Exploring the Wine land of Chile Suggested Itinerary in 5 Days

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

With outstanding landscapes, amazing things to do, a bustling capital, friendly locals, delicious food, and absolutely mouthwatering wines, Chile is a fantastic destination for all kinds of travelers. If you are a wine aficionado taste the best wines and explore breathtaking vineyards and wineries on this amazing trip to Chile Winelands . Continue reading and find out more on our Wine land of Chile Suggested Itinerary in 5 Days.

chile wine country Colchagua Valley

Viña Montes take a basket and have a delicious picnic in the garden of the vineyards.

Wine land of Chile – Suggested itinerary: Day 1 and 2 Explore the Mesmerizing Santiago de Chile

Though the main purpose of wine enthusiasts is to see the lands where their favorite drink comes from, the best way to begin a perfect wine land of chile itinerary is with a glimpse of the lively Santiago de Chile. So, the first day of your visit begins with a private transfer from the airport to your hotel in Santiago, followed by a visit to the most beautiful neighborhoods and the attractions of the city. The day can only end with a delicious dinner at a charming Restaurant.

chile and argentina 12 days wine tour

Santiago de Chile is located in a central valley of Chile between the Andes mountains range to the east and the Cordillera of the Coast to the west.

But your culinary experience is not over because the second day in Santiago starts with a visit to La Vega and the Historic Central Market.

La Vega market, located in the city center, very near to the Mercado Central in a local market for fruits and vegetables and other foods. A very entertaining way of mixing with the locals!

There, you will get closer to the vibrating heart of the city and its locals, while picking the ingredients for the amazing experience that is waiting for you at El Galeon Restaurant. There, the well-known chef, Jimmy Valdez, will offer you a memorable cooking lesson, teaching you how to prepare delicious typical Chilean dishes, while you indulge in a pisco sour, a cocktail made with the country’s national drink, pisco.

wine land of chile suggested itinerary in 5 days

Pisco Sour is a Must-Try Chilean Cocktails during your trip!

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Wine land of Chile – Suggested itinerary: Day 3 – The Tasty Wines of Chaming Casablanca Valley

During the third day of our incredible wine land of chile itinerary, you will have the chance to travel to Casablanca Valley, and visit the Matetic vineyards, where, besides tasting a couple of premium wines and having a delicious lunch in the vineyards, you will also learn all about the winemaking process, as well as the bottling and storage of your favorite drink.

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wine land of chile suggested itinerary in 5 days

Matetic vineyards, is a family-owned vineyard, and is heaven for all wine lovers who want to enjoy relaxing moments surrounded by 9 thousand hectares of natural beauty in El Rosario.

This experience is followed by a visit to Isla Negra, where you will catch a glimpse of the memorial house of the famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

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Wine land of Chile – Suggested itinerary: Day 4 and 5 Colchagua Valley and Its Delicious Wines.

You will spend the fourth day of your trip in the popular Colchagua Valley where you will have the chance to visit the Santa Cruz vineyard, an amazing vineyard that won many awards.

After admiring the landscapes and tasting the best wines, you will be heading towards the charming town of Santa Cruz to wander around its beautifully arranged streets and indulge in tasty lunch. In the evening, you will go to the stunning Hotel Viña Vik for a mouthwatering dinner and a good night sleep.

Best wine lodges in chile - Viña Vik

Relax in Viña Vik one of the Best wine lodges in chile

You have the chance to spend your last day relaxing and enjoying all the amazing facilities available at Viña Vik hotel. Then, enjoy a comfortable transfer to the airport to catch your flight back home.

As you can see, though you might need more days to explore this beautiful country, this short but amazing wine land of chile itinerary gives you the chance to visit vibrating Santiago de Chile and two famous wine areas, as well as indulge in delicious foods and taste amazing wines. Bon voyage!

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