A Culinary Hidden Gem in Uruguay: Chef Francis Mallmann’s Garzon Restaurant

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Identified with the Uruguayan and Argentinean style of cooking, renewed Chef Mallmann doesn’t use more than fire and smoke to cook his delicious recipes. And, as you probably imagine, his restaurant is the perfect place for foodies who are looking for a place to enjoy the simple things in life.

Garzon is the most emblematic winery of modern viticulture in Uruguay and premium wines

Though famous all over the world, Mallmann’s Garzon Restaurant doesn’t serve particularly fancy food, his dishes are, by default, memorable.

World-famous chef Francis Mallmann is the ambassador and culinary director at Garzon restaurant

If you are a foodie traveling to South America, continue reading this article and find out all about Chef Francis Mallmann, its sensational restaurant and cooking, and the tranquil village of Garzon.

The Charming Town of Garzon & The Restaurant

Founded in 1892 by Mr. Fermin de Leon, the quiet town of Garzon is located just 20 kilometers inland from Jose Ignacio, and it now has 200 inhabitants, most of them being dedicated to rural activities and the exploitation of gray granite quarries. Pueblo Garzón represents a haven for travelers that enjoy being among vineyards, olive groves, grey granite quarries, organic gardens and moments of silence, the key element for what we consider a luxury journey.

The town of Garzó is a town frozen in time, located in the east of Uruguay, 30 minutes away from Jose Ignacio’s Lighthouse, attracts tourists from all over the world.

The town is not fancy, and not a famous destination in Uruguay. But Chef Mallmann is known for his love of remote, surprising locations for his eateries.

Mallmann opened the restaurant in 2003 and added the ghost town of Garzon back on the map. With its beautiful decor that brings honor to Uruguay’s colonial heritage, Garzon Restaurant welcomes foodies who want an authentic touch to their trip. But, of course, the lovely visual experience is perfectly completed by the culinary experience, which is simple but glorious.

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Olivares fields of Colinas de Garzón

Amazing Cuisine & Prestigious Wines

At Garzon Restaurante, you are promised to be served dishes made of different kinds of regional products and fishes from the Atlantic Ocean. The most authentic and delicious ingredients are seasoned with the best olive oils and fresh herbs from the garden, and they are cooked using the grills, fire stoves, and earth ovens, which give great personality to your amazing dishes.

Francis Malmann’s fires techniques at Garzon Restaurant

Whether you are interested in having a memorable, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Chef Mallmann’s restaurant, in Uruguay, is waiting for you with plenty of culinary delicacies. If you want to know more details about the exceptional dishes you can enjoy, check out the menu of Garzon Restaurant.

But, the best part about this restaurant is the chance to eat food cooked using Mallmann’s classic techniques of fire, through which he brings out the natural flavors of the ingredients. And, the amazing food can only be paired with some of the most prestigious Uruguayan or Argentinian wine. You are welcomed with a fantastic selection of Bodega Garzon from different vintage years to pamper your tasting buds in the finest manner possible.

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Choose the Full Experience

If you want to have a memorable, complete experience in Garzon, don’t hesitate to sleep in one of the cozy rooms at Garzon hotel. Expect to rest surrounded by the rustic and cozy decor, complemented by fresh flowers, white marble, and tile bathrooms, wood-beamed ceilings, and relaxing views of the herb garden and lemon trees.

Garden and pool at the Garzon hotel

All rooms welcome their guests with a king-size bed, private bathroom, and fireplace or wood burners. If you want, you can also enjoy laundry and room services. And, if no room is available, Casa Anna, located right next to the hotel, can host you, offering four gorgeous rooms with king-size bed, private bathroom and fireplace, a relaxing swimming pool, and a stunning garden.

Casa Ana Casa Anna, a few meters from the Garzon hotel, offers four rooms in a property with a large garden and pool.

If you love food and want to explore some really fantastic foodie destinations in South America, we’ve got the list for you! Adding culinary activities to your vacation itinerary is one of the best ways to experience the culture of the destination you’re in. Contact us and we can help you plan your culinary vacation.

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