Best time to visit Patagonia

Spreading over two beautiful countries, Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is the perfect destination for all travelers who are interested in exploring a mesmerizing paradise filled with spectacular landscapes and incredible wildlife. But When is the best time to visit Patagonia ?

There is never a bad time to visit this charming region like there is no inappropriate moment to visit Argentina or Chile. But the things you can do and see here depend on the season. So, before planning your unforgettable trip, read this article and find out when it the best time to visit Patagonia.

best time to visit patagonia

The season for the whales starts from the beginning of June and runs through until December in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina.

Best Time to visit Patagonia: Summer

Summer in Patagonia is between December and February, and it is the height of the tourist season. If you are interested in hiking, for instance, you should prepare for an amazing trip between mid-December and mid-February, when there are 20 °C during the day and around 10°C at night.

Also if you are a summer traveler in Patagonia you will enjoy up to 18 hours of light, so you will have plenty of time to explore the breathtaking region. In addition, this is a great time for wildlife passionate. The season for the whales are from the beginning of June and runs until December in the region around the Peninsular Valdez in Patagonia. But this means summer it the most popular season among tourists, so you won’t be able to enjoy too many moments of solitude.

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Best Time to Visit Patagonia: Spring and Autumn

Spring is also a great time, especially if you want to see wildflowers in full bloom while hiking the Patagonian lands. Autumn is definitely a great time To visit Patagonia, not only because of its mild weather, but also thanks to the colorful beauty of the surroundings and the lower prices for accommodations, activities, and even flights.

best time to visit patagonia

Best time to visit Patagonia: Stunning colors of Autumn

And since it is not the peak season, autumn also allows you to find accommodation exactly where you want, as well as book everything closer to your vacation dates. And if you are a passionate hiker, you will love exploring Patagonia in autumn.

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Best Time to Visit Patagonia: Winter

Though it might not be the best time to visit Patagonia, winter is not so bad for travelers who don’t mind chilly weather. There are parts of the region that will be frozen and inaccessible between May and August, and many parks and hotels will be closed, but the prices are very low, and the lack of tourists will make you feel like you own the lands.

Also, if you choose to travel during winter, you will have a few very interesting things to do like indulging in snow sports, wine tasting and hot spring soaking.

As you can see you can enjoy this lovely region all year round, but the best time to visit Patagonia might still be the cosy, charming Autumn. And if this is not the only South-American place you want to explore, before booking your trip you should also find out when is the best time to visit South America.

Get in touch for a chat with our friendly team on the best time to visit to suit for the type of experience you’re after, or take a look at our popular South American itineraries. We’re the local experts and will help to craft a Patagonian – or South American – vacation you’ll never forget.

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