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Let us take you, and your group there!

Expand Your World! Design & Create Your Own Small Group to South America. 

Fancy Dinner Party

Our Boutique, Luxury Food & Wine Groups in South America are designed for foodies, culture, and wine lovers. They are the perfect South American Getaway for those who are passionate about local food, history, and travel, of course!


Our Tailor-made Food & Wine Tours in South America generally include:

  • An exciting and unique opportunity to combine your love of good food and wine with your passion for travel in South America.

  • an exclusive fully-escorted holiday-with-a-difference, which celebrates the Italian influence in Argentina &  Chile; 

  • It is also a celebration of the Peruvian cuisine that reflects local practices and ingredients including influences mainly from the indigenous population, like the Inca, and cuisines brought by immigrants from Europe and Asia. 

  • The rich history, beautiful scenery, welcoming people, delicious food and fabulous wine - are the foundation and inspiration for this specially crafted Food & Wine tours.

Our adventurous Boutique and Luxury Food & Wine are Group designed specially for your own private group .These trips are packed, full of features and highlights, many of which are unique to the Food & Wine tours. And, they’re all included in the price!

Have you got a Food & Wine Group idea for South America in mind? Learn what’s the process to design and create your own Group with us! 

Women-only South America Small Group Travel

This adventurous Boutique & Luxury women Group is designed for Women by Women, and they are the perfect South American Getaway for like-minded women.

Our Women-only Tailor-made Small Group tours generally include:

  • Between 8 and 12 women; We can provide an Expert Local Guide to accompany you or lead your Group. 

  • We include adventurous activities like hikes, ice-treks, horseback rides, rafting, biking, and others. All the experiences are custom-made for you, according to your interests and needs (more or less intense etc.). 

  • We include local interaction so you can engage with the different communities. For instance, you can work at a farm or do some volunteer activities.

  • We also leave time for relaxation, spa, yoga or meditation.


This adventurous Boutique & Luxury women Group designed for Women by Women is the perfect South American Getaway!


Each trip is tailor-designed by you for your particular Group. 


Have you got a Women-only Group idea for South America in mind? Learn what’s the process to design and create your own Women Group with us! 

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