and smell flowering jasmine in a landscape imbued with the magic of the ancient Quechua civilization. 

Bonus: In the hotel’s restaurant, you can admire the large open fireplace, watch meat cooked in the old earthen oven and enjoy breathtaking views of the Andes.


Meals: Breakfast and dinner. Accommodation: House of Jasmines, Salta. 

Image by Francisco Rioseco
Image by Telmo Filho


An incredible journey will take you to Jujuy's “Quebrada de Humahuaca.” You’ll travel through a narrow and arid mountainous valley flanked by the high plateau of the Puna and the eastern wooded areas. 


Highlight: The Quebrada follows the line of a major cultural route, “the Camino del Inca,” a highly representative example of the South Andean valleys. The natural environment is impressive and is kept intact with hundreds of archeological sites that witness the extreme richness of these lands.  

Meals: Breakfast. Accommodation:  Colores de Purmamarca Boutique Hotel. 

Jujuy Salt Flats
in 4WD Vehicle 



Today, you will explore the beautiful Saltflats of Argentina. The Salt Flats are known as “Salinas Grandes,” and it's well-known for its vast white desert. We will return to Salta during the afternoon.​


Highlight: See Argentina's most extensive salt flats and the world's third largest ones - after Uyuni and Atacama. It is a wonderful place, considered one of the seven natural wonders. 

You’ll head back to the City of Salta. 

Meals: Breakfast. ​Accommodation:  Legado Mitico Boutique Hotel, Salta.

Image by Hector Ramon Perez
Image by Hector Ramon Perez


You will leave Salta towards Cachi, one of Argentina's most charming small villages. 

Highlights: the road trip through the gorgeous valley with its narrow and steep roads and a fantastic cactus desert. You’ll have the opportunity to stroll the street of the cozy village of Cachi. We will continue to the next destination: Cafayate, the mecca for wine lovers in northern Argentina. 


Bonus 1: explore one of Argentina's most beautiful road trips, following the classic “Route 40”; on the way, you’ll see the stunning “Quebrada de las Flechas” - arrows gorge. 


Bonus​ 2: you’ll stay in the luxury Villas overlooking the vineyards and mountains; 

Meals: Breakfast. ​Accommodation: Grace Cafayate Lodge.


You will start the day with a visiting boutique winery and enjoy a wine tasting from the famous Torrontes Wines.  Your fantastic lunch is followed by an afternoon of relaxation in the lodge. 


Highlight: visit the winery enjoying an exclusive wine tasting, the best way to learn about the culture and traditions of the region. 


Bonus: You’ll explore an area seemingly unsuitable for grape growing, an isolated stretch of desert with unique features that make it ideal for growing the highest vineyards in the world.

What makes Calchaquí valleys region so special?


  • At more than 1,700 meters (5,500 feet) above sea level, the surprisingly broad temperature range generates marked contrasts between the warm days and cold nights, allowing for the development of ripe berries that condense all the best region has to offer.

  • The desert climate and the soils, which are poor in organic matter, define a unique terroir exclusive to this small region, allowing us to obtain the most distinctive and elegant high-end wines with a significant concentration of color, deep aromas, and well-defined flavors.

Meals: Breakfast. ​Accommodation: Grace Cafayate Lodge.

Image by Ignacio Aguilar

From Salta to the uniqueness of Iguazu Falls, Argentina


Today, you will fly to Puerto Iguassu. Transfer from the hotel to Buenos Aires airport. Reception at Puerto Iguazu airport and transfer to your hotel.

Iguazu Falls is one of the most amazing places in the world, perfect for those who consider intimate contact with nature the best way to relate to life. 


The highlight of the day:


Enjoy the afternoon at Awasi Lodge; Located just 20 minutes from the world's largest waterfalls, the lodge is situated on the banks of the River Iguazu, completely remote and surrounded by nature; a perfect place to disconnect, relax, and unwind. 


Meals: Breakfast and lunch. Accommodation: Awasi Lodge. 

