The Experience: Pantanal Photo Safari is a huge opportunity to be acquainted with the Pantanal wild life and to capture amazing photographs. Knowledgeable guides will take you to the most likely spots, where the animals nest, where they drink, rest, hunt, or simply play with the youngsters. Jaguar, Panthera onca, is a big cat, a feline in the Panthera genus. Is the only Panthera found in the Americas. The jaguar is the third-largest feline after the tiger and the lion, and the largest and most powerful feline in the Western Hemisphere. This spotted cat most closely resembles the leopard physically, although it is usually larger and of sturdier build and it’s behavioural and habitat characteristics are closer to those of the tiger. While dense rainforest is its preferred habitat, the jaguar will range across a variety of forested and open terrain. It is strongly associated with the presence of water and is notable, along with the tiger, as a feline that enjoys swimming. The jaguar has developed an exceptionally powerful bite, even relative to the other big cats. The jaguar has featured prominently in the mythology of numerous indigenous cultures. In Brazil the tupi indian language calls these animals jaguaretê

Destination: Pantanal and Puerto Jofre, Brazil

Duration: 5 days


DAY 1: Photographic safari on the way to the lodge and hiking around its natural surroundings.

Arrival in Cuiabá and transfer to the Hotel in Pantanal. In the way we’ll make several stops to photograph the many species of animals and birds we’ll be able to see along the Brazilian savanna and the grazing lands. After crossing several wooden bridges we’ll reach the Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge. Late afternoon hike within the surroundings of the Lodge, and sunset view. After dinner, enjoy a star gazing trek.

DAY 2: Pantanal flora y fauna Observation.

After breakfast, the guide will lead you on a two to three hours horse ride through the grazing fields, woods and flood lands, for observation of Pantanal’s flora & fauna. Lunch at the lodge and afternoon hike to a different area of the reserve, where we’ll learn about the ecosystem.

DAY 3: Exploring Clarinho River.

After breakfast, we’ll take canoes and explore the river banks, mangroves and forest. With some luck, we’ll meet a family of ariranhas (giant otters). We’ll have some time to fish, in search of the elusive Piranha and the Lambaris. After enjoying a picnic barbecue lunch at the camp, we’ll return to the lodge.

DAY 4: Visit to Porto Jofre and jaguars viewing.

Early awakening to appreciate the rising sun, breakfast and transfer to Porto Jofre. Reaching the Park “Encontro das Águas”, which houses a high concentration of jaguars, we will embark and go in search of these “kings of the jungle” along the coast of the river. We will embark and cruise along the coast of the river looking for these “kings of the jungle” in the shadow of the trees or the empty beaches. We will also be able to see other rare wild life as ocelots and giant river otters. At the end of the day we’ll have dinner and rest at Puerto Jofre.

Day 5: Transfer out to Cuiabá Airport and farewell safari.

  Accommodation: Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge (Pantanal) and Porto Jofre