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Amazing New Year in Valparaiso, Chile

Updated: Aug 31

Probably you have never heard of Valparaiso in Chile, Right?⁠

Well, once you visit, it will quickly become one of your favorite cities in South America!

If you plan to end the year in a warm place, admiring an epic firework show, spending the New Year in Valparaiso, Chile, is a perfect choice.

Not only is this place glamorous and famous for its parties, but it is also a sunny paradise waiting for you with breathtaking views, delicious foods, and many fun things to do.

Yellow underwear, a glass of cola de mono (a milky coffee cocktail), and a bottle of tasty champagne are the things you need to have a magical New Year celebration in this area, but there is more here waiting for you. So, if you want to know all about Valparaiso and what to expect from spending New Year’s Eve in Chile, continue reading this article.

Valparaiso- The City of Art & history

Located on the Chilean coast and known for being one of the South Pacific’s most important seaports, Valparaiso is also a stunning city of art.

One of the things I Love the most about Valparaiso is the vast collection of street art found throughout the city.⁠

In fact, Valparaíso is considered one of South America’s graffiti capitals. Many people enjoy doing graffiti art as a pastime, and it has truly become a significant part of the local culture.

It started being covered in amazing street art when its historic quarter was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in 2003.

Wander around the beautifully arranged streets of this charming city and let the art amaze your eyes at every corner.

New  year in valparaiso Chile

Welcome to Valparaíso, the seaside city considered by many to be the cultural capital of Chile. One of the best places in the world for street art.Cerro Alegre in Valparaiso Chile, by @agomezande

Another thing that makes Valparaiso a special place is its funiculars, known as ‘ascensores’.

If you plan to spend New Year in Valparaiso, Chile you can’t miss taking the Ascensor Artilleria up the hill to Paseo 21 de Mayo walkway and admire the sensational views of the city.

Afterwards, you can head towards the National Maritime Museum and get closer to the past of this lovely area. For a spiritual encounter, check out the Iglesia La Matriz del Salvador.

The Internationally acclaimed Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1971, was a resident of Valparaíso. Possibly the best view in all of Valparaíso is from the artist's former home, La Sebastiana, which is now a museum and can be visited on your trip.

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New year in valaparaiso chile

Valparaiso by @swedishadventurer ” Nestled in the hills, the colorful harbour city of Valparaiso in Chile is often called San Fransisco of South America🇨🇱 Valparaiso is, without any question, my favorite city in Chile and can be reached within an hour car-drive from Santiago!”

New Year in Valparaiso, Chile- The Biggest Firework Show and Fiesta

Valparaiso is famous for the huge festival it hosts at the end of the year.

The variety of cultural events is amazing, and it culminates with the impressive fireworks display on New Year’s Eve.

In 2007, the Valparaiso firework show won the Guinness World Records for its fantastic 16,000 fireworks.

But the city is also known for its bustling fiesta. So get ready to spend your memorable New Year in Valparaiso, Chile, together with thousands of happy and friendly people before and after the fireworks show, which begins at midnight and lasts for about 20 minutes,

Afterward, the party takes to the streets and brings drinking, eating, and many new friends.

If you want to have the best view during this special evening, go to the most popular spot, Paseo Yugoslavo. You can get there on foot or by funicular.

An image of the true Valparaíso, with its colorful houses. 📸@asiesvalparaiso

New Year in Valparaiso, Chile- Traditions

Known around the world is the tradition of eating lentils in New Year’s Eve.

According to this, you should eat a spoonful of lentils at midnight to ensure prosperity for the upcoming year.

Following the same line, it is said that eating 12 grapes, one for each bell stroke at midnight would help fulfill all wishes and projects in the new year.

Another tradition is wearing yellow underwear during the New Year celebrations.

Yellow represents vital energy, so wearing this color would allow you to begin the new year with renewed energy and attract prosperity and abundance.

For those who would like the new year to come with travels, the traditions always go hand in hand with suitcases. Some people say you have to grab your bag and walk around the block, while others think standing on the top of a table with the suitcase in your hand or just opening the door and standing there with a bag would do.

All of these traditions seek to attract new adventures for the upcoming year.

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