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Chile Outdoor and Adventure Destinations

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Soon enough, we will be exploring again and South America is waiting for travelers from all over the world with a diversity of beautiful things to see and interesting activities!

Choosing one of the many South American destinations might be difficult but there is no doubt that Chile outdoor and adventure destinations deserve to be on every curious traveler’s must-see list once we can travel again.

With ancient forests, imposing volcanoes, glaciers and fjords, mesmerizing valleys and parched dunes, Chile offers visitors an unforgettable chance to explore an intact wilderness. If you are not convinced yet, check out our amazing list of Chile outdoor and adventure destinations.

Chile outdoor and adventure destinations: Torres del Paine National Park

Located in the wild Patagonia region, Torres del Paine National Park is one of Chile’s most famous attractions. Its majestic mountains, blue glaciers divided from the glaciers, and rare wildlife that populate the beautiful Golden grasslands can instantly impress a first-time visitor.

To have a memorable experience you only need to put n your comfortable shoes and immerse yourself in a trekking adventure into the wilderness of this remarkable UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Then sail on Lake Grey and let the eponymous glacier amaze your eyes, admire the jaw-dropping landscape, and don’t miss Cuernos del Paine, the impressive horn-shaped peaks or the three granite towers that gave the park its name.

The park offers many beautiful spots, but the W Trek is Torres del Paine’s most famous hiking route. If you are an adventurous and active traveler read more about W trekking in Torres del Paine in this post .

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Chile outdoor and adventure destinations: San Pedro de Atacama

If you are a nature lover but you are also interested in exploring amazing culture, San Pedro de Atacama a town located in northeastern Chile’s Andes mountains must be on your must-visit list of Chile’s outdoor destinations.

Wander around this incredible land of indigenous peoples, visit the old plaza and the charming church, learn about the people’s customs, catch a glimpse of their art, indulge in the sensational cuisine, and praise the dramatic surroundings. If you feel adventurous explore the neighboring desert on a bike and hop on a sandboard to slide down the dunes.

Chile outdoor and adventure destinations: Expedition Cruises Patagonia & Antarctica: Australis Cruise & Antarctica

Patagonia and Antarctica are known to be lands of adventurous sailors. If you want to have the ultimate adventure, you should consider exploring their fascinating landscapes from the water. 

Whether you are interested in taking an expedition ship, or you want to spend a few days on a luxurious boat, you will find your perfect cruise. Australis Cruise, one of the most traditional cruises in Patagonia and Antarctica Expedition, an exceptional adventure on the frozen continent are two of the best options.

Chile outdoor and adventure destinations: Isla de Pascua

Exploring Easter Island, the remote volcanic island in Polynesia is definitely one of the best Chilean outdoor activities.

The island is not only wild and remote, but also it hosts some of the world’s most famous archaeological sites. Take advantage of the mysterious aura of this isolated Chilean Paradise, explore its pink-sand beaches, the volcanic cones, and the world-famous monumental statues called moai, created by inhabitants during the 13th–16th centuries.

Chile outdoor and adventure destinations:

Puerto Williams and Cape Horn

Puerto Williams, the southernmost town in the world can impress all travelers with its spectacular landscapes, biological diversity and, of course, the ancient ethnic culture of the Yagan. Follow the footsteps of Charles Darwin and explore Wulaia Bay, catch sight of the Cabo de Hornos National Park, admire the shores of the Beagle Channel and the imposing Dientes de Navarino mountains, and travel back in time while exploring the region’s fascinating archaeological sites.

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