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Wonders of South America 

22 Days, 21 Nights

Brazil, Argentina, Chile

& Peru Highlights


Image by Barbara Zandoval


Beauties of Rio de Janeiro

Iguazu Falls & bird watching

Discover Buenos Aires & Gaucho Culture

Highlights of Patagonia including Perito Moreno Glacier and Torres del Paine

Santiago de Chile & Wines

Food and history in Cusco

Sacred Valley of Inkas

Dawn in Machu Picchu

Image by Agustin Diaz Gargiulo

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Rio de Janeiro - Natural beauty, Carnival, samba & bossa nova


Welcome to Brazil! Arrive in Rio de Janeiro. Reception at Rio de Janeiro airport and transfer to your hotel.


Highlight: Stay in Copacabana Beach, in front of the most famous promenade beach in the world!  A design from Lisbon was the promenade’s inspiration, and all stones used to build it in 1906 came from Portugal.


At the scheduled time, Welcome meeting with your experienced local guide. We will also provide our contacts, available 24hs, taking care of the details of your trip to make your trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Did you know? 


  • Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil for almost two centuries and was once the capital of one of the largest empires in the world, Portugal. The official language of Brazil? Portuguese, of course. 

  • Rio is also the cradle of Samba and Bossa Nova, two of the most important cultural manifestations in the country. 


Meals: no meals included today. Accommodation: Hotel Copacabana Palace, Rio.

Optional dinner upon request. We’ll suggest our favorite places to taste the best local Brazilian dishes.

Rio de Janero
Christ the Redeemer


Rio de Janeiro’s Postcards: Christ Statue and Sugar Loaf

Today, a day full of spectacular views awaits you. You’ll visit the Iconic Christ Redeemer Statue and the Sugar Loaf Mountain. We include a great lunch between both places so you can enjoy the local cuisine of Rio while exploring its memorable trails and views. 


Highlight #1: See one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the magnificent Christ the Redeemer, the iconic statue on top of Corcovado Hill, Rio’s most famous landmark. Corcovado Hill is part of the Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world. On the way to its top is the Dona Marta belvedere, from where it is possible to see the Maracanã Stadium, the famous Guanabara Bay, and the beautiful Sugar Loaf. Once at the top of Corcovado Hill, it is possible to admire breathtaking views of Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, and the Botanical Garden.


Highlight #2: Every year, over a million visitors visit the famous Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf Mountain), an iconic symbol of Rio de Janeiro. 

You’ll journey to the top in a glass cable car. The first cable car takes passengers to the top of Urca Hill, which rises 215 meters above sea level, and it will offer you spectacular views of the entire bay and its surrounding islands.


At Urca Hill, you’ll take the second cable car to the top of Sugar Loaf, which rises 395 meters above sea level and offers a 360 degrees view of the entire city, including Botafogo and Copacabana Beaches, Corcovado Hill, and Rio’s downtown.


Meals: Breakfast and lunch with drinks.  Accommodation: Hotel Copacabana Palace, Rio.

Carnival & Samba Experience


You’ll learn about the Carnival, not only as a celebration but as the most relevant competition in Brazil. The Carnival is the biggest Brazilian cultural celebration where everyone has fun regardless of their origins. 


Highlight: you will go behind the scenes of the Carnival and explore the complex of Samba City, where all Samba schools have their creation warehouses. Your expert local guide will tell you about the parade and customs. 


Bonus: you’ll have the opportunity to see the progress on the confection of the costumes, and you’ll even have the chance to try the outfits.   


Bonus 2: Are you looking for a fun afternoon and learning to dance the Samba? You can introduce yourself to the world of Samba. Enjoy a Dance lesson and head to nightclubs to try your first steps of Samba in Rio. You’ll interact with the locals, called the “Cariocas,” who will show you how to dance the Samba.  


Meals: Breakfast.  Accommodation: Hotel Copacabana,  Rio.

