10 most exciting Experiences to do in South America in 2022

We believe South America is one of the most unforgettable places on earth – and we want you to help you fall in love with the continent just like we have. In this post, you will find our suggestions for the best places and experiences to visit in South America in 2022. 

When it comes to South America, there are so many places to visit and so many experiences to live. We´ve built a “10 amazing experiences trips” that I want to share with you, trusting it will inspire you, your family, your partner, or your friends, to look beyond the classic and go a bit off the beaten track. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Best Places and Experiences to Visit in South America: Galapagos

Nature lovers come from all corners of the globe to experience the Galapagos Islands, an exciting wildlife encounter set in the Pacific Ocean on the coast of Ecuador.

Relax at the beach by @euetuporai

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Either you choose to explore the islands on a cruise or stay at a lodge (or both!) this intact area of the world preserves all kinds of natural attractions; Explore the different islands teeming with unique wildlife and pristine waters. The Galapagos is the only place to see giant tortoises in the wild on the white sandy beaches or just swimming near you. You can also see the famous Hammerhead sharks and of course playful lovely sea lions just as to mention some of the species out there. After a close encounter with the natural beauties and exploration of different islands, rest your wearied head at the lodge or the luxury cruise. The cruises offer a pleasant time on board, featuring more than simple cabins but also comfort and excellent food.

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2. Best Places and Experiences to Visit in South America: Amazon River and Paradise jungle experience

What better way to explore the Amazon River than boarding a cruise?

The price is all-inclusive, just unpack once and these small ships will take you to places that don’t even have access by land. Explore the beautiful Amazon River and just dazzle yourself with the most amazing biodiversity in the globe! The Amazon River makes its way along 3 countries, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. Being the second-longest river in the world definitely exploring Amazon should put the River cruise at the top of your travel list. Countless species of animals to observe, the deep forest, the peaceful beach, and the starry sky … it seems that we´ve reached the paradise.

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3. Best Places and Experiences to Visit in South America: Antarctic Odyssey, ice and ice my friend

Antarctica trip Questions FAQ

More beautiful than you can imagine, nothing compares to the ‘frozen continent’. A vast, white wilderness; Antarctica is spectacular when it comes to elemental forces.

This is a land of extremes. Extreme cold-extreme-remoteness-extreme weather. But there’s nothing quite like Antarctica to make you embrace life fully – the craggy beauty of a huge glacier, or the magnificence of a humpback whale, promise to take your breath away.

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Unsurprisingly, a cruise has got to be the best way to embrace all that Antarctica has to offer. Seeing the continent from both land and ocean offers different perspectives. The Antarctic Treaty is what keeps this place frozen in time – the abundant wildlife and little evidence of man is heartening to witness. There’s nothing like exploring a place nearly completely free of humankind to make you feel more alive.

Can you imagine camping in Antarctica? Well, that is a part of our popular itinerary “Antarctica & Patagonia”. Check it out!

4. Best Places and Experiences to Visit in South America: Patagonia Ranch experience

Nibepo Aike @nibepo_aike More than a century ago, a pioneer of Croatian origin found his place in the world in these limited lands. 12,000 hectares of mountains and natural grasslands with a privileged landscape on the shores of the South Arm of Lake Argentino.

The landscapes in Patagonia are some of the most diverse you’ll find in South America. The Deep South, or call it the ‘End of the World’ – the very tip of the whole American continent. The views and wildlife really are something to write home about. Hikers and walkers are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful walking trails in this part of the county. One hidden spot is a stay in a Patagonic Ranch or Estancia where you can explore its beautiful corners and discover its flora and fauna or simply enjoy a horse ride or bike tour, attend to sheep shearing and equestrian demonstrations. Of course, enjoy a typical Patagonian lunch with delicious lamb and other Argentinean cut meats accompanied by fine Argentine wines. And definitely include in your itinerary a trek on the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Have you ever walked over a millenary glacier? We invite you to take a look at this Experience to stay at a ranch and trek the Perito Moreno.

5. Best Places and Experiences to Visit in South America: Santiago de Chile for foodies & wine lovers

Relax with this special sunset and enjoy the best wines at @vik_wine

For those that love to discover where the world’s best wines are made, Chile is a delight. Wine has been ingrained in Chilean culture for hundreds of years – humble casks were placed on every table at dinner time; and the clink of two glasses often led to long, languid conversations by firelight. And it’s the essence of this wine culture that makes the reds taste so rich and the whites taste so crisp. An afternoon of wine tasting in the Casablanca Valley, near Santiago, leaves a warm glow.

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6. Best Places & Experiences to Visit in South America: Polo with the “Argies”

Play polo and enjoy a delicious bbq with the original Argentinian way and the best wines

Chances are you’ve heard of Buenos Aires – known as the ‘Paris of South America’, the city’s leafy boulevards and plazas full of tango dancers tend to charm visitors from the moment they arrive. Buenos Aires will always hold a pretty special place for us, too –I was born here and I am a “Porteña” (porteño girl); we’re lucky enough to have our offices based in Palermo neighborhood, a part of the city known for its beautiful Green Spaces as well as its vibrant and bohemian restaurants and cafes. But there’s so much more to Argentina than this famous city. Polo its actually huge in Argentina and we welcome you to learn and play as well as enjoy this thrilling lifestyle sport.

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7. Best Places and Experiences to Visit in South America: Wine route & Mallmann in Mendoza