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The Luxurious Lifetime Exploration

Suggested: 10 Days, 9 Nights

Luxury Yacht Galapagos

Peru Highlights


Image by Babak Fakhamzadeh


- Culinary Delights of Lima.

- Learn from local artisans in Cusco

- High-End Train to Machu Picchu

- Nature at its best at the Small & Luxurious Galapagos Yacht visiting,Santa Cruz, Genovesa and Santiago Island

Image by Amy Perez

Prices from

Prices per person from:

Boutique U$D 8,100 

Luxury U$D 10,000

Trip Overview

All our itineraries are 100% customized four you

Lima (Peru)  culinary  Paradise


Upon arrival, your private transportation will take you to your hotel. 


A highlight of your visit to Peru:


  • You’ll witness how the Inca descendants have successfully and proudly preserved their culture and traditions. 

  • The Quechua and the Aymara are the two primary native cultures of Peru, and they still speak their native languages. 


Good to know for your visit to Lima: Make sure you try the local food! Lima is considered the Gastronomic Capital of Latin America.  


A personalized historical and culinary visit to Lima, the capital of Peru, is the first highlight of this fantastic trip’s leg!


What you’ll do: 


  • You’ll enjoy the most spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean when you visit the famous Love Park in Miraflores, followed by a city center visit. 

  • Food Lovers! Taste different meals and Peruvian drinks in Barranco, the neighborhood bohemian from Lima. 

  • You’ll have a great time learning to prepare the famous ceviche and pisco sour, taste the lomo saltado and participate in a fruit and chocolate tasting.


Meals: Breakfast and Dinner with drinks and Cocktails. Accommodation:  Hotel B

Image by Alvaro Palacios
Image by Ashim D’Silva


Lima - Cusco, a gem of a city

After breakfast, your private transportation will take you to Lima’s airport for your flight to Cusco. Upon arrival, our friendly local representative will wait for you to take you to your hotel. 

Highlight: You are high up in the Peruvian Andes!  Cusco was once the center of the Incan Empire. It is the launching point for Machu Picchu – Peru's largest tourist attraction – but the city is well worth a visit to acclimate and experience the mix of the Incan and Spanish influences that define it.


After checking in at the hotel, you’ll meet your local expert guide for a personalized visit to the imperial city of Cuzco, a place with abundant ancient Inca culture. 

You’ll explore the best archeological remains from the Incan times in the surroundings of Cusco. We also suggest that you spend some time seeing the great Colonial Art sites such as The Cathedral, famous for its gold and silver baroque style; Qoricancha, the Temple of the Sun;



Meals: Breakfast.  Accommodation: Palacio Nazarenas, A Belmond Hotel.

Inca's Sacred Valley, Pisac Market & Maras, and Moray


Enjoy today a visit to the Inca´s Sacred Valley: Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chincheros, Maras, and Moray.  You’ll travel crossing beautiful Quebradas, rivers, and a colorful landscape that allows you to appreciate archaeological monuments and indigenous towns with the beautiful Inca culture.


Highlights you’ll enjoy today: 


  • Get to see a particular place once the Inca center of religious ceremonies, which included enormous palaces, estates, and a temple, the Sacred Valley; Be transported in time while you visit the Ollantaytambo and Pisac Ruin.

  • You are seeing one of the largest salt extraction centers of prehispanic origin in the region of Cusco and of the current territory of Peru: the salt mines of Maras. 

  • See a mysterious archeological site that was an experimental farm by the Incas over 500 years ago. 

Meals: Breakfast and lunch.  Accommodation: Palacio Nazarenas, A Belmond Hotel.

Image by Silvia Fang
Image by Hans Luiggi

Conquering Machu Picchu


Today you will head to Machu Picchu, located 50 miles from Cuzco, and it’s not the most straightforward place to get to.


Fun facts about Machu Picchu: 

  •  Machu Picchu is a symbol of the Incan Empire, built around 1450AD; 

  •  UNESCO designated Machu Picchu a World Heritage Site in 1983 and was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. 

  • “Machu Picchu” means “Old Peak” or “Old Mountain” in the Quechua Indian language. 

How you’ll get to Machu Picchu: 

On this trip, You’ll travel by train towards the station of Aguas Calientes; You’ll arrive after a 4-hour journey and a short bus ride for a 30-minute uphill ride up to the entrance of the fabulous Machu Picchu citadel. 


There are different categories of trains:


We suggest the Vistadome, which will offer you great views during the journey. For a luxurious experience, we can upgrade to the Hiram Bingham for an extra fee.  


A day you will never forget: 

You will explore the Ruins of Machu Picchu with your expert local guide, who will teach you all about the Inca empire. 

You’ll admire Machu Picchu’s stairways, temples, sanctuaries, and terraces; 

You will learn how the Ruins is a testament to the power and ingenuity of the Inca empire. 


Relax! There is no rush since you’ll spend the night in Aguas Calientes; you can enjoy the ruins at your own pace. In addition, you will be able to do some extra exploration the following day.


Meals: Breakfast and lunch. Accommodation: Belmond Sanctuary Lodge.

Machu Picchu, Aguas Calientes - Cusco 



Before returning to Cusco, you will have some free time to rest or walk around Aguas Calientes. 


Bonus: If you want to revisit Machu Picchu Ruins or climb Huayna Picchu (limited places - book in advance), it is possible to do it during this free morning; however, you’ll need another admission ticket we can include with anticipation. 


