The Top 10 Travel Experiences in Argentina

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Even for people who consider themselves independent travelers (and are allergic to the word “tour”), we recommend a slight mindset shift when it comes to Argentina. The thing is, we’re averse to tours, too – at least if we’re talking about anything resembling a typical tour: uninspired guide reciting recycled lines, at touristy sites full. The problem with Argentina is that, if it’s your first visit (or even your second or third time), it can be almost impossible to coordinate in the best way all the destinations/activities to get the best of your time/money and also enjoy unique experiences. This is why — even for people who typically avoid tours — we always recommend interspersing free time for wanderings, with wonderful and immersive privately-guided outings and experiences all coordinated by a travel agency. Your trip to Argentina will be one of the most exciting journeys you’ll ever take!

Here are our top 10 travel Experiences in Argentina that will blow your mind:

Travel Experiences in Argentina: ARGENTINA FOLKLORE: Vibrant Buenos Aires, Tango, Gauchos and the Pampas

The Experience Folklore, from the English folk – ‘people’ and lore – ‘knowledge’ is an expression of a culture composed of stories, music, dances, legends, oral history, proverbs, jokes, superstitions, customs, crafts, and others. We invite you to know the real story of Evita, to feel and dance the tango like a “porteño” and meet local craftsmen in a town considered the cradle of tradition. Destination: Buenos Aires and the Pampas, Argentina

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Argentina Travel Experiences: Visit San Antonio de Areco, ideal place to get acquainted with Gaucho’s traditions and enjoy the countryside

Travel Experiences in Argentina: POLO IN ARGENTINA

The Experience Polo in Argentina is not only a passionate world known sport, it’s also a lifestyle. Get to the peaceful countryside and disconnect from the vibrant city. Watch a polo match, eat a great Argentine barbecue and also learn how to play this amazing and thrilling sport. A Polo Resort as part of a Polo Club where beginners, amateurs or experienced players can improve their skills by playing one or more days in real polo fields with professional instructors as well as horses for all levels. Destination: Outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Argentina Travel Experiences: Polo Experience in a Traditional Argentine Estancia Get prepared to live a pure Polo experience!

Travel Experiences in Argentina: CULINARY BUENOS AIRES: Argentine Beef

The Experience: Porteños, how locals are called, love eating out. Some prefer a nice dish of pasta still life, others sit in a cozy restaurant in Palermo neighborhood and a third devour a barbecue in a “Parrillita”. But, without a doubt, eating out is a favorite outing in Buenos Aires. For this reason, is that the culinary scene is vast and as varied as the largest metropolis in the world. A full snapshot would be overwhelming, so we chose some of the concepts and proposals that identify the city and its cuisine in which the beef and wine stand. Some other local foods and drinks are mate, alfajores, empanadas, dulce de leche, locro and “picada” (table of cold cuts and assorted cheeses accompanied by homemade bread). Come to know and experience Buenos Aires through all your senses! Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Shopping experience in a local market,  gourmet cooking class with a local Argentine Chef & Tango evening

Argentina Travel Experiences: Shopping experience in a local market, gourmet cooking class with a local Argentine Chef & Tango evenings

Travel Experiences in Argentina: EXPLORE THE ARGENTINE WINELAND

The Experience: Wine is the eternal companion of food, so for those food and wine lovers we offer this full experience of flavors and aromas. The Mendoza Wine Country is world renowned for its exquisite wineries, wines, and foods. Let us guide you through the best of what Mendoza wine lands have to offer and discover their own unique flavor and personality, world-class wines, a bounty of culinary treasures and breath-taking scenery. Destination: Mendoza, Argentina

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Argentina travel experiences: Introduction to the wine world. Introduction to different wine regions in charge of renowned Sommelier in Mendoza. Wine tasting and dinner.

Travel Experiences in Argentina: ARGENTINA NORTHWEST EXPERIENCE IN 4X4

The Experience: This program offers the opportunity to explore the diverse natural landscape of Northwestern Argentina, witness the remnants of pre-Colombian cultures and traditions, and experience the unique delicacies and wine of the region Experience a unique way of travelling through the Argentinean Puna – the high plains that lie amidst the volcanoes and salt flats in the Andean region. We want to show the rarely seen and hidden part of this territory, creating contact between humans and nature. In this arid region, we explore natural phenomena that have existed since our continents were first forming. Destination: Salta, Purmamarca and NOA’s villages, Argentina

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Argentina travel experiences: Argentina Northwest in 4×4 exploring the Argentinean Puna

Travel Experiences in Argentina: The Lakes in Patagonia: DELIGHT OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE

The Experience: Have you ever imagine to experience Bariloche outdoor activities in a different way? Bespoke experience is waiting to be discovered by you. Enjoy a Soft hike with stunning vistas and landscapes. Explore in a Private boat the impressive blue deep and pristine waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi including pleasant walks at Victoria Island. Discover the Patagonian Steppe in a 4WD vehicle; ample natural scenery, captivating views of The Andes, crystal clear rivers and encounters with originating people. Enjoy during your stay an al fresco lunch: A setup restaurant in a unique isolated spot just for you, imagine having lunch by yourself surrounded by Pure Nature in Northern Patagonia. Getting to know Bariloche in an exclusive and different way is possible! Destination: Bariloche, Argentina

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Argentina travel experiences: Enjoy a gourmet lunch with wines by the lake just for you!

Travel Experiences in Argentina: Tierra del Fuego – HEART OF THE ISLAND

The Experience: Are you looking to explore the end of the world in a different way? We invite you to explore Ushuaia and take you to the heart of the island of Tierra del Fuego where a Natural Recreation Reserve is located. An area of summer concentration of guanacos and suitable habitat for the Fuegian red fox, only native canid, currently at risk of disappearing. The Heart of the Island Reserve is located north of Fagnano Lake, among the commune of Tolhuin and Tierra del Fuego National Park. Dare to take a different circuit at the End of the World

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Argentina travel experiences: Trekking and exploring “The en of the world”

Travel Experiences in Argentina: PERITO MORENO GLACIER & PATAGONIC RANCH

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