Argentina’s Hidden Treasures: Jungle Lodges off the Beaten Path

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

With a fascinating culture, amazing cuisine, and some of the most spectacular natural wonders on Earth, Argentina is definitely a must-visit country for all curious travelers who want to see the best of South America.

From its southern area, where you can find the fantastic Perito Moreno Glacier until the northern one where the jaw-dropping Iguazu Falls are waiting for you, Argentina doesn’t stop to amaze you with its beauty. But if you decide to travel to this amazing country, you can’t only visit the very tourist spots, without exploring Argentina off the beaten path. Also, a good trip is not only about seeing the coolest spots and indulging in the best activities but also about finding the most incredible places to stay.

Visit Argentina

Yacutinga Lodge and Don Mocona Virgin Lodge, perfect places to relax after the crowds at Iguazú Falls.

To have a comfortable and unforgettable holiday in this South American piece of heaven, continue reading this article, and find out which are Argentina’s best jungle lodges of the beaten path.

Argentina off the Beaten Path jungle Lodges: Yacutinga Lodge

A Charming Place in Complete Harmony with the Environment

Located in the pristine part of the Misiones jungle, only two hours from the stunning Iguazu Falls, the charming Yacutinga is waiting for all nature lovers with a wildlife reserve, river views, and comfortable accommodation.

Educational trails at Yacutinga own Nature Reserve guided by local experts

The buildings blend perfectly with the surrounding nature, not only because of the soft, round design, but also thanks to the materials used. The rocks and fallen trees included in the architecture of the lodge enhance visitors’ encounter with nature during the whole stay. In addition to a beautiful remote location, great comfort, and incredible design, Yacutinga Lodge also offers travelers the chance to enjoy different eco-tours and activities, all guided by ecologists and Yoga Professors.

Perfect place to relax and experience the culture of this remote section of Argentina: Yoga Classes, massages and delicious local food.

Yacutinga Lodge definitely offers curious travelers the chance to explore Argentina off the beaten path while unwinding in the middle of the jungle and indulging in a multitude of memorable activities and experiences.

Activities at the lodge: Kayaking in Iguazú River

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Argentina off the Beaten Path jungle Lodges: Don Mocona Virgin Lodge

The Perfect Combination of Eco-friendliness and Mesmerizing Jungle and Yaboti Stream Views.

Located in one of the largest protected areas of Misiones Province, the incredible Yaboti Biosphere Reserve, and offering travelers comfort and panoramic jungle and Yaboti Stream views, the beautiful Don Mocona Virgin Lodge is the perfect choice for nature lovers who want to visit Argentina off the beaten path and relax after visiting the Iguazu Falls.

Located in the center of Misiones jungle a place to rest, charge up energies and renew our spirit

Besides the lovely Don Mocona Virgin Lodge, the Yaboti Biosphere Reserve hosts other protected areas, such as Mocona Provincial Park and several other private reserves. So, nature lovers have a multitude of beautiful areas to explore during their Argentinean escape.

Explore the outstanding Mocona Falls.

Don Mocona Virgin Lodge welcomes its visitors with 14 superb rooms with breathtaking views, delicious local dishes, and of course, relaxing or adventurous outdoor activities. Whether you are interested in bird watching, hiking, wildlife spotting or other ways to explore the surrounding nature, you will find all of these and much more at the beautiful Lodge.

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Yacutinga and Don Mocona Virgin lodges offer amazing jungle accommodation and the chance to see Argentina off the beaten path, but there are plenty of other hidden treasures in this beautiful country. To make the most out of your future trip, find your perfect itinerary and get ready for an adventure you will never forget.

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