South American wine Regions - All you need to know from the Wine Expert Amanda Barnes

Updated: Jun 8

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We’re venturing into a topic that we love so much, the South American wine regions.

So today, I’m so excited to share the interview I had with the wine writer and specialist in South American wines, Amanda Bernes. Amanda is the author of South America Wine Guide, A comprehensive guide to the South American wine regions of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.

We did this interview last year, but I thought it was worth sharing it with you now that we can visit the Wine regions in South America Again.

Although born and raised in the UK, Amanda has been based in South America since 2009. She is a specialist in the wines of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil. She writes for several wine magazines and books in the UK and USA, including Decanter and The World Atlas of Wine, and is the editor of The Circle of Wine Writers' monthly publication.

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Amanda Story with the South American Wine Regions

Before we went into the South American wine regions, I Asked Amanda How being British, and she ended up Falling in love with South American wines.

"I was born and raised in Hampshire, but my mother is from the US, and both my parents always loved to travel, so I guess travel fascinated me from a young age"

Amanda studied Literature and focused on Latin American literature, and she blamed Borges and García Márquez for making her fall in love with a continent from afar.

South American Wine Regions - Biking in the Vineyards in Valle de Uco, Argentina
South American Wine Regions - Biking in the Vineyards in Valle de Uco, Argentina . 📷 Cada de Uco

"I had never been to South America, but in 2009, after a couple more years of finishing my master's in journalism and working in the local rag, I moved there – seeking adventure, magical realism, and hoping to learn about wine from the ground, or vineyard roots, up."

"I couldn't seriously write about food without understanding wine better, and I thought you had to understand wine to be a good gastronomy righter.