Iguazu Falls, National Park Argentina


Today, you will explore Iguazu Falls National Park with your bird & nature-obsessed expert guide.  


We recommend entering the Iguazu Falls Park early in the morning to increase your chances of observing the different species of birds and fauna. 


Today’s highlights: 


  • You’ll enjoy a scenic walk with an introduction to the geological formation of the Iguazú Falls, creating a special connection between humans and the natural environment. 

  • Be dazzled with more than 200 waterfalls from a natural scenery that places the human being in a unique context.

  • Enjoy the most diverse fauna and flora. During this day, you’ll see birds, butterflies, mammals, flowers, and plants that contribute exceptional value to this experience. The main goal of this exploration is to enjoy the time in the open air and awaken your sensations' potential toward natural sounds, colors, images, and characteristic smells of the jungle.

Bonus: A visit to the falls isn't complete with "The Great Adventure," which includes a truck ride through the jungle and navigation that will take you very close to the waterfalls. Prepare yourself to get wet! (Minimum 12 years old).


Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Accommodation: Awasi Lodge. 

Image by Jeffrey Eisen
Image by Sasha Lantukh

National Park Iguacu, Brazil


Today, you will visit the Falls from the Brazilian side. The National Park do Iguaçu in Brazil was declared World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1986 after the nomination of the Iguazu National Park in Argentina.

The IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment) administers the Park, which is being revitalized as the Argentinian Park.

The visiting area consists of the only circuit of walkways in front of the Falls, offering an awe-inspiring panoramic view. The course is 1200 meters long and composed of stairs.  At the end of the circuit, there is an elevator. The stairs contain 130 steps and are 220 meters long—medium difficulty.


Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Accommodation: Awasi Lodge.

San Ignacio Ruins, Misiones & Ibera Wetlands


Today, you’ll travel from the Iguazu Falls in Misiones to the Province of Corrientes for your next adventure: explore the Ibera Wetlands.  

Highlight: on the way with your expert guide/driver, you will see one of the missions founded in the 1600s in Argentina by the Jesuits, the San Ignacio ruins. Finally, arrive at the hidden treasure of Ibera Marshes.

Highlight an All inclusive Lodge at the Ibera Wetlands with wildlife around you. 


Bonus 1: Enjoy the simplicity of the local dishes with typical local ingredients, such as river fish and tropical and citrus fruits, which are part of the ancestral gastronomic customs of the Littoral region.


Bonus 2: the location of Puerto Valle Lodge is ideal, with its exclusive access to the Ibera Marshes and only 55 km away from the nearest airport: Posadas.  


We will design your experiences at The Lodge according to the number of days you choose to stay.

We suggest a minimum of 4 nights to enjoy the essentials and truly experience the Ibera Marshes.

Tours are made in boats and motorized canoes for up to 10 passengers; if you wish to have private tours, please check with us when we create your custom trip. 


​Meals: Breakfast and dinner.  Accommodation: Puerto Valle Lodge (all meals included).  

Image by Fermin Rodriguez Penelas
Image by Mason Field

Expedition to the Lagoon Ibera Wetlands 


You’ll experience an entire journey in 4x4 vehicles through the marshlands, plantations, and fields, bringing you close to alligators, capybaras, marsh deer, and many bird species found only in the wetlands. 


Highlight: enjoy an exclusive exploration of one of the world's most extensive wetlands. The wetlands stretch as far as the eye can see in Esteros del Ibera Corrientes. It is estimated that more than 75 % of the total area of the Ibera System is covered by water, making it the world’s second-largest wetland.  


​Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Accommodation: Puerto Valle Lodge (all meals included).  

Trip Details F&W Argenin 10 days

Safari in Ibera National Park 


You’ll have a unique experience in the Ibera National Park, an ideal destination for lovers of nature, adventure, and beautiful landscapes, and learn about reintroducing endangered species in Argentina.