Cable Car Stop
Image by Derek Oyen

From Rio to the uniqueness of Iguazu Falls, Brazil


Today, you will fly to Foz de Iguassu, Brazil. Transfer from the hotel to Rio de Janeiro´s airport. Once you arrive at Foz do Iguassu Airport, your driver will meet you and take you to your hotel. 


Once settled at the hotel, you will visit the Falls from the Brazilian side. The National Park do Iguaçu in Brazil was declared World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1986 after the nomination of the Iguazu National Park in Argentina.


The day's highlight: You’ll enjoy awe-inspiring panoramic views, visiting the only circuit of walkways in front of the Falls. 


Bonus: Enjoy the afternoon at the Belmond Iguazu, Brazil;  Surrounded by lush rainforest, this pastel-pink hideaway will grant you exclusive access to the park—minus the crowds.'


Meals: Breakfast.  Accommodation: Belmond Iguazu Falls. 

Explore the Iguazu Falls National Park Argentina 


Today, you will explore Iguazu Falls National Park with your bird & nature-obsessed expert guide.  


We recommend entering the Iguazu Falls Park early in the morning to increase your chances of observing the different species of birds and fauna. 


Today’s highlights: 


  • You’ll enjoy a scenic walk with an introduction to the geological formation of the Iguazú Falls, creating a special connection between humans and the natural environment. 

  • Be dazzled with more than 200 waterfalls from a natural scenery that places the human being in a unique context.

  • Enjoy the most diverse fauna and flora. During this day, you’ll see birds, butterflies, mammals, flowers, and plants that contribute exceptional value to this experience. The main goal of this exploration is to enjoy the time in the open air and awaken your sensations' potential toward natural sounds, colors, images, and characteristic smells of the jungle.

Bonus: A visit to the falls isn't complete with "The Great Adventure," which includes a truck ride through the jungle and navigation that will take you very close to the waterfalls. Prepare yourself to get wet! (Minimum 12 years old). 


Meals: Breakfast.  Accommodation: Belmond Iguazu Falls. 


Image by Jonatan Lewczuk
Image by Jonatan Lewczuk

 Iguazu Brazil, arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina


You’ll have free time to see the Falls early in the morning in near solitude, just before the crowds arrive.

After breakfast, your transfer will wait for your drive to Puerto Iguazu Airport on the Argentine side. ​

Flight to Buenos Aires. Arrive at the domestic airport and transfer to your hotel. 


Highlight: stay in one of our favorite neighborhoods in Buenos Aires: Recoleta. 


Upon arrival, transfer to the selected hotel. Welcome meeting with our experience manager to get acquainted with the Capital city of Argentina.


We will book you in a local barbecue and Argentinian steak restaurant. Let us know if you want other specialties (vegetarian, Latin, Italian influence, etc.). Buenos Aires is one of the most exciting cities in South America. Let us know what you love, from fancy restaurants to authentic little places. 


You'll discover why this large South American city is the most exciting capital in the region; among other things, Buenos Aires will amaze you with the following: 


  • Bookstores everywhere (locals love to read!)

  • The metro system, the oldest in Latin America

  • The widest street in the world: Avenida 9 de Julio

  • One of the most visited attractions is a graveyard at the Recoleta Cemetery.  

  • And the vibrant mix of European style with South American flair. 


Meals: Breakfast.  Accommodation: Alvear Palace, Buenos Aires. 

Buenos Aires: Passionate Tango and cosmopolitan city 


You’ll enjoy a fun and informative exploration of the Historic District of Buenos Aires. 

 We will see Buenos Aires's history through its iconic buildings in Mayo Square and then head to the San Telmo district to explore the city’s architecture in this beautiful neighborhood. You'll learn about the history of this famous neighborhood and its culinary artisans, including some of Buenos Aires' best street eateries.  


Bonus: taste the best local empanadas, “choris,” and medialunas. 

Bonus 2: An evening full of Tango enjoying top-class dancers and a fine dining experience paired with excellent Malbec Red wines will complement this tasty day perfectly.


Meals: Breakfast and street food lunch.  Accommodation: Alvear Palace, Buenos Aires.


