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Your Authentic Wine & Gourmet vacation is waiting for you

design with us 

your dream trip

to south America 

True Custom Trips

with Maria & Clara 

Contact us to start planning your AUTHENTIC & REAL Custom Trip.


Do you find yourself thinking things like this:
  • I have been reading about South America wine country and it sounds like somewhere I should visit

  • I want to plan a trip to the best wine regions, but are not sure of the best places to go.

  • I'm a big foodie, love wine, visiting local markets,  and staying in charming hotels and vineyards. 

  • I love boutique wineries instead of mass produced touristy wineries.

  • I want to plan a trip to South America Wine country but also extend my trip to other destinations, "So, where do I begin?"

  • Looking at the internet for the "best destinations" is a never-ending job, I have more than 10 places I want to visit...and they are all so different and so far away andmass-producedfrom the other

  • Also, is it safe to go to these places? ​​

  • And booking flights? it's like a mission impossible to connect all those destinnations

  • But...I don't want to go on one of those "group" trips, where I will be locked into other people's schedules 

  • I want to travel more authentically,  visit the unique tourist spots and also dig a little deeper into each place.

  • I want to travel in comfort but also like off-the-beaten-track adventure 

  • I know South America is a foodie and wine lovers Paradise, I don't want to miss visiting the top restaurants locals go...

true Custom Trips

This is when we come to say, "Hey, We can help you"


If you are like the other travelers who have planned their dream trip to South America with us, you are probably wondering exactly what you get when you book a trip with us...


Along the way, we have helped travelers Get a REAL WINE & GOURMET CUSTOM TRIP, which includes:


✔️ Stay at first-class, cool, and hidden treasures Wine lodging, Vineyards, or estancias with character and an eye on sustainability, with one-of-a-kind locations

✔️Inspiring and exciting Culinary and Wine Experiences: Cooking classes with local chefs, food tours, visit to local markets, make your own wine, Gourmet picnics, dinne at the best  local restaurants. 

 ✔️ Visit to boutique wineries, instead of 'mass produced' touristy wineries.

✔️ A fully organized trip with all excursions and connections on time, let us get the perfect timing for you

✔️ A helpful hand before and while traveling to give you the best local advice. 


Sound AMAZING right?


                           is the process to book a trip with us?

                                       IT'S VERY EASY.


Just follow these 5 simple steps, and we will take care of the rest. 


Start by completing the form below with your personal information. 


TELL US  About You

Our trips are all Around YOU. So the most important step is to learn about you and what you’re looking for in this trip.

We will send you a trip form to complete with your travel preferences - where you want to go and your general trip goals, plans, expectations about your trip, and budget.


VIRTUALLY meet with us 

To give you authentically personalized insights, we always recommend "virtually" meeting.

So, the next step is to book a day on our calendar to chat with us. We will meet Via Google Meet or a WhatsApp call. We’ll discuss travel planning options/strategies and answer any questions. We will present a trip draft and will discuss alternatives for your trip.

We typically require a small itinerary design fee ( USD 99) before this call. The design fee enables us to dedicate truly personalized attention to each of our travelers and is fully applicable to the final cost of your trip.


GET your Custom Trip Itinerary

After the call, we will send you an initial itinerary proposal and Make the necessary adjustments to Make it your DREAM TRIP. 



Once you are ready to book, we will ask for a Booking fee (USD 199 per person). We will work on all the bookings for your trip and send you A Final Itinerary. You can secure your Trip by paying the initial deposit  (20 to 30% depending on the trip). The fee paid for your consultation and the booking fee is deducted from the price of your trip.

Contact us, Relax & enjoy; We will take care of the rest for your  

Easy, RIGHT?

START planning your dream trip to South America
Take the first step, and contact us

  Start Planning




Sisters and Partners at Across South America.


For us, travel is a way of life. We were born into a travel-obsessed family and had already lived in three different countries in South America by the time we started school, so wanderlust was inevitable for us. We are incredibly fortunate to have parents that insisted that travel was the best classroom and, thankfully, our school holidays were spent exploring fascinating places, both near and far.

We founded 15 years ago Across South America a female-founded and women-run Boutique Travel Agency to help travelers fall in love with South America just like we do.

We are looking forward to speaking with you and

making your dream gourmet and wine trip come true !


An excellent Adventure of my vacations

It was an excellent adventure of my vacations, first in Buenos Aires, then an excellent place and learning that culture of wines and olive oils in Mendoza, a special visit to the vineyards also in Chile 🇨🇱 thank God we don't have to see what The Geicers in San Pedro de Atacama are happening there right now, and then the beautiful lakes and glaciers in Punta Arenas Puerto Natales and finally in Rio Janeiro Brazil 🇧🇷 I can't ask for more from what we live and we thank you very much


Johnny Rodríguez
-from the USA, Traveled in 2019 to Argentina and Chile wine district, Patagonia, Atacama, and Brazil.

Outstanding retirement celebration

We had an amazing two weeks in Argentina In October 2019 with an overnight in Colonia, Uruguay. It also included a visit up north to the Ibera marshes wetlands, of course Buenos Aries, a fabulous hike at El Chaltan to enjoy mountain scenery, a super gaucho experience outside of Buenos Aries at  San Antonio de Areco & Estancia El Ombu and awesome glacier viewing in the parks outside of El Calafate both on land and ship. All of our accommodation was amazing and service was outstanding.  But the key point was our Experience Manager, Lilia. Aside from guiding us on a 1/2 day Buenos Aries tour, she was at the end of Whats App anytime we had any questions. What a warm and generous person!!! And, Claudia, the Ops manager made all the connections and pickups as smooth as you want - super attention to detail. Ok, we were lucky with the weather, but it was the people everywhere that made it an outstanding retirement celebration. Across South America was just great!

Tony & Karen, Sevenoaks-

from the USA traveled to Argentina & Uruguay in October 2019

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Are you ready to see what your wine and  gourmet dream trip to South America can look like  today?




Palermo, Buenos Aires

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