During the afternoon, you’ll travel back to Cusco for your last night in the city. 


Meals: Breakfast. Accommodation: Palacio Nazarenas, A Belmond Hotel.

Image by Mauricio Muñoz

Cusco – Quito


Your transportation will take you to the airport at the scheduled departure for your flight to Ecuador.


Upon arrival, a private transfer will take you to your lovely accommodation in Quito.


Meals: Breakfast.

Accommodation: Casa Gangotena

Galapagos yacht experience starts


The morning is spent in transit as you fly into Galapagos. 


Arrival at Baltra Airport and Transfer to your Yacht for your Galapagos adventure 


Upon arrival, the guide and crew will greet you and show you your accommodations. Afterwards, the guide and cruise manager will hold a short briefing on all safety and emergency protocols, different areas of the vessel, and the usual routine of the itinerary.


Highlights: the Giant tortoises in captivity!

You will visit Santa Cruz: Fausto Llerena Breeding Center in the afternoon. 

The Charles Darwin Research Station is home to turtles ranging from 3 inches (new hatchlings) to 4 feet long. Subspecies of turtles interact with one another, and many of the older turtles are accustomed to humans stretching out their heads for a photo opportunity. The babies are kept until they are about four years old and strong enough to survive independently.


Image by Jeremy Bishop
Image by Amy Perez

El Barranco - Darwin Bay


Also known as Prince Phillip's Steps, El Barranco's steep, rocky paths lead to a high cliff face. A marvelous view can be appreciated from here. This site is also home to palo santo vegetation, red-footed boobies, short-eared lava owls, Galapagos swallows, and Galapagos doves.

Today's Highlights:    Red-footed boobies, short-eared lava owls, storm petrels, Galapagos doves

Possible Activities you'll do today:    


  • Hiking, snorkeling, kayaking & dinghy ride. 

  • Nazca boobies, red-footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, mangroves, coral pebbles beach, snorkeling: rays, colorful reef fish, and hammerhead sharks


  • You will visit  Darwin Bay. This white sand coral beach heads a half-mile trail (0.75km) that winds through mangroves with land birds. Nazca boobies, red-footed boobies, and swallow-tailed gulls can be spotted here. Further down the path are tidal pools where sea lions swim playfully. At the end is a spectacular view of a cliff.


Espumilla Beach, Buccaneer cove & egas port


What you'll do today: In the morning, you will visit Espumilla Beach and Buccaneer Cove.

Espumilla Beach is a popular place for marine iguanas and Sally Lightfoot crabs. The crabs attract the hunting herons dancing predators and prey. Snorkeling is highly recommended for abundant marine life, including octopi, moray eels, and sharks.

Today's Highlights:  You will enjoy Snorkeling and swimming in the most pristine place on earth!

Buccaneer Cove
Buccaneer Cove is a testament that Santiago Island was once a refuge for British buccaneers. These pirates would anchor in the protected bay to make repairs and stock up on tortoise meat. The cliffs are magnificent sites where hundreds of seabirds perch in front of the dark red sand beach.


Highlights:    Sea birds, historical site, snorkeling, rock formations
Possible Activities:    Short walk along the beach (less than 0.6 miles/1 km)

During the afternoon, the cruise continues to

Egas Port.  Also known as James Bay, Egas Port is home to the curious Galapagos hawks and quick-footed lava lizards. The trail leads to a coastline with gorgeous tide pools and grottos full of fauna. Here the Galapagos fur sea lions bathe in the sun. This is also a great snorkeling site.

Highlights:    Fur sea lions, Galapagos sea lions, tidal pools and “grottos,” Galapagos hawk, oystercatchers, marine iguanas, finches; snorkeling: reef sharks, turtles, rays, nice underwater formations.
Possible Activities:   Snorkeling, hiking (1.2 miles/2 km)

Image by Luna Zhang
Image by Alan Alquist

Bachas Beach - Quito


Where you'll head today? Bachas Beach. 


Las Bachas is a swimming beach located on the north shore of Santa Cruz. One of the few remnants of the U.S. World War II presence in the Galapagos, a floating pier, can be seen here. You may see flamingos, Sally Lightfoot crabs, hermit crabs, black-necked stilts, and whimbrels. Sea turtles also nest off the beach.

Highlights:    World War II remnants
Animals:    Sally Lightfoot crabs, hermit crabs, black-necked stilts, whimbrels, sea turtles

Later today, your transfer will be waiting for you to take you to Baltra Airport for your flight to Quito.

All-Inclusive 10-days  Boutique & Luxury Lodges  

U$D 10,190.-Per person

Prices are expressed in USA Dollars Per Person / Double occupancy 

*Single basis Supplement U$D 5,105.- 

Peak season supplement approx. 15%  ( from December 19th to January 5th )

All Breakfasts All Transfers Excursions mentioned in the itinerary in private only for you. Meals as mentioned in the itinerary. Your personal concierge Serive (24/7) that will guarantee a stress-free travel experience.

Included in your trip

International or Domestic ( can be included upon request ) Domestic Flights for this trip: Buenos Aires-El Calafate // El Calafate - Iguazu// Iguazu Buenos aires  ​ ​

NOT Included in your trip

Trip Details

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Our trip through Across SouthAmerica was magical! It had definitely fulfilled our expectations and everyone in the company went above and beyond to ensure our trip was fabulous! Many thanks to Lilian, Valentina, Claudia and everyone from Across South America.

Image by Andy Brunner

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

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