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From Moyra Smart – Across Ambassador

As we mentioned in our previous post, Moira Smart, from South Africa, is visiting South America for the 5th time with us. We love sharing experiences of our travelers! There’s nothing more important than hearing the reactions of real-life people who have experienced the wonders of South America, so we asked Moira to share some of her experience with us!  So if your are planning a trip to Argentina dont miss what Moyra has shared with us! 

Tell us about your trips to Argentina. When and where did they take place?

1. My first trip to Argentina, and organized by Across Argentina, was in 2010. The main focus was to visit Iguazu Falls with a friend. This was spectacular! And Yacutinga Lodge in the rainforest as well. We spent some time exploring Buenos Aires & a day experience at an Estancia.

 I arrived back in South Africa to declare to family and friends that I had fallen in love………… With a country!

2. In 2011 Across Argentina  arranged a holiday according to my wishes and experimenting. I decided to take only carry-on luggage and booked a Homestay in Buenos Aires (this was not part of their program). From there I went by overnight bus to Cordoba where I was interested in visiting the Jesuit estancias in the area. Then another overnight bus to Salta “la Linda”. Another amazing experience in this city and 3 excursions: north on the Quebrada de Humahuaca; south to winelands of Cafayate and west towards the Andes and Cachi. I was highly impressed how A.A coordinated this lot!

3. I had been north east and north west now it was off to the south west in 2012. Once more travelling solo (friends thought there may be another kind of “love” there or I had lost the plot). El Calafate and Perito Moreno Glacier, on by bus to Punta Arenas & Puerto Natales to enjoy a day excursion to Torres del Paine National Park. A 12 hour bus ride crossing the Magellan Strait to Ushuaia. I had arrived in another world in this “land of fire” Tierra del Fuego and its national park.

4. Now it was the south east to be explored. I had a “thing” about 2 places: to stay at Estancia Harberton on the Beagle Channel and to visit Peninsula Valdes and Punta Tombo which were day trips from Puerto Madryn. A.A. made this happen for me too.

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Are you already planning to travel again? When and where? What made you choose this new destination? There is wild and then there is Patagonia. Yes, Mayra at A.A. (addicted you see) has organized a trip to Chile in March 2019. This was my son’s idea. He did not want me travelling alone again so invited me to accompany him to Patagonia.

Most memorable moment in South America so far? My memories are my souvenirs and I honestly cannot choose one as each one was so different.

Your advice to new travelers who want to explore South America that you wished you knew at the start? Learn Spanish. Although people were friendly and helpful and patient with the few words I had learnt.

Favorite Place? Difficult to choose one but possibly Iguazu Falls and Yacutinga Lodge. But the Andes hold a fascination for me.

Favorite Experience In South America? Waking up in El Chalten to see the sun rising over Mount Fitzroy. And then hiking to get as close to it as my legs would carry me. Or maybe it was on the boat dwarfed by the creaking giant of Perito Moreno Glacier.

Best thing about traveling with Across? The way they patiently coordinated my travels to different locations. Also I so appreciated the friendly transfer service, even when we arrived after midnight due to flight delays.

Thanks a lot Moira for sharing your experience with us!

Maria Barciela Founding Partner & Director Across Argentina & South America Follow us on Instagram or facebook for more inspiration about Argentina & South America!

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