Travel Patagonia: A Complete Guide for Planning your Perfect Trip

With breathtaking landscapes, exciting things to do, fantastic cuisine and interesting culture, Patagonia is one of the must-see regions in South America and should be on every traveler’s bucket list. But with so much to offer, planning a trip to this beautiful land can be difficult. So, if you want to travel Patagonia, but you don’t know when, where, and how to explore its mesmerizing lands, continue reading our guide and learn how to plan the perfect trip to Patagonia.

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Wild mornings exploring Mount Fitz Roy, known by the indigenous people of the region as El Chaltén…Amazing photo by@braybraywoowoo

Travel Patagonia: Best Time to visit Patagonia

The first thing to think of when you plan a holiday is the weather. To make sure you have a great time, you should pick the best season for visiting a certain destination. But when it comes to Patagonia, the truth is that there is never a bad time to explore its lovely lands. The things you see and your activities depend, however, on the season you choose.

If hiking is your cup of tea, for instance, you might want to travel Patagonia during the summer months, between December and February, when you can enjoy up to 18 hours of light, and there are 20 °C during the day. Nature lovers who are interested in seeing wildflowers in full bloom might want to choose traveling in spring. Autumn is definitely a great time to visit Patagonia, not only because of its mild weather, but also thanks to the colorful beauty of the surroundings and the lower prices for accommodations, activities, and even flights. Winter is not so bad either, though it’s definitely not the best time for a Patagonian escape since part of the region is inaccessible, and some hotels are closed, especially from May until August.

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Here’s a scene from hiking at Cerro Castillo . Cerro Castillo Circuit is a 50km through Cerro Castillo Nature Reserve near Southern Patagonia, Chile. 📸 @ _romanmoran

Travel Patagonia: Best Places to visit

Once you decided which is the perfect season for your Patagonian escape, you can start planning it. Before booking your flights and finding the best hotel for your needs and desires, decide how many days you want to spend in Patagonia. You will probably need between 10 and 15 days to see some of the main attraction of the region. To have an unforgettable trip, you should carefully choose your itinerary, based on your likes and dislikes.

For instance, if you want to see the most famous glacier in Patagonia, you should add Perito Moreno Glacier, the active glacier near El Calafate, on your must-see list. If you are a hiker, El Chalten is also a must, because it is considered the National Capital of Trekking in Patagonia, thanks to its great trails, incontestable natural beauty and amazing wildlife. But, of course, these are just some examples of what to expect from your trip.

There are many other amazing places in both the Chilean and the Argentinean parts of Patagonia, and you’d definitely need more than two weeks to see everything. That’s why you should make a list of what you don’t want to miss and create the itinerary according to your favorite attractions.

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Magic exists in Torres del Paine National Park. This beauty in the south of Chile was chosen as the Eighth Wonder of the World and is one of the destinations that attracts the highest international interest, thanks to its challenging trails on the W and the O trekking routes. 📸@ramirotorrents

Travel Patagonia: Patagonia Cuisine

In addition to admiring the beauty of the lands and adventuring in the best activities available, make sure that, when you travel Patagonia, you also indulge in the local dishes. The Patagonian cuisine, together with the local wines, will enhance your whole experience.

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King crabs are freshly caught in pots or traps within the South Pacific waters of Tierra del Fuego

Once you have all these details figured out, your tickets and your hotel rooms booked, you can begin packing your bags and getting ready for an experience you will never forget, because all people who travel Patagonia fall in love with its paradisiacal vibe!

Travel Patagonia: Itinerary ideas for your unforgettable trip

Patagonia is much larger than many travelers realize, to really experience Patagonia (both the Chilean and Argentine sides), requires 10 to two weeks minimum. We have put together 5 of our unique itinerary ideas that include viewing and trekking the glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park, exploring the wildlife of Peninsula Valdes, Trekking in Torres del Paine National Park or El Chalten and much more.

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In this picture, @gongranja shows us his moment at the Cascada Corbata Blanca in El Hoyo, Chubut province.

Travel Patagonia: Patagonia from one of our travelers

Moira Smart visited South America for the 5th time with Across South America. This are some of her impressions about Patagonia.

“On the long walk back to our island paradise I thought about the fascination that surrounds Patagonia. It is indeed a refuge for the soul – from cluttered minds and cities”

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Trip to Chile - Puyuhuapi

Moyra Smart Across Ambassador trip to Patagonia in March 2019.

I hope this guide gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to plan your ultimate visit to Patagonia!

I’m looking forward to sharing my years of experience and knowledge of Patagonia with you. If you have any questions in the meantime contact me using this link ¡Hasta pronto!

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