Chilean Food: Top 5 Popular Chilean Food Dishes You Must Try

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

If you are a foodie planning to visit Chile, you probably already know that many of the Chilean food dishes are inspired by the country’s European heritage. You should, however, also learn that no matter where in Chile you find yourself, you will be served flavorful and wholesome meals that can easily make your taste buds run wild and want more and more.

The majority of dishes in Chile have meat, seafood, and vegetables, but of course, this depends on the geographic origin of each dish. Locals usually eat their favorite meals together with their favorite local wine or pisco sour, a tasty local drink.

Pisco is a traditional liquor from the northern valleys. pisco can be drunk on its own, mixed with a cola drink for a popular piscola or as an aperitif, with the not-to-be-missed pisco sour, prepared with pisco and lemon juice

But enough talking, here is a list of the top 5 popular Chilean food dishes you must try while exploring this beautiful country.

Chilean Food dishes: Chilean Empanadas

If you’ve never heard of empanadas, it’s time to give them a try because these are the locals’ favorite snacks. An empanada is a baked pie with different fillings that can be found almost everywhere in Chile. The most traditional empanada is filled with a mixture of minced meat, onions, raisins, black olives and hard-boiled eggs, a mixture that is known as Pino.

The most common empanada is prepared with wheat flour dough, which is mainly filled with ground meat and onion, a mixture called pine, as well as eggs, olives and raisins

Even if you visited Argentina before and you tried their empanada, never say no to a Chilean one because they are different, not only in size and shape but also in taste.

Chilean Food Dishes: Completos

Completos are those Chilean food dishes that will seem so familiar because they are the Chilean version of Hot Dogs!

If you are a hot dog lover, you can’t miss eating completos at least once while visiting Chile! The typical one comes with tomato, sauerkraut, sausage, and lots of mayonnaise, and won’t be difficult to find because they are literally at every corner, especially in beautiful Santiago and other major cities. And guess what? Some of the vendors add avocado, making the Completo even more delicious.

Adapted from the American version of Hot dogs, the “completo” have become unquestionably part of Chilean cuisine

Chilean Food Dishes: Pebre

When you go to a restaurant in Chile, you will most likely find Pebre on their menu. Though, judging by the way it looks, you might think it’s similar to a salsa served in a Mexican restaurant, it’s far from the same taste. This traditional Chilean seasoning has a tomato base that it’s topped with chopped chilly, garlic, chives, onions, coriander, as well as vinegar and oil. The delicious sauce is usually served with warm bread, known as pan amasado, making the perfect starter.

A satisfying blend of spice, salt and sour, pebre brings a fresh kick of cilantro and raw onion to liven up the flavors of a grilled steak, simple salad, or choripan

Chilean Food Dishes: Asado

If barbecue is among your favorite dishes, trying asado is a must while visiting Chile. Asado is the mother of all barbecues, and it’s definitely one of the favorite Chilean food dishes of the locals, not only because they are very social people and love inviting others over for parties, but they are also very fond of meat.

Known as asados, barbecues are an important part of life in Chile, where family and friends gather to share a meal and a good story all year round

Asado usually consists of pork, chicken, beef or mutton, roasted on a charcoal grill for 2-3 hours. It’s mouthwatering and succulent, and you have to try it!

Chilean Food dishes: Charquican stew

All foodies who love stews can’t leave Chile without indulging in in the traditional Charquican stew. The recipe is usually passed down from mothers to daughters, and it is among the best Chilean food dishes no matter if you are there during summer or winter.

Made from dry preserved meat and chunky pumpkin pieces, mixed with spices, condiments, corn, and beef, this stew is the favorite comfort food of the locals. It’s heavenly!

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These are just five of the Chilean food dishes every foodie should try while in Chile. However, as you probably imagine, there are many more delicacies waiting for you in this charming country. And while you’re there, don’t forget to pair your dishes with a glass of local wine. Yummy!

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