The Experience: This program offers the opportunity to explore the diverse natural landscape of Northwestern Argentina, witness the remnants of pre-Colombian cultures and traditions, and experience the unique delicacies and wine of the region Experience a unique way of travelling through the Argentinean Puna – the high plains that lie amidst the volcanoes and salt flats in the Andean region. We want to show the rarely seen and hidden part of this territory, creating contact between humans and nature. In this arid region, we explore natural phenomena that have existed since our continents were first forming.

Destination: Salta, Purmamarca and NOA’s villages, Argentina

Duration: 6 days


DAY 1: Discover Salta and attend to a Folkloric Peña.

Arrival in Salta in Salta and private transfer to your hotel. Visit the main attractions of this beautiful city: the MAAM, Museum of High Altitude Archaeology, where the world’s best-preserved mummies lie; the Plaza 9 de Julio, the Cathedral, the colourful San Francisco Church and the San Bernardo Convent; the San Bernardo hill, from where you will have a great panoramic view of the city; the General Güemes Monument and the San Lorenzo village. End the day with a dinner show in a typical folkloric peña.

DAY 2: Visit Humahuaca’s Gorge.

n a 4x4 vehicle we’ll ride along the dense native forests, also known as Yungas, to reach the town of Purmamarca, famous for its Seven Coloured Hill. Here we’ll to visit the town’s church and colourful main square, where local artisans sell typical handicrafts from the region; and will continue towards Humahuaca, a UNESCO World Heritage site. On the way we’ll pass by picturesque villages like Maimará, Tilcara, Huacalera and Uquía.At Humahuaca we’ll have lunch and then return back to Purmamarca, where we’ll spend the night.

DAY 3: 4x4 vehicle ride towards Tolar Grande passing by Salinas Grandes.

We’ll begin the journey towards the Tolar Grande, ascending the spectacular Cuesta del Lipan and later crossing the great salt flat or Salinas Grandes. This amazing area will make this moment unforgettable. After a photo stop the trip continues to San Antonio de los Cobres, where we’ll make a stop for lunch. The journey continues through the Labyrinth Desert, the Salar of Arizaro’s and the Llullaillaco and Socompa volcanoes, where we’ll get one of the most amazing views of the Andean Range. Once we reach Tolar Grand, we’ll settle in the local hotel to spend the night.

DAY 4: Exploration to Arizaro Salt Lake, Caipe Train Station and Arita Cone.

As the 4x4 begins to run and we reach the salt crust, the color of the land changes from deep red to blinding white, you’ll feel as if you were flying over the plateau, in the midst of nothingness. You might
be able to make out the shapes of Llullaillaco and Socompa volcanoes. Continue the visit to Caipe abandoned ancient train station and afterwards towards the mysterious Arita Cone. We’ll have a box lunch on the road. In the afternoon we’ll visit the Ojos de Mar, rare deep pools in the salt lake.

DAY 5: Return to Salta by Santa Rosa de los Pastos Grandes.

After breakfast we’ll begin the way back to Salta, by an spectacular mountain road. Once again, we’ll pass through the Desert of the Labyrinth, and afterwards continue driving through an alternative road passing by Santa Rosa de los Pastos Grandes and the amazing Quebrada del Toro. We’ll cross the tracks of the Train to the Cloud and the Tastil Inca archaeological ruins, and finally, we’ll enter again into the Lerma Valley. Arrival to Salta in the afternoon and overnight in Salta.

Day 6: Private Transfer to Salta Airport

  Accommodation: Design Suites (Salta) and Manantial del Silencio (Purmamarca)