Travel South America: A Complete Guide for Planning Your Perfect Trip to South America

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Hi again!

I’m Maria Barciela, one of the owners of “Across South America.” 11 years ago my sister Clara and I, decided to start our own Travel business to help travelers around the world who were looking to travel South America, a new and exciting destination.

Both Clara and I were born in South America; Clara was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (if you don’t mind I am not going to say how many years ago that was!!). And although we are very different – for instance, she is a “carioca” and I am a “porteña” – we do have one thing in common: we are passionate about bringing the best of South America to our dearest travelers.

We are proud to celebrate 11 years of doing what we love … which is not a small thing to say. How we did it? Pretty much trusting we had the best destinations our there and the biggest challenge: to convince travelers they were doing the best choice and they needed to see it with their own eyes.

Today I can say that we did it! We have built our community of travelers mostly by recommendation (friends that told friends, a family that told the rest of their family, couples that returned to celebrate honeymoons … I love those last ones!!)

What makes us the happiest? Those travelers that have returned 1, 2, 3, 4 and even 5 times ¡! Yes, yes! You can and you will fall in love with South America and then it’s a one-way path ¡!

Which are my TOP 5 destinations to Travel South America today? I share with you below:

1. A city of unique beauty: Rio de Janeiro, for me, the most naturally beautiful city on earth;

2. A city with the most passionate people, Buenos Aires, just follow the soccer teams River – Boca or take a seat in a café and understand what I am saying;

3. But South America is more than cities, is landscapes of infinite wilderness: if not, take a look at Patagonia, with the remoteness and immense territory full of glaciers, deep blue lakes, and the wild animals (from a Puma to the amazing Whales);

4. Then, of course, you have the biggest desserts on earth: Uyuni and Atacama, those places are surreal, it seems you are on another planet.

5. Finally, how not to mention the Ancient imperium, the Inca ruins you can see in the jewel of Machu Picchu.

When you decide to travel to South America, there is so much to see that I am sure that you are probably wondering: “So, where do I begin?” This is when we come to say, “hey we can help”! If you are after a holiday of a lifetime in South America we can certainly help! Either you are planning your bucket list south American holiday, your honeymoon, your family lifetime getaway; whether it’s starting from a tight budget to those luxurious best of the best trips or a bit mix of both.

So far, I have mentioned which are my 5 best places in South America. I share with you a bit about the next posts you will be reading from me:

A bit about the following posts you will be reading:

My goal for this blog is to show you the South America we know and love and to give you the benefit of our passion and experience so you will be able to discover and travel South America in a truly personal and profound way:

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Are you ready to start planning your South American Journey? Just email or call us or schedule a time for one of our travel specialists to discuss creating your own experience in South America.

We´re here to help you fall in love with South America just like we did! Let’s travel together!

Maria Barciela Founder and Sales director at Across Argentina