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Use this guide to save you from endless hours of scrolling on the search page, looking for inspiration for your next trip to South America!

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Unique experiences, dream boutique hotels, and estancias, the latest travel tips, and suggested itineraries in South America, it’s all here waiting for you…



Kick off your shoes and take a walk through the stories of our travelers who had a ...


true once-in-a-Lifetime

Trip to south America

Hear us when we say: As a discerning traveler, we genuinely believe that South America should be your next destination.

But You must explore South America as a "traveler," not a tourist, in a more authentic way. And we’d be honored to be the ones to help you on this unforgettable journey! 


Over the last 16 years, our team has had the privilege of helping thousands of seasoned adventurers like yourself embark on their dream trip to South America.


We started young, but our passion for creating unforgettable experiences has only grown stronger with time. 


We are proud to offer a REAL CUSTOM TRIP that is tailored to your preferences.


Our carefully curated selection of first-class accommodations, farms, and estancias are not only breathtaking, but also focused on sustainability. You can expect to be immersed in unique cultural, culinary, and outdoor experiences that are exclusive to South America. 


Our commitment to organization and punctuality ensures that you can enjoy every moment of your trip without any stress or hassle.


We take pride in providing friendly and helpful support before, during and after your journey, and are always available to offer the best local advice. 


We are confident that you will be amazed by the unforgettable adventure that awaits you in South America!


Our Travelers Love


Greg and Marijo Novack celebrated their Wedding anniversary for 2-weeks in Patagonia.

"You can't plan a better itinerary for South America"


"Our trip was full of incredible highlights that we're excited to share. Overall, our trip was incredible, and we're grateful
we had these unforgettable experiences,"


"Maryjo and I loved relaxing, especially when trustworthy people like your team had our backs.”




 Chris and Lyn visited Patagonia and Atacama. They love the outdoors but also wanted a relaxed trip.

"We really had the most incredible time, thanks to Across South America, for tailor making our experience"


"What an incredible journey we took across Argentina and Chile. Thank you, Maria and Claudia for tailor making this incredible journey"


"And a very special thank you to Lilia, our incredible experience manager, who handled every query - and we had a ton - with patience and panache”



Alderson Lyn and Chris-january-2023-7.jpg
Alderson Lyn and Chris-january-2023-1.jpg

"The women at Across South America did a fantastic job!! True Custom Travel"


"The lodging Across South America set up for us was first class.  Many cool one of a kind locations.  The guides they set us up with were well informed and fun to be with"


"Our month long adventure was top notch.  The staff at Across South America were supporting us on a daily basis.  When we had a COVID regulation roadblock, they found a solution.  You cannot go wrong with Across South America. True custom travel.”


-KEVIN from USA.



We loved planning sunny and Joon’s honeymoon to South America!They were coming from US and wanted to visit Argentina in December

"Every moment was a dream come true in Argentina "


"The two weeks living, laughing and loving in Argentina was a simple reminder God's timing is perfect. 
We were in the history of world cup championship, saw clear peaks of Fitz Roy, enjoyed perfect weather, stayed in beautiful hotels"

"we are still singing Muchacho, dancing Tango, and eating Alfajores, reminding ourselves life is much bigger than our small worries..”

Thank you @across.southamerica for amazing recommendations to make our honeymoon unforgettable"



sunny and Joon’s honeymoon .png
sunny and Joon’s honeymoon .png

"Loved working with Maria to plan our trip!"


"We spent a week in Argentina and a week in Brazil. We did not have to worry about anything! Our accommodations were perfect, all of our travel (airlines, drivers, pickups) were arranged, friendly and on time and Lilia, our experience manager, was wonderful!"


" She checked in on us everyday and just made sure we had dinner reservations or knew what time we needed to be ready for a tour. We would highly recommend!.”


-Morgan from USA.



                           is the process to book a trip with us?

                                       IT'S VERY EASY.





Just follow these 5 simple steps, and we will take care of the rest. 

 BOOK a complimentary Call with us.

VIRTUALLY meet with us and Get our initial suggestion about your trip.

Book a day on our calendar to chat with us. During our meeting, we'll learn more about you and your travel preferences.

After this call, you will get our initial ideas on what your ideal trip to South America could look like.



GET your Custom Trip Itinerary

Next we work our MAGIC.

We'll create a personalized trip itinerary based on your passions, tastes, and interests. Expect our proposal within 2-3 days. 

We'll  listen to your feedback for this itinerary and share options or adjust our proposal to meet your expectations.

To receive this detailed trip proposal, we require a $150 planning fee, which applies towards the total cost of your trip.



SECURE your Dream Trip

Once the proposal is perfected, we lock it down with an initial booking fee of USD 199 per person.

Our team will handle your reservations with care and efficiency, and you will receive your detailed trip Confirmation within 3-4 business days.


We will kindly ask for an initial deposit of 30% to secure your trip. The fee paid for your custum trip itinerary and the booking fee is deducted from the price of your Trip.


RELAX & ENJOY. Before & while Traveling


Relax and Enjoy your vacations in South America. We will take care of all the details for your trip and give you our local advice and concierge service for getting ready for your trip and also while traveling.

From romantic dinners to family nights and shopping trips. We can even help plan your
dream destination wedding! Let us know your dream and we will make it happen! 


SHARE your Experience


After you return Maria will be in touch to hear all about your adventure! And, of course, start planning the next one! 

Easy, RIGHT?

START planning your dream trip to South America NOW

Take the first step and book your trip consultation
Have Questions Before Booking Your consultation?



Sisters and Partners at Across South America

For us, travel is a way of life. We were born into a travel-obsessed family and had already lived in three different countries in South America by the time we started school, so wanderlust was inevitable for us. We are incredibly fortunate to have parents that insisted that travel was the best classroom and, thankfully, our school holidays were spent exploring fascinating places, both near and far.


We founded 15 years ago Across South America a female-founded and women-run Boutique Travel Agency to make your dreamed vacation come to life.

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Are you ready to see what your dream trip to South America can look like  today?
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