5 Best places to See Penguins in Patagonia

Whether you a nature lover, a wildlife aficionado or a culture enthusiast, Patagonia is a destination that promises to amaze your eyes and fill your heart with its beauty. There are plenty of places in this mesmerizing region that make travelers instantly fall in love, but if you are particularly interested in its wildlife, there are some special areas you can visit. So, continue reading this article to find out where are the best places to see penguins Patagonia.

1 – Best Places to see Penguins in Patagonia: Punta Tombo

The most well-known colony of Magellan Penguins in continental Patagonia can be found at Punta Tombo. Every year, more than a million and a half charming penguins come here to breed. So, to make sure you meet these beauties, you should visit this area between September until March, but the best season to see them is after November, when their babies are born.

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2- Best Places to see Penguins in Patagonia: El Pedral

We can’t continue the article about when and where to see penguins and whales in Patagonia without mentioning El Pedral. This is a lovely choice for travelers who are interested in exploring Patagonia’s wildlife. Not only will you enjoy a comfortable stay in this charming area, but you’ll also get in touch with mesmerizing water creatures.

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While the cute seals will wait for you all year long, if you want to admire the whales you should travel from June to December, and to get closer to the Magellanic penguins, from September to April.

3- Best Places to see Penguins in Patagonia: Bahia Bustamante

Penguin Island 15 minutes from the Lodge. A breeding colony of 10,000 Magellanic penguins makes its home here every year

If you want to be surrounded by pure nature during your whole stay in Patagonia, choose the charming Bahia Bustamante Lodge. Compared to the Galapagos Islands by The New York Times, this is a privileged area to enjoy bird watching. This lovely eco Retreat at the end of the world is located in an area with amazing biological biodiversity offering you the chance to admire all kinds of fascinating birds and other sea creatures. The friendly Magellan Penguins are waiting for you only 15 minutes away from the lodge, in their natural habitat. Bahia Bustamante offers memorable experiences for all kinds of travelers.

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Sea Lions colony reaches up to 4.000 individuals. 16 marine birds that nest in Argentina’s coast, 13 do it in Bahia Bustamante.

3 – Best Places to see Penguins in Patagonia: Ushuaia

If you are wondering when and where to see penguins and whales in Patagonia’s incredible land called Ushuaia, just check out the welcoming Harberton Estancia.

The lovely penguins begin arriving in the area in early October when their reproductive cycle starts. So, to make sure you’ll meet them while being here start planning your trip in this period. And, close to the town of Ushuaia on the Beagle Channel, on the Argentine side of Tierra del Fuego, you will have the opportunity to admire the imposing orcas also known as the killer whales.

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4- Best Places to see Penguins in Patagonia: Isla Magdalena Chile

There is no way Isla Magdalena can be left out of an article about when and where to see penguins and whales in Patagonia. Chile’s Most Important Magellanic Penguin Colony.

he penguins on Isla Magdalena are surprisingly fearless of humans so expect to a close-up shot with a friendly penguin.

Penguins on Isla Magdalena are surprisingly fearless of humans so expect to a close-up shot with a friendly penguin!

Among the Magellanic penguin colonies throughout Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, Isla Magdalena is the biggest . With an estimated 120,000 nesting Magellanic penguins residing on the island, is one of the best rookeries in Patagonia for getting a close view of this species.

The Island is easily accessible from nearby Punta Arenas, the largest city in the Magellanes Region of Chile, making a visit here an excellent addition to a trip to Patagonia. The penguins arrive in September until March and are in their largest in January.

Right near the island, you will find Isla Marta a great place to observe the seals and sea lions.

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To conclude we can say that the whale watching season in Patagonia extends from May to December, and the best chances for a successful whale watching session are in September and October. At the same time, between September and March, you have the chance to meet the cute penguins. So, a great choice would be to plan your wildlife exploration during September and October to have a good chance to see both.

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