Luxury New Year’s Eve Celebration in South America: Rio de Janeiro & Punta del Este

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

New Year’s Eve is a special celebration, and if you have the possibility you should consider spending these amazing moments in South America. The amazing part about this is that each South American country has its own traditions and festivities. So, depending on your own preferences, you can choose one of them, even if the whole South America promises a New Year’s Eve no traveler will forget. If you are thinking about pampering yourself with a luxury New Year’s Eve celebration in South America continue reading this article and find out about two of the most Luxurious new years eve destinations, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and Punta del Este in Uruguay.

The Sugar Loaf (pao de Acucar) one of our favourite spot in Rio. The views are breathtaking. Go there in the afternoon in order to see the view before and after sunset. 📸@pauloporfirio

New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Experience the Best Parties in South America

If you are familiar with Brazil and everything this amazing country has to offer, you probably know that Rio de Janeiro is famous all over the world for its memorable parties. The annual Rio Carnival might be the most popular among party animals, but the truth is that New Year’s festivities can easily compete with it. 

Both locals and visitors take to the streets and waterfront to celebrate the new year, and there is a great array of concerts and live music events to choose from.

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The Christ the Reedemer ( Cristo Redentor) “wonder of the world” is one of Rio de Janeiro’s most iconic landmark 📸@nisegfs

If you want to have the ultimate luxury New Years Eve in South America, and indulge in sweet caipirinhas and delicious champagne, Rio de Janeiro will satisfy these desires. You can join the crowds and party on the streets or spend your time in one of the lavish venues that, together with your luxurious hotel, will make your stay unforgettable.

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. One of the amazing post cards you can find on your visit to Rio de Janeiro. 📸@signorelliphoto

To blend perfectly with the locals, you might want to follow their traditions. And Brazilians are big on tradition. For instance, everybody wears white on New Year’s Eve because they say it will bring you luck and peace in the upcoming year. Of course, you can add some accent colors, to your outfit, each color meaning something different. Yellow is for money, purple for inspiration, red for love, and green for health. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re not wearing black, because, according to the locals, this will bring you bad luck.

At midnight, expect to be amazed by the firework show that lights up the sky. If you choose a lavish hotel near Copacabana, your luxury New Year’s Eve celebration in South America will be completed by the unobstructed views of the firework show.

Fireworks at Copacabana Beach by 📸@jennchanphotography

New Year’s Eve Surrounded by Beaches and the Atlantic Ocean: Punta Del Este, Uruguay

If Rio de Janeiro sounds amazing, but you believe it’s too crowded for you, there are other places where you can enjoy a more quiet luxury New Years Eve celebration in South America. And Punta del Este is one of the best choices. Not only will this place be less crowded, but your stay will be lavish and the parties fabulous.

Moonlight at La Barra de Maldonado in Punta del Este, expect to find wonderful beaches, gorgeous houses, antique shops, and exclusive restaurants. 📸@batista_federico

“The Hamptons of Buenos Aires” the easy shorthand for Punta del Este, is located on a peninsula, surrounded by beautiful beaches and the Atlantic Ocean, and it is famous for its glamorous hotels and venues. If you want to attend one of the best parties in Punta del Este during New Year’s Eve, you should plan everything, because the parties in Punta are exclusive.

José Ignacio, recently a fishing village of a few hundred people and now the region’s capital of cool, with the most magnificent white-sand beaches 📸

You can also spend your last day of the year on the beach, watching the sunset and waiting for the midnight firework display. Whatever you choose, New Year’s Eve will be unforgettable. So, spend it in an extravagant hotel in Punta del Este, enjoy some moments on the beach, and join an exclusive party. Everything in this piece of heaven gives you the chance to celebrate the New Year in style.

The restaurant scene in Punta del Este is wonderful, places like Marismo, La Olada, Restaurant Jardin, La Caracola, or La Huella are some of the “must-do” restaurants.

Whatever you choose, be sure you are outside at midnight, for the fireworks. You will see miles and miles of fireworks on beach, is really Impressive!

New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro and Punta del Este are two of the destinations that promise an awesome celebration in South America, but there are many other places where you can have the time of your life. Choosing a destination depends on your preferences, decide where you want to Celebrate and we can customize a trip for you!

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