The 5 best Hotels and Camps to Stay in Torres del Paine

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Torres del Paine is Chile’s most famous national park and an iconic South American attraction. The park offers visitors an incredible encounter with nature and a large range of accommodation. In this post we describe our 5 best hotels to stay in Torres del Paine.

Torres del Paine is Chile’s most famous national park and an iconic South American attraction.

Torres del Paine is Chile’s most famous national park and an iconic South American attraction.

Best hotels to stay in Torres del Paine: Sleeping inside or outside the park?

Whether you want a luxurious escape at one of the high-end lodges or you prefer a fun and traditional experience at the refugios or campsites, staying inside the park is the best way to experience it if you are an active traveler and the focus of your trip is hiking, exploring and experiencing the area and have at least 4 days/3 nights.

One of the reasons you should sleep in Torres del Paine and not outside the park is the daily round trips you will have to make if you are planning to visit the park more than one day. You should use that time to explore natural beauty around you instead of traveling back and forth. But that is not all. Besides comfortable rooms, the best hotels to stay in Torres del Paine offer the chance to admire incredible views of the park. And that’s why you chose to visit this piece of heaven. If so, continue reading our article and find out your best accommodation options.

Best hotels to stay in Torres del Paine: Las Torres Patagonia

Las Torres Patagonia is a family-friendly hotel located at the main entrance of the National Park. The hotel gives visitors a close-to-nature travel experience combined with a cozy holiday, through its great program.

In addition to the suites and rooms, this charming hotel is also waiting for you with a spa that offers sauna, as well as relaxing massages. Besides the buffet breakfast, you can also indulge in the dishes served at the hotel’s restaurant and enjoy a drink or two at its welcoming bar.

But the real reason why Torres is one of the best hotels in Torres del Paine if you are planning to hike, is because it is located is the starting point for many of the hikes on the W trek. Guests from other hotels had to be bussed here before they could start their hikes. If you take the all inclusive package, hikes or horseback and meals are all included and the guides are excellent.

Best hotels to stay in Torres del Paine: Patagonia Camp

 If you want to spend your evenings in a quirky and luxurious location, Patagonia Camp is your answer. With 18 welcoming yurts that offer comfort and the chance to admire the beautiful lake and the Cuernos in the far distance, Patagonia Camp welcomes travelers in search for both luxury and outdoor activities. In addition to the yurts and the great range of outdoor adventures, you can also enjoy a friendly lounge and dining room, as well as the main area’s wifi.

The concept of eco consciousness is something to remark on Patagonia Camp, the camp has been developed based on sustainable principles, with special emphasis on the optimization of energy resources.

If you are planning your honeymoon in South America don’t hesitate to choose Patagonia Camp, it will left a mark in our hearts!

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Best hotels to stay in Torres del Paine: Awasi Torres del Paine Hotel

Awasi hotel offers you 12 individual villas (one with two suites) inspired by old Patagonian shelters. But this is not why it is one of the best hotels in Torres del Paine. The reasons why everybody loves this place are the mesmerizing views of the “Torres”, Lake Sarmiento or the Patagonian Steppe, as well as the massage service and the hot tub. And that’s not all. The villas are fully equipped, so the espresso coffee maker, toaster, and many other surprises will enhance your adventurous escapade.

Best hotels to stay in Torres del Paine: Explora Patagonia Hotel

Offering simple but comfortable rooms, Explora Hotel will blow your mind with its great number of activities and facilities. After exploring the National Park, you can choose between spending your time swimming in a beautiful, lakeside pool, relaxing in a lavish outdoor Jacuzzi or enjoying the luxurious spa facilities.

Best hotels to stay in Torres del Paine: Tierra Patagonia

Because of its spectacular views, facilities, and activities programs, Tierra Patagonia should be on top of the best places to stay in Torres del Paine list.

Expect to begin your days admiring the spectacular Torres snow-capped, before indulging in a delicious full American breakfast. Afterwards, you are ready to enjoy the wide range of activities available at Tierra Patagonia.

With plenty of accommodation options, giving the amazing scenery of Torres del Paine you are guaranteed a trip of a lifetime! The only thing we recommend our travelers is to reserve their Torres del Paine hotel as early as possible to get the best price and availability, and avoid disappointment.

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