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The Top Five South American Harvest Festivals You Can’t Afford to Miss

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Harvest festivals are customary across the world. A time of celebration, harvest festivals are a chance to express joy and gratitude for a bountiful harvest. South America is no exception. Neither is its booming wine farming areas . Each year, various wine-growing areas offer the traveler a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a special experience at one of the top five South American harvest festivals.

South American Harvest Festivals: Argentina

1- The Fiesta de Vendimia Mendoza

This festival is held one of Argentina’s most famous and prolific wine-growing areas, Mendoza. The festival takes place annually in early March. The celebration is recognized as South America’s largest wine festival. This harvest festival has been held an official event since 1936.

The election of the harvest queen (Reina de Vendimia) is a dramatic process and the final decision is broadcast on national television. The festival proceeds with parades, wine tasting, and a final dance, drama, and music show.

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2- Animaná Vendimia

The small village of Animaná hosts this festival just before mid-February each year. Musical performances from local folk bands form an essential part of the festival, together with an evening market. On Saturday of the festival, there is a carnival-like parade with floats and lots of celebration.

Many food stands and wine-tasting booths are set up for locals and visitors alike to enjoy culinary delight and the Patagonian outdoors

The local wine hotels make a practice of getting their visitors to and from the festival. The Grace Hotel, Cafayate , The Vines of Mendoza , Uco Valley, and Case de Uco Resort , Mendoza are such hotels.

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2. South American Harvest Festivals Chile

3- Fiesta de la Vendimia de Santa Cruz

Held in the picturesque Colchagua valley this is the biggest regional wine festival. It is celebrated in early March. The 3-day festival features live music and local cuisine. At the heart of it is wine-tasting from a variety of farms from across the region.

4- Fiesta de la Vendimia de Curicò

This 4-day festival is held toward the end of March. Attendees can participate in plenty of wine-tasting as well as grape stomping. The wine growers from across the entire region showcase their wines. Local wine lovers attend the festival as it boasts several wines they can’t buy in Santiago.

The festival is regarded as very family-friendly and there are a lot of artistic performances to enthrall any visitor.

The Viña Vik and Lapostolle Residence in the Colchagua Valley are among the hotels that arrange for guests to attend the local harvest festivals.

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South American Harvest Festivals Uruguay

5- Las Piedras Wine Festival

Held in mid-March, this is Uruguay’s biggest harvest festival. The festival takes place in Canelones which is where much of Uruguayan wine production takes place. A week-long celebration, there are parades, food stalls, concerts, and wine tasting from many producers.

Each night, the harvest queens join the festivities. They dance to impress the judges who crown the eventual winner.

The Garzon Hotel in Maldonaldo , Norbona Wine Lodge and Estancia VIK Jose Ignacio in Punta del Este are some of the local hotels that arrange for visitors to attend the festival.

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