Image by Nestor Barbitta
Image by Jeison Higuita

Buenos Aires Culture Opera House, Recoleta Cemetery,  Evita’s Traces 


You will visit the fantastic Teatro Colon. The Colon Theatre is the iconic Opera house of Buenos Aires and one of the most important opera houses in the world. We will continue to Recoleta Cemetery to explore this magnificent place. We will continue to Evita’s Peron’s museum to see the great collection and enjoy a pleasant lunch. We will finally head to Palermo Soho to enjoy a nice walk through its colorful streets and learn about this trendy neighborhood's street art.   


Bonus 1: See the Colon Theatre from the inside and learn about the impressive architecture.

Bonus 2: Explore the Recoleta Cemetery, an “open museum” full of rich art and sculptures—an ideal place to learn a part of Argentine history. 


Today’s highlight is seeing Eva Peron’s resting place at the Recoleta Cemetery. 


Bonus 3: Are you looking to enjoy more Tango in Buenos Aires? What about a fun afternoon learning how to dance the Tango?  Enjoy a Tango lesson and head to the Local Milonga with one of our coaches to try your first steps of Tango while you interact with the locals; they will show you how to do it properly.

(this is an optional experience we can add to your trip-let we know in advance when we design your custom trip). 


Meals: Breakfast.  Accommodation: Alvear Palace, Buenos Aires.

Image by Jonas Dücker

Arrive in Patagonia - the Grand Glaciers 


At the scheduled time, transfer from your hotel to the domestic airport to take your flight to El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina. Upon arrival, your private transportation will take you to your hotel. 


El Calafate is a picturesque village on the southern margin of Lake Argentino in the Andean mountain range; it is the starting point of any exploration of the Glacier’s land of Patagonia. 


Fun facts you should know about Patagonia:


  • Patagonia spans Argentina and Chile, in the southernmost part of South America.

  • It occupies 260,000 square miles in both countries. 

  • The region is known for dramatic mountain peaks, an abundance of glaciers, and an array of unique wildlife. 

Meals: Breakfast and dinner at the Lodge.  Accommodation: Eolo Lodge. 

Image by Birger Strahl
Image by Pedro Lima

Be dazzled by the Perito Moreno Glacier  



Today, an unforgettable experience is waiting for you. 

You’ll live the magic of the Perito Moreno Glacier, visiting the Glaciers National Park, located 70 km from El Calafate.  


What makes Perito Moreno Glacier so unique


  • Argentina’s Perito Moreno Glacier contains the world's third-largest reserve of freshwater.

  • Perito Moreno Glacier is one of just two glaciers in South America growing, a remarkable fact as most of the world’s glaciers are shrinking because of climate change. 

  • It is located in the Glaciers National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


We will tailor this day for you; you’ll be able to choose the adventure that best suits depending on the season you visit the Glacier:


The classic exploration

  • Enjoy the unique landscapes of Patagonia, the Andes, and the Argentine lake. And visit the walkways to appreciate the imposing Glacier from different angles, whose detachments and continuous noises indicate a permanent advanced movement. 

  • You’ll sail in front of the Perito Moreno Glacier to get a closer look at the fantastic variety of colors and listen to the sounds of nature.  


The Minitrekking or Big Ice Trekking:


  • Be part of a highly personalized small group of travelers looking for an unforgettable adventure. 

  • You’ll sail before the Perito Moreno Glacier and enjoy the most spectacular ice trekking of your life! 

  • The Minitrekking is a softer adventure, including 1- 15-minute ice trekking, while the Big Ice offers 3-hour trekking. The difficulty of trekking is different; while the Mini trekking offers a moderately complex and full-day tour of 9 hours, the Big Ice has a higher complexity and lasts 12 hours. 

  • Once on the Glacier, you’ll view its cracks, sinkholes, caves, and seracs.  

Bonus! We will take care of the Gourmet picnic lunch for you, which will be prepared by the lodge. 


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch (at the hotel or Gourmet Picnic on the Glacier), and dinner at the hotel.  Accommodation: Eolo Lodge.  


