Polo in Argentina: a Practical guide

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

The skill of the players, the power of the horses, the glamour and tradition of the game; polo in Argentina is the best in the world, and there’s no better place than Buenos Aires to experience this incredible sport.

Whether you are an amateur fan of horses or a Polo enthusiastic and wish to learn more about this passionate game within the Polo Meca, continue reading our practical guide with the top five tips you need to know in order to learn and play Polo in Argentina

Why Argentina has the best Polo in the world?🇦🇷 ⁠ The quality of the players & of the horses 🐴 . 📷 @lucas_raimondo ⁠

1- Some basics to understand a polo Game

Whether you want to attend a professional polo game or try your hand at being a polo player for a day, learning some basics rules will help you understand the “Sports of the kings”.

In Triple Corona matches, teams play eight seven-minute periods known as chukkas. In other tournaments, six or seven chukkas may be played. If the match is a draw after normal time, time is added so that there is always a winner. Teams switch sides every time a goal is converted.

Every team has a handicap, which is a numerical score for their quality of play. Local team La Dolfina has a 40-goal handicap, the highest possible.

Polo has a system of rules destined to guarantee the safety of both the players and horses 🏇

Players must hold their mallet in their right hand. Mariano Aguerre, a former champion player from Palermo is left-handed but had to learn to play with his weaker hand.

The strategic moves in polo are based on the “line of the ball” an imaginary straight line directly ahead of the ball so that the player attacking the ball has “the line” to continue in a straight path. A player cannot intersect another player that’s following the “line of the ball”

Finally, it’s important to understand that while the athletes are indispensable in polo, the quality of the horses make a difference. 🐴⁠

Check our Instagram TV Episode about “How to play polo” to learn more about the basics of the polo game in Argentina. Our Local Argentina host Celia, from Argentina Polo Day is teaching us our first lesson in Polo Game in Argentina, the best Polo in the world! 🏇

✨Episode 1✨ Polo Game in Argentina 🏇 @across.southamerica

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2- When is the best time to visit Argentina if you want to see the Polo

Polo training games can be enjoyed all year long on a Polo School, but Polo Tournaments in Argentina runs from October to early December and the three most important polo championships, collectively known as the ‘Triple Crown’, are played in Tortugas, Hurlingham, and Buenos Aires city. The most celebrated tournament is the Abierto Argentino (Argentine Open) set in Palermo’s Argentine Polo Field (commonly known as the Cathedral of Polo). The tournament provides the best opportunity for visitors to witness the high-speed and adrenaline of a match, while also getting to know the best polo players in the world.

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3 – What is the “After Polo”: Buenos Aire’s haven for the ultra-glamorous

The spectacle goes beyond the field and admiration for polo’s great sportsmen and the skill and tradition of the game bring a host of celebrities to Buenos Aires every year for the Argentine Open. Actors, models, and famous sportsmen have all been spotted in Palermo’s field. After the match comes the glamourous after-party with stands from the top sports brands providing snacks, cocktails, and different music shows, and the Polo field is opened until after midnight.

4 – Polo during the day or Polo at night?

Two different ways to experience Polo life at the Argentina Polo Day field. Be a polo player for a day and learn the secrets of one of the most exclusive sports in the world on Full Polo Day. You will visit the pony line to observe the polo horses that will be playing the polo match and learn how polo horses are selected for the sport, their blood lineages, and how they are trained before you attend a professional live polo match of 4 chukkas. After spending some time walking through our beautiful countryside, you will take a polo lesson where you will learn to ride a horse, hold the mallet and hit the ball. Believe it! You will end up sharing a mini polo match that will make you feel like a professional player!

Polo under the stars 🙌 . @argentinapoloday

Would you like to watch a polo match under the stars? Polo Night Show is what you are looking for. You will watch a 4 chukka polo match played by professional players. While you feel the adrenaline of the fast pace game, at the only illuminated polo field in the world, you will be introduced to a gastronomic experience based on our argentine culture. At the end of the day, you will have a relaxing horse ride throughout our curated trails specially designed for you to enjoy the argentine field and its surroundings.

5- Where to stay: Argentina Estancias

Staying at La Bamba de Areco means being welcomed into a private home, into a property steeped in history and tradition that creates a special and timeless place for relaxation. Exquisite cuisine, refined service, gaucho traditions, and equestrian sports complete the unique magic of La Bamba. Its fields also serve as the base for the international polo team that bears its name. The property includes two polo fields and the guest can also watch games during the season, with practice sessions and matches taking place almost daily.

Puesto Viejo a perfect estancia to take a Polo lesson for a day or for a longer stay ⛺

On the other hand, Puesto Viejo Estancia is a fully affiliated Polo Club in Argentina with many members who livery, ride, and play their horses throughout the season at the club. Professional players of 2-6 goals play alongside club members. At the estancia, you can take polo lessons and a full polo day for first-time visitors. Staying at this exceptional, countryside boutique hotel in Cañuelas town means enjoying a number of recreational and leisure activities including watching a Polo game, learning how to play, or simply enjoy our infinity pool and facilities at a relaxing vacation.

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Polo, in Argentina, isn’t just a game, but more of a lifestyle, so if you are visiting Argentina, be sure to check out a polo Game or practice your first steps on this game. It is a truly authentic and unforgettable way to learn about Argentina’s culture!

Get in touch for a chat with our friendly team on the best trip for the type of experience you’re after, or take a look at our Argentina & Uruguay in 10 Days itinerary. We’re local experts and will help to craft a South American vacation you’ll never forget.

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