When Is the Best Time to Visit Chile Wine Country?

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

With breathtaking landscapes, a multitude of adventures for travelers, mouthwatering cuisine, amazing wines, and friendly locals, Chile is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries of South America.

If you are a wine aficionado, and you want to fulfill your dream of visiting the country that became famous for its wines and learn all about the winemaking traditions, you should plan your trip properly. And the first things to consider is the forecast.

So, continue reading this article and find out when is the best time to visit Chile wine country.

Lapostolle Vineyards in Colchagua Valley, is one of Chile’s top premium wine producers, their lunch menu is not to be missed! This is one of our favourite Colchagua Valley wine tours.

The best time to visit Chile depends on the region

As you probably already know, Chile has a length of 4,300 km, extending along the Pacific Ocean. This is the reason why, depending on where you plan to go and what you want to do, the beautiful South American country is a perfect destination all year round.

For instance, travelers who want to be amazed by the beauty of Patagonia, which is located in the south of the country, should plan their trip from October to Mach, because these are the warmest months of the year in this area.

At the same time, if you want to explore the bustling Santiago de Chile and indulge in the beauty and the delicious wines of the Central Valleys, as well as explore the Atacama Desert, the best time is during the fall months, from March until May. Of course, if your interest is skiing in the mountains that surround Santiago, plan your trip from June to July. But who wants skiing when the wines in Chile are so delicious?

When is the best time to visit Chile Wine Country

If wine is all you can think of when planning your trip to South America, do it exactly when the best time to visit Chile, the wine country is.

The wineries in Chile are open all year-round, so if you can’t take a vacation during the fall seasons, you can still enjoy a lovely wine trip in Chile. But, to have the experience of a lifetime, and get to admire the incredible beauty of the vineyards, March and April are the best months.

Beauty of the vineyards during harvest month of March and April

This is the harvest season, so besides wine tasting, indulging in delicious meals, you will see and taste the best grape, and even enjoy the experience of making wine. Check our post about the best regions and vineyards to visit in Chile.

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If, however, you are looking for a budget holiday in Colchagua Valley, for instance, consider planning your trip in winter, from June until August. These are the slowest months for tourism in this area, so everything might cost less, but, at the same time, you will have to be prepared for colder weather and precipitations.

So, when is the best time to visit Chile wine country? As you can see, there is no right answer to this question because everything depends not only on what you are interested in doing but also on the budget you have for this trip.

If you don’t have a specific budget allocated, you can’t miss the harvest period. But, as already mentioned, there are plenty of things to enjoy during the whole year, and there is no best time for indulging in the amazing Chilean wine, spoiling yourself with the delicious foods, and mingling with the friendly locals. No matter when you visit Chile, you can have all of that and much more.

Start planning your Chile Wine country experience. Check our suggested private 12 Days in Argentina & Chile Wine Tour for Foodies and Wine Lovers.

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