Highlight: Exploring the Iberá National Park, created in 2018 to protect wildlife and boost the local economy through ecotourism. It has an area of 700,000 hectares of nature. An enormous extension of wetlands, grasslands, spinal forests, wilderness, and bushes inhabited by unique species. It is estimated that 4,000 species of flora and fauna, almost 30% of those recognized in Argentina, live within the bounds of this sanctuary.


Bonus 1: Visit a park home to 1,250 species of fish, 350 species of birds, 60 species of mammals, 40 species of amphibians, and 25 species of butterflies.

This conservation area displays a wide range of fauna, including the red-winged tinamou or ynambú, capybara, black caiman, and broad-snouted caiman. Threatened species such as the maned wolf or aguará guazú, the swamp deer, the double-collared seedeater, and the capuchin bird can also be sighted.


Bonus 2: Explore the rehab center for Jaguars. 

The Yaguareté Reintroduction Center began to operate on the island of San Alonso, located in the heart of the Esteros del Iberá, in 2015. It is a breeding and rehab center for jaguars that can thrive if reintroduced in the wild.


Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Accommodation: Puerto Valle Lodge (all meals included).  

Image by Dulcey Lima
Image by Enrique Alarcon

An adventure day at the Ibera Wetlands


Today, you can explore by kayak or horseback riding. 


Highlight: Experience the Parana River by Kayak, enjoying a fantastic landscape with streams, lagoons, and the river. You’ll get to see fantastic flora such as the trees: ceibo, river alder, hawthorn, coronillo, willow, laurel, and curupí. There is also a wide variety of bushes, grasslands, canutillos, and ligneous species, such as river alders.

Bonus: Glide on the river waters on comfortable sit-on-top kayaks and delight in the vegetation's deep green and the region's extraordinary silence.

Bonus 2: For those horse lovers, Ibera Wetlands is the right place to go; Enjoy horseback riding while You’ll connect with nature along trails on the banks of the Paraná River. Spectacular landscapes and lavish flora and fauna await every step of the way.

​Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Accommodation: Puerto Valle Lodge (all meals included). 

 Areco Areco Village, the Gaucho's  Artisans & Foodie experience


You say goodbye to the Ibera Wetlands and head to the airport for your flight to Buenos Aires. Upon arrival, transfer to the “Estancia” - farm in the countryside. 

San Antonio de Areco is ideal for getting acquainted with Gaucho’s traditions and enjoying the countryside.

Highlight: You’ll walk around the historical center with a local, understand how Creole artists’ ateliers create local crafts, and enjoy lunch with local wine.

The afternoon is spent relaxing and enjoying activities at the Estancia

Highlight: Stay in the heart of the “Pampa,” just 120 kilometers (75 miles) from Buenos Aires—the 19th century.


Meals: Breakfast and dinner. ​Accommodation: La Bamba de Areco (all meals included).stancia emanates charm and character with its colonial-style buildings converted into a luxury hotel infused with the gaucho spirit. 

Image by Julián Amé

San Antonio de Areco  & Farewell


Enjoy breakfast at your Estancia. The rest of the day, you remain free to enjoy the activities at the Estancia until your departure, when we transfer you to the airport. Late check-out is possible, although it may involve an additional cost.


​Meals: Breakfast and lunch. ​Accommodation: La Bamba de Areco (check out 10 am). 

All-Inclusive 16-day Boutique or Luxury Lodges  

from U$D 9,500 to 12,100.- Per person

Prices are expressed in USA Dollars Per Person / Double occupancy. 

*Single basis Supplement U$D 4,905

Peak season supplement approx. 15%  ( from December 19th to January 5th )

All Breakfasts All Transfers Excursions mentioned in the itinerary in private only for you. Meals as mentioned in the itinerary. Your personal concierge Serive (24/7) that will guarantee a stress-free travel experience.

Included in your trip

International or Domestic ( can be included upon request ) Domestic Flights for this trip: Buenos Aires-Mendoza// Mendoza-Salta// Salta- Buenos aires  ​ ​

NOT Included in your trip

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