Known as the St. Tropez of Uruguay, Punta del Este is a magnificent seaside resort with charming pristine beaches, welcoming restaurants, and a bustling nightlife. Though it is more expensive than the usual locals’ favorite places, this beautiful resort is filled with travelers, even in the off-season, when it has a more relaxed vibe.

If you plan to travel Punta del Este in summer, continue reading and find out what is waiting for you in this Uruguayan paradise.

Travel Summer Punta del Este Uruguay: Explore the Beautiful Beaches and Enjoy Adventurous Activities.

Whether you plan your honeymoon, a romantic escape, or a vacation with your best friends, Punta del Este is a fantastic destination. Not only do you have the chance to explore the Uruguayan culture first hand, but you can also enjoy some of the best beaches in the world. Playa Mansa on the Río de la Plata and Playa Brava on the Atlantic are just two amazing beaches where you can sunbath and adventure into refreshing swimming sessions. The best time to be in this Uruguayan paradise is during the summer season, from December until March, when the weather is perfect, and the beaches are filled with people from all over the world.
And if you travel Punta del Este in summer, besides relaxing, you can also enjoy fun beach activities. So, prepare yourself for biking, horseback riding, great tennis and golf sessions, as well as adventurous watersports like snorkelling, water-skiing, and windsurfing.

Travel Summer Punta del Este Uruguay:Indulge in Delicious Foods and Catch a Glimpse of the Explosive Nightlife.

Uruguayan food is mouthwatering, and if you travel Punta del Este in summer when all the restaurants are open, you have the chance to enjoy incredible dishes. Just keep in mind that people here have late dinners, so be ready to eat around 10 p.m. And this is perfect, especially if you plan to explore the explosive nightlife of Uruguay, as well.

The resort never sleeps, since there is a glamorous 24-hour casino, nightclubs, bars, and many discos. The Conrad Resort and Casino is not only a great place for passionate gamblers, but it also has magic shows, and it’s a great spot for dancing.

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Travel Summer Punta del Este Uruguay: Enjoy Great Shopping Session in Punta del Este’s Lovely Boutiques

Does shopping relax you? Well, not only will you have the chance to wander around the best Uruguayan shops but there are also plenty of European boutiques in Punta del Este. Just put on your comfy shoes, grab your credit card and got to Calle Gorlero, the street with the best stores.
If you are a big fan of malls, Punta Shopping Mall is also waiting for you with three levels filled with great stores, as well as a 12-screen cinema.

Travel Punta del Este in Summer and Learn about Its Past
History enthusiasts are also welcomed in this South American heaven. If you want to learn about its past, leave the beaches for one day and explore its historical sites. Visit the Cuartel de Dragones, an interesting military headquarters, admire the neo-Classic Catedral San, and don’t miss the Marco de Los Reyes in the Plaza Torre del Vigía.

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