The Best Time to Visit South America Wine Country

Updated: Jun 7

When you think of South America, you might imagine impressive glaciers, incredible jungles, extreme desserts, and stunning beaches. Still, South America is more and more putting itself on the wine radar for its quality wines.

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Mendoza is one of the essential wine growing regions in Argentina

The wine region of South America is one of its best-kept secrets. If you are a wine lover, adding the South American wine region to your next trip is a great decision. The next thing to discover is when is the best time to visit South America Wine Country.

Lying in the southern hemisphere, spring and summer last from September to February, while autumn and winter last from March to August. With the same seasons and climates, visitors to any South American wine destination should consider the same guidelines.

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When is the best time to visit South America Wine Country?

The wine country in South America is concentrated in 3 countries: • Argentina has two major wine-producing areas: Mendoza and Salta. • The Santiago region of Chile  • Uruguay

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Uco Valley in Mendoza is one of the essential wine growing regions in Argentina

1. Off-peak rates

Peak rates are offered at the height of summer, especially as Christmas approaches. In a predominantly Christian continent, both Easter and Christmas are celebrated and lie within school vacation times. This is the time that accommodation is at its most expensive.

2. The grape-growing process

Going to any winery in early spring will leave the visitor disappointed. The vines have only then begun to awaken from their winter slumber. The summer is the best time to see the grapes as they grow. Right at the end of summer is harvest time for grapes. The vineyards are at their most beautiful, laden with the fruits of the vine, ripe for the picking. This time falls predominantly in the month of February.

3. Activities around the wine-making process

Many wine areas celebrate the harvest with special festivals. Tourists are offered more than usual as part of a wine tour. Participating in the harvest or being part of the wine-making process are attractions for many tourists. This goes beyond the regular wine tasting a tour offers for the remaining months of the year. Hotels in the area offer wine tours that get tourists to the best places to maximize their wine tour experience.

Uruguay winelands

Grape harvest in the vineyard at @narbonawinelodge

4. The climate

Winter temperatures in South America can be cold the further south of the Equator the tourist travels. High temperatures and short rainstorms punctuate summer. The months of March and April yield pleasantly warm temperatures that are not oppressively hot. They are the best time to visit South America Wine Country.

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Viña Montes take a basket and have a delicious picnic in the garden of vineyards.