5 Best Destinations in South America for your Easter Break

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

From the mesmerizing Amazonian forest and imposing Andean mountains to the fascinating Atacama Desert, Patagonia’s impressive glaciers, famous Machu Picchu, and many other natural beauties, South America has something for every nature lover who wants to explore it.

In addition, it is known for its amazing bustling cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, charming beaches, colorful culture, mouthwatering cuisine, and, of course, friendly, welcoming locals.

There is no doubt that South America is a fantastic destination all year round, but, if you decide to discover its beauty, during the autumn season, continue reading this article and find out the best destinations for Easter.

1- Escapes for City Lovers: Buenos Aires & Rio de Janeiro

If you love wandering around beautifully arranged streets, observing the locals’ way of life, exploring cuisines, and learning about history and culture, visiting Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro during your Easter break in South America is the best choice. Buenos Aires promise to welcome you with nice, pleasant weather, perfect for strolling the streets in Recoleta, Palermo, or San Telmo.

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is a great outdoor attraction in Rio de Janerio 📸@riodejaneirobycariocas

The same can be said about Rio de Janeiro, even though you should expect some rain since in autumn it rains around ten days per month. It is, however, a great time to explore Rio, not only thanks to the nice temperature but also because there are a lot fewer visitors than during the summer season.

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2- South American Destinations for Adventurers

South America welcomes adventurers all year round, and if you plan to have this trip during the autumn months, you will be able to explore the of the most beautiful places in the world.

Patagonian landscapes sprinkled with bright red, orange, yellow, and pink trees in Autumn 🙌 Sunrise at Fitz Roy, Chalten 🏔️ 📸@gaston_luna vía

Why visit Patagonia in the fall? the weather tends to be pleasant and you can look forward to breathtaking vistas of vibrant red, orange, and yellow leaves. But Not only will the weather be kind and nature welcoming, but the lack of crowds will allow you to have the Patagonian experience you always dreamed of. It is a great time to enjoy trekking in Patagonia.

Our itinerary recommendation for visiting Patagonia this Easter Break: Full Patagonia: Argentina & Chile with Lake crossing for this Easter break 2020.

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3- South America for Nature Lovers: Galapagos Island

In case Galapagos is on your must-visit list, you should know that any month is a good month to explore this natural wonder. Easter is a fantastic choice because, as already mentioned, there are fewer tourists than during the summer season, making the connection with nature easier and the whole experience more intensive.

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4- The Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, for instance, is a must-explore for every adventure and nature lover out there. And autumn is the ideal time to have this memorable jungle experience. With pleasant weather, nature at its best, and adventure in the air, the breathtaking Iguazu Falls is waiting for curious travelers from all over the world.

Our itinerary recommendation for visiting Galapagos this Easter Break: The Best of Argentina: Tango, lakes, Glaciers & Falls

Oh, Iguazu Fall 🙌One of the world’s Seven Wonders 📸@gonzaflopez

5- Special Suggestion for Wine Aficionados

If you are a wine lover and want to offer yourself a real wine experience in South America, visiting Mendoza and indulging in an unforgettable wine route is a fantastic idea.

🍷Mendoza land of wine, mountains and great food. For the foodies out there, Mendoza deserves a place on your wishlist. 📸@gaston_luna vía 📍 San Rafael, Mendoza

A trip during your easter break is the best choice. March and April are charming months to visit Mendoza, and there are no crowds. Also, autumn is when many vineyards are finishing the harvest and beginning the winemaking process. So, not only will you be able to taste amazing wines, but also learn all about the process of winemaking.

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These are our best South American destinations for your Easter break in 2020, but there are plenty of other incredible places you can enjoy if you visit South America during the autumn months. Your must-visit list, however, depends on your personal preferences, budget, and number of vacation days you have. But, whatever you choose to see and experience, South America promises you an unforgettable Easter break, filled with natural, cultural, and culinary surprises. Contact us and we can help you design your perfect trip!

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