Is Iguazu Falls Worth it?

A feeling of emotion invades me to tears every time I visit the Iguazu Falls. The thundering vibrations of crashing water remind me of the power and splendor of nature.

Is Iguazu Falls Worth it
This is me, Clara some years ago at the Iguazu Boat ride adventure 🔥

In this article, I wanted to share with you five reasons why I think Iguazu is worth it, and you have to put it at the top of your itinerary if you are visiting Argentina or Brazil.

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  1. Some Basic Facts about Iguazu Falls

1.1 Is Iguazu Falls in Argentina or Brazil?

1.2 Iguazu falls brazil or argentina, which side is better?

1.3 How to get to the Iguazu Falls

1.4 Best Time to see the Iguazu falls

2. Is Iguazu falls Worth it?

3. How many days do you need to visit Iguazú Falls

4. Our suggested trip to visit the Iguazu Falls

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Living in Buenos Aires, just a 2-hour flight from Puerto Iguazu, allowed me to visit the falls many times...every time I visit the falls, the Falls take my breath away…Iguazu is a place I will return to again and again.

Let’s start with some basic facts about the area…

💫 Is Iguazu Falls in Argentina or Brazil?

The falls are divided between two countries: Argentina and Brazil.

The city in Argentina is called Puerto Iguazu and in Brazil it is Foz de Iguazu. Both cities are very close to each other: only 16km from center to center.

💫 Iguazu falls brazil or argentina, which side is better?

We always recommend seeing both sides. Both parks offer a different experience and have different characteristics and attractions. But if you only have 1 day for your visit, I would totally recommend visiting the Argentina side. The Iguazu Falls are formed by 275 falls and 80% of them are located in Argentina. The Brazilian side offers beautiful panoramic views of the falls, and it is certainly worth a visit.

💫 How to Get to Iguazu Falls

The falls are easily reached from either side of the Argentine–Brazilian border. Going to Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires only needs to take a plane to get there in about 2 hours. From Rio de Janeiro you can also get to Iguazu in two hours.

💫 Best Time to see the Iguazu falls

You can visit beautiful Iguazu falls all year round. ⁠If you don’t like very high temperatures the best time is from March to May, which is when the rainy season and summer are over.