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Foodie Travel Inspiration: 5 Popular Food Dishes You Must Try in Patagonia

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

If you are an adventurous spirit looking for a memorable escape, exploring the wilderness of Patagonia should be on your list. But there are more than mesmerizing natural wonders in this region, and the exquisite Patagonian cuisine is one of its attractions.

The delightful Patagonian Cuisine makes foodies from all over the world fall in love with this charming destination, and if you want to know why, continue reading this article.

patagonian cuisine
View from the Restaurant at Patagonia Camp lodge in Torres del Paine

1- Patagonian Cuisine: Cordero al Palo or Lamb al Palo

Also known as Asado al Palo, the mouthwatering Cordero al Palo is the dish that defines this lovely region. This dish shows you exactly how locals like to cook the lamb, stretched across an iron cross, over an open fire.

Patagonian Cuisine
Celebrity Chef Francis Mallmann making Cordero al palo 📸 @francismallmann

Yes, even the process is fascinating, not only the extremely juicy meat and its unforgettable taste.

2- Patagonian Cuisine: Rabas – or “Calamari to Me and You”

If you love seafood, you will instantly fall in love with the tasty Rabas, also known as “calamari to me and you”. This is a very popular snack in Argentina and a culinary proof of the Italian and Spanish influences in the country. You can find the delicious Rabas almost everywhere, whether you plan to eat in high-end restaurants or take-out places, called rotiserías. Get ready for a crispy delight sprinkled with fresh lemon juice and salt that will make your taste buds run wild!

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3- Patagonian Cuisine: Merluza Negra or Black Hake

Fish lovers from all over the world are amazed by the delectable taste of the Patagonian toothfish, known locally as Merluza Negra. You probably know only the silver-toned hake, but it’s time to adventure yourself into trying the black hake, which can be found only the really cold waters of the southern hemisphere. What makes it so delicious that we must add it to the top Patagonian food dishes? Probably the fat, the freshness, and the simple way of cooking.

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4- Patagonian Cuisine: Centolla Patagónica or King Crab

 Patagonian Cuisine
King crabs are freshly caught in pots or traps within the South Pacific waters of Tierra del Fuego 📸 @delmuelle_cl

If you are a foodie and you are visiting this beautiful remote region, you can’t miss indulging in the flavorsome Centolla Patagonica. The King crab might seem intimidating because of its hard red shells, but those hide the most amazing crab meat you ever tasted. It’s tender and sweet, and it makes the perfect choice for a romantic dinner in Patagonia. And if you go to Ushuaia, make sure you try the creamy king crab chowder.

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5- Patagonian Cuisine: Trucha Patagonica or Patagonian Trout

Patagonian Cuisine
Delicious Patagonian trout bagel 📸@larocarestaurante1800

If you are in a local restaurant and want to try a Patagonian delicacy, go for Trucha Patagónica, a delicious trout that will melt in your mouth. It can be cooked in different ways, but in this area, it is traditionally grilled, and the dish is called Trucha a la Parilla. You can, however, enjoy it baked, pan-fried or smoked, as well as in creamy sauces or combined with pasta. This is our list of top 5 Patagonian food dishes, but during your escape in this beautiful region expect many more culinary surprises coming from both Chilean and Argentine cuisine. So prepare yourself for amazing tastes you will never forget!

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