Trekking and navigation in the Glaciers


This unique voyage will reveal to you the hidden corners of Southern Patagonia and the majestic splendor of its glaciers.


Highlights of your day


  • You’ll enjoy a full-day sailing journey to one of the most beautiful places in Southern Patagonia, with forests, lakes, mountains, ice, and steppes with over 200 glaciers.

  • You’ll be amazed by the views of the Glaciers, the second largest ice concentration on the planet: the Patagonian ice field, after Antarctica. 

  • Witness majestic glaciers: the “Spegazzini,” rising 135 meters above sea level, “Upsala” covering an entire valley with an approximate extension of 765 Km2 and a length of 53km, and “Perito Moreno” Glacier, constantly advancing and causing the spectacular rupture of the wall of ice, providing one of Nature’s most impressive sights.


Bonus! Wait, there is more! Food and wine lovers, enjoy this spectacular day at the exclusive Premium deck on the upper level, tasting a gourmet lunch with excellent wines from Argentina. 


Meals: Breakfast, Gourmet Lunch with wines, and dinner at the hotel.  Accommodation: Eolo Lodge. 

Image by Elise V
Image by Chris Stenger


From El Calafate to Puerto Natales. From the Argentine Glaciers to the Chilean Glaciers.

It's time to continue your adventure across Patagonia. Today, you’ll cross the border between Argentina and Chile to reach your next destination: Puerto Natales, the main gate to visit Torres del Paine National Park. We will organize a private shuttle for this approximate 4-hour and ½  trip, the quickest way to travel comfortably from El Calafate to Chile. 


Highlight Your private trip with an experienced driver lets you see more and enjoy sightseeing stops.  


Know before traveling: Chilean Patagonia is one of the few places in the world that wows with its natural collection of mountains, lakes, ice fields, and forests. One of the main reasons travelers from all countries come to the region is to connect with Mother Nature at her best.


Meals: Breakfast.  Accommodation:  The Singular Hotel Patagonia.  

Image by Birger Strahl
Image by Joanna Liu


Torres del Paine, Mother's nature at best


Torres del Paine National Park is known for its soaring mountains, bright blue icebergs that cleave from glaciers, and golden pampas (grasslands) that rare shelter wildlife such as llama-like guanacos. 


How you’ll explore Torres del Paine: Today:


 You’ll explore this gorgeous place at your own pace. Our team will assist you in coordinating this day's experience in advance to discover the 8th World Natural Wonder through adventurous treks with different levels of difficulty and duration or with a leisurely pace, such as a photo safari. 


Bonus: Seeing one of its most iconic sites: “Cuernos del Paine,” the three granite towers from which the park takes its name and the horn-shaped peaks.

Meals: Breakfast.  Accommodation:  The Singular Patagonia 


From Patagonia to Santiago de Chile

Saying goodbye to Patagonia is hard!  Today your private transportation will drive you to Puerto Natales airport. Upon arrival, your friendly driver will welcome you and take you to your hotel in Santiago de Chile, where you will spend the next two nights. 


More Fun Facts You Should Know about Chile:  

  • Chile is one of the longest and narrowest countries in the world

  • Chile is the sixth-largest producer of wine globally.

  • Chile’s national liquor is called “pisco.” 

  • Chile’s national poet “Pablo Neruda,” received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Meals: Breakfast. Accommodation: The Singular, Santiago de Chile.

Image by Caio Silva
Image by marco timelli


You’ll kick off the day with a visit to our favorite markets in Santiago to pick up the ingredients needed for today’s memorable culinary experience.  La Vega Market is known for its vegetables, meat, and fruits; you’ll see the Historic Central Market, famous for the fresh fish, and the Quincalleria Bio Bio market, offering all you need, incredibly unique fruits. 


At our picked local Restaurant, savor pisco sour and a selection of Chilean wines while the Chef leads the cooking lesson that will introduce you to quintessential Chilean dishes. 


