Your Ultimate 10 Days itinerary in Argentina & Uruguay

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

With so many beautiful countries, incredible things to do, and a natural beauty that is difficult to find in other places, South America is waiting for adventurous travelers from all over the world. If you are thinking about having the adventure of a lifetime, start planning your South American escape, and begin with spending at least 10 days in Argentina and Uruguay, two of the most beautiful Latin American countries. Continue reading this article and find out all about our 10 days Argentina and Uruguay itinerary that promises to offer you a mixed experience of natural beauty, gastronomical highlights, world-class wines, culture, and Gaucho traditions.

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Discover Colorful Buenos Aires

Begin your memorable 10 days Argentina and Uruguay itinerary with a few days exploring the lively capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

9 de Julio Avenue, The widest avenue in the world by @boluddha

Visit the main attractions of this bustling city, indulge in typical meals, where dishes are paired with the best Argentinian wines, enjoy shopping sessions and cooking lessons, and learn how to dance the tango.

Argentine ice cream, “helado” is a special treat that everyone should try at least once in their lives 📸@loca_por_viajar

Your memorable cultural experience in Buenos Aires will be beautifully completed by a visit to charming San Antonio de Areco, the cradle of Gaucho’s traditions.

A gorgeous town that will instantly conquer your heart, San Antonio de Areco welcomes visitors with beautifully arranged streets, a local town market where you can learn about Argentine beef cuts and other local products, and much more. The Buenos Aires experience ends with a delicious dinner and a romantic tango show.

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Admire the colonial architecture in San Antonio de Areco

Explore Beautiful Uruguay

After getting to know the stunning city of Buenos Aires, enjoy a relaxing ferry ride until the charming Uruguayan city of Colonia del Sacramento.

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Historic Colonia is dotted with cobblestone streets

Start your adventure in Uruguay with a guided walk through the historical downtown, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The day can only be completed by a wine and cheese tasting, at a local restaurant, El Buen Suspiro.

Explore the Winelands of Uruguay

But this is just the beginning of your Uruguayan wine affair because your 10 days Argentina and Uruguay itinerary continues with a memorable visit at the Irurtia Winery, a family project which began in 1913, and still keeps its traditions.

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After the winery visit, get ready for an experience that promises to make your tasting buds run wild, a visit to La Brida blue cheese manufacturing establishment, for cheese tasting. Afterward, head towards the beautiful capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, where you will have the chance to relax and enjoy your hotel’s spa.

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Yum! Delicious Uruguayan cheese

Spend the next day exploring Montevideo, a charming city overlooking the river, before visiting Bouza Winery, located in the Melilla area. Tour the vineyards, learn about winemaking, enjoy the varied local fauna and flora, and indulge in a sensational wine tasting session and a delicious lunch.

Have a Memorable Countryside Experience

Continue your 10 days Argentina and Uruguay itinerary with a memorable experience at a typical Estancia in Cordoba Argentina.

‘Ride like a gaucho’ at @estancialospotreros enjoy this breath-taking scenery

There, you have the chance to enjoy the peaceful countryside, learn about the history of the estancia, indulge in typical Argentine ‘asado’ lunches, see the work of the gauchos and even help them around, admire spectacular landscapes, and get closer to the history and culture of the countryside.

No visit to Argentina would be complete without the chance to try one of the local passions – polo. Take part in one of the weekly sessions at the estancia and learn all about this sport of kings

After your sensational countryside experience comes to an end, enjoy a comfortable trip back to Buenos Aires to catch your flight back home.

This is your 10 days Argentina and Uruguay itinerary, an escape that offers you the chance to explore bustling South American cities, mesmerizing natural regions, as well as the spectacular cuisine and wines of Argentina and Uruguay. It is now time for you to take your own journey. We are local experts and can help you design your perfect trip. Contact us!

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