Stories from Travelers: Visiting Mendoza in pursuit of new Gourmet & Wine Trends

From Clara Barciela

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Luxury lodges, impressive wineries with ultramodern technology, exceptional gastronomy is what I experienced in my last Argentina wine tour to Mendoza, Argentina’s Napa Valley.

Over the past two decades Malbec hit the world stage, Mendoza become the world’s leading region for Malbec and wine tourism is becoming one of the region’s key industries and a remarkable destination for wine lover’s.

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In june I had the opportunity to make a wine tour to Mendoza and discover new gourmet and wine experiences for the new Argentina wine tour we are designing.

Here’s a few highlights of my Argentina wine tour to Mendoza:

Argentina Wine Tour – The Uco Valley

Trendy wine region settled in the Andea foothills that’s going through a luxury revolution. Located an hour’s drive south from the city of Mendoza, the region is home to the production of some of Mendoza’s very best fine wines.

Against an environment of snowy Andean peaks it is considered by many to be the ‘Jewel’ of the Mendoza wine regions. Tours of the vineyards, wineries and cellars. Tastings, Gastronomic meals, Argentinean asado barbecues, wines matched with food. Tours of the countryside and the surrounding area with a focus either on natural features or culture and traditions are some of the activities that Uco valley has to offer.

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Argentina Wine Tour – Clos de los Siete Winery

Clos de los Siete is located at the foot the Andes mountain range, in the heart of the Uco Valle. The history of Clos de los Siete is related to enologist Michel Rolland, wine advisor and consultant in several prestigious wineries all around the world.

Michel Rolland’s enthusiasm made it possible for a group of French partners to come together. He was joined by 4 Bordeaux families, also winegrowers, passionate about wine and curious about this country at the other side of the world. Four bodegas were then built. Monteviejo, Cuvelier los Andes, DiamAndes and Bodega Rolland.

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Argentina Wine Tour – The Vines Resort and spa

The Vines of Mendoza, One of the Uco Valley pioneers, started his life as a vineyard ownership project allowing oenologists to purchase a small piece of terroir in a spectacular Andes-dominated setting. Today, 500 hectares are distributed between more than 130 private estates, a 28-villa resort and spa, and a winery. There’s also Siete Fuegos restaurant led by one of Argentina’s most renowned chefs and grill specialists, Francis Mallmann.

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Argentina Wine Tour – Entre Cielos Luxury boutique hotel

Located in Luján de Cuyo wine area, a 20-minute drive from Mendoza. Entre Cielos is the lodge where I stayed during my trip. When we arrived at the lodge, we were greeted at the gate by with a glass of rosé from the Mendoza-area hotel’s vineyards.

With an ultra-modern design, timeless furniture, rotating art exhibition this luxury boutique hotel is an extraordinary experience!

The lodge also boasts Latin America’s first authentic six-stage circuit hamam spa. The hotel boasts 16 uniquely designed rooms including a one-of-a-kind ‘Vineyard Loft” that rises high above the vineyard featuring an outdoor jacuzzi tub and unparalleled star gazing through numerous skylights!

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Argentina Wine Tour – Casa El Enemigo

Alejandro Vigil, the renowned Catena Zapata’s winemaker opened the doors of his farm to share lunches, dinners and tastings with his premium labels. The restaurant inspired by the Divine Comedy is called Casa El Enemigo. El Enemigo translates as the enemy. Nodding to the fact that at the end of any journey, most remember only one battle — the one fought within (the original enemy). This is the battle that defines us. The wines of El Enemigo are a tribute to those internal battles that make us who we are. Casa el enemigo won the 2019 International Best of Wine Tourism award in the category of Art & Culture, an award that celebrates innovation and excellence in wine tourism throughout the nine greatest wine regions in the world.

Finally, how and where to start your Argentina Wine Tour?

Drop us a line and tell us what your dreams are! Our team will craft the itinerary around your interests and your own travel style.

Its essential to start planning in advance (at least 8-10 months before) because it allows us to offer the best lodges, experienced guides and of course, be able to plan and design with time so you can be sure that you are getting the best of your time in South America.

Clara Barciela – Founder of Across Argentina & South America.

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