Good to know: Depending on the day of the week you visit Santiago de Chile, you’ll see other fabulous little markets unique to Santiago.  


Bonus 1: After your fantastic lunch, visit Santiago’s main attractions. 


Bonus 2: Savour the delights of a day, well spent over your gourmet dinner at one of Santiago’s best restaurants (we will offer our restaurant suggestions and book a table for you upon request).


Meals: Breakfast and Lunch with drinks and wines. Accommodation: The Singular, Santiago de Chile 

Valparaiso and Vina del Mar Food & Cultural Journey


From Santiago, eat to the coast and back with this tour that will give you a glimpse and a taste of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar. 


Highlights you’ll enjoy today: 


  • Explore the Coastal Mountain ranges through the picturesque Curacavi Valley and Casablanca wine region to Valparaiso.

  • You will see beautiful old buildings reflecting the lost wealth of the past 

  • ride one of Valparaiso’s famous antique funiculars servicing the winding and colorful hilltop streets of Cerros Alegre and Concepcion.


While you wander the many cobble streets, passages, and staircases, you’ll learn about Valparaiso’s golden years as one of the wealthiest cities in the world and the most important port in South America; and its sad decline after the opening of the Panama Canal. 


  • Bonus 1: Along the way, you will have the chance to sample some of Chile’s favorite foods; a famous South American cookie, Chile’s favorite food, craft beer, other Chilean dishes, and Chile’s favorite dessert - ice cream, with a flavor you may have never seen before.


  • Bonus 2: This tasty day trip finishes with a well-deserved rest, a traditional Pisco Sour, and “picoteo” (snack) of Chilean products 


You’ll return to Santiago for a quick look around  Viña del Mar and a last view of the Pacific before dropping you at your hotel.


Meals: Breakfast and Lunch with stops for tasting different foods, including drinks and Pisco Sour. Accommodation: The Singular, Santiago de Chile 

Image by Loïc Mermilliod
Image by Adrian Dascal

Santiago de Chile - Lima, Peru Gastronomic Capital


Say goodbye to Chile. Today transfer to Buenos Aires International Airport for your flight to Lima, Peru. Upon arrival, your private transportation will take you to your hotel. 


The highlight of your visit to Peru:


  • You’ll witness how the Inca descendants have successfully and proudly preserved their culture and traditions. 

  • The Quechua and the Aymara are the two primary native cultures of Peru, and they still speak their native languages. 


Good to know for your visit to Lima: Make sure you try the local food! Lima is considered the Gastronomic Capital of Latin America.  


A personalized historical and culinary visit to Lima, the capital of Peru, is the first highlight of this fantastic trip’s leg!


What you’ll do: 


  • You’ll enjoy the most spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean when you visit the famous Love Park in Miraflores, followed by the city center visit. 

  • Food Lovers! Taste different meals and Peruvian drinks in Barranco, the neighborhood bohemian from Lima. 

  • You’ll have a great time learning to prepare the famous ceviche and pisco sour, taste the lomo saltado and participate in a fruit and chocolate tasting.


Meals: Breakfast. Dinner with drinks and Cocktails. Accommodation:  Hotel B

Lima - Cusco, a gem of a city


After breakfast, your private transportation will take you to Lima’s airport for your flight to Cusco. Upon arrival, our friendly local representative will wait for you to take you to your hotel. 

The highlight of your day: You are high up in the Peruvian Andes!  Cusco was once the center of the Incan Empire. It is the launching point for Machu Picchu – Peru's largest tourist attraction – but the city is well worth a visit to acclimate and experience the mix of the Incan and Spanish influences that define it.


After checking in at the hotel, you’ll meet your local expert guide for a personalized visit to the imperial city of Cuzco, a place with abundant ancient Inca culture. 

You’ll explore the best archeological remains from the Incan times in the surroundings of Cusco. We also suggest that you spend some time seeing the  great Colonial Art sites such as The Cathedral, famous for its gold and silver baroque style; Qoricancha, the Temple of the Sun;



Meals: Breakfast. Accommodation: Palacio Nazarenas, A Belmond Hotel.

Image by Jeison Higuita
Machu Pichu

Inca's Sacred Valley explorer


Enjoy today a visit to the Inca´s Sacred Valley: Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chincheros, Maras, and Moray.  You’ll travel crossing beautiful Quebradas, rivers, and a colorful landscape that allows you to appreciate archaeological monuments and indigenous towns with the beautiful Inca culture.


Highlights you’ll enjoy today: 


  • Get to see a special place that was once the Inca center of religious ceremonies, which included enormous palaces, estates, and a temple, the Sacred Valley; Be transported in time while you visit the Ollantaytambo and Pisac Ruin.

  • You are seeing one of the largest salt extraction centers of prehispanic origin in the region of Cusco and of the current territory of Peru: the salt mines of Maras. 

  • See a mysterious archeological site that used to be used as an experimental farm by the Incas over 500 years ago.

Meals: Breakfast. Accommodation: Palacio Nazarenas, A Belmond Hotel.


Conquering Machu Picchu, a wonder of the ancient world

Today, we will head to Machu Picchu, located only 50 miles from Cuzco; however, it’s not the most straightforward place to get to.


Fun facts about Machu Picchu: 

  •  Machu Picchu is a symbol of the Incan Empire, built around 1450AD; 

  •  UNESCO designated Machu Picchu a World Heritage Site in 1983 and was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. 

  • “Machu Picchu” means “Old Peak” or “Old Mountain” in the Quechua Indian language. 

How you’ll get to Machu Picchu: 

On this trip, You’ll travel by train towards the station of Aguas Calientes; You’ll arrive after a 4-hour journey and a short bus ride for a 30-minute uphill ride up to the entrance of the fabulous Machu Picchu citadel. 


There are different categories of trains: we suggest the Vistadome, which will offer you great views during the journey. For a luxurious experience, we can upgrade to the Hiram Bingham for an extra fee.  


A day you will never forget! The best way to Visit Machu Picchu is with an expert local guide.  You will admire the Ruin’s stairways, temples, sanctuaries, and terraces, and you’ll understand how Machu Picchu is a testament to the power and ingenuity of the Inca empire. 


Relax! There is no rush since you’ll spend the night in Aguas Calientes; there is plenty of time for you to enjoy the ruins at your own pace. In addition, you will be able to do some extra exploration the following day.


Meals: Breakfast and lunch. Accommodation: Belmond Sanctuary Lodge.

Machu Pichu
Image by Fábio Hanashiro


 Machu Picchu, Aguas Calientes, Cusco

Before returning to Cusco, you will have some free time to rest or walk around Aguas Calientes. 


Bonus! If you want to revisit Machu Picchu Ruins or climb Huayna Picchu (limited places - book in advance), it is possible to do it during this free morning; however, you’ll need another admission ticket we can include with anticipation. 


During the afternoon, you’ll travel back to Cusco for your last night in the city. 

Meals: Breakfast. Accommodation: Palacio Nazarenas, A Belmond Hotel.


Cusco - Farewell!

Today is the end of this fantastic 14-day journey through the most amazing places in South America. 

Your transportation will take you to the airport at the scheduled departure for your flight back home. We can include a late check-out at the hotel so you can conveniently organize your return; you can also leave the luggage at the hotel and enjoy some free time before your departure. 


(Your late checkout involves an additional charge and will be subject to availability).


Meals: Breakfast. Accommodation: Palacio Nazarenas, A Belmond Hotel (check out 10 am).

Image by Alexander Schimmeck
Image by Jeffrey Eisen

“Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.”
― Unknown

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It may have taken 2 years to have our adventure (because of COVID) but we did it. The women at Across South America did a fantastic job!! We had many modifications because of COVID but we pulled off our Patagonia adventure.  The lodging Across South America set up for us was first class. Many cool one of a kind locations.

life changing experience. The staff at Across South America were supporting us on a daily basis. When we had a COVID regulation roadblock, they found a solution. You cannot go wrong with Across South America. True Custom Travel.



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