The Experience: One of the most fascinating aspects of the rich Brazilian culture is its cuisine. Just as the Brazilian people, typical Brazilian dishes are the product of diverse cultural influences: Indian, African, Portuguese, Italian, German, Arabic. The creative fusion of these gastronomic traditions gives its varied and colourful Brazilian cuisine, with unique flavours in the world character. Marine fruits, rice and beans, tropical fruits, roast beef and corn products are some of the main flavours that make up the local dishes. This gastronomic diversity and the vastness of the territory make Brazilian cuisine not uniform: Each area of the country has its own culinary repertoire determined by their cultural heritage, the typical ingredients of the region and factors such as climate. This vast gastronomy concert combines local cuisines with some dishes that for its great popularity throughout the country, are considered national heritage in all regions of Brazil.

Destination: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Duration: 3 days


DAY 1: Tastes of São Paulo.

Arrival in Sao Paulo and private transfer to your hotel. Enjoy the most traditional meals while you stroll the city’s main attractions: Pao de Queijo (a cheese’s Bread) at the Pátio do Colégio (the place where the city was founded), the traditional Caipirinha (local drink) at the highest building of the city or in the rooftop of a modern building, the classic bologni sandwich served at the Municipal Market, the “pastel with sugar cane juice combination, served in one of the city’s street fairs, the Bureka (kosher food) found at the Jewish neighbourhood, or even Japanese food at the Japanese neighbourhood. The route and food will be adapted in accordance to your taste, interests and time available.

DAY 3: Brazilian Cooking Class with visit to Mercado Municipal.

After walking around the Mercado Municipal to buy fresh products, you will be received in the house of a Brazilian chef, to experience a cooking lesson. The chef will introduce all the ingredients and explain about the local gastronomy influences. You will be able to savour fresh juices of seasonal fruits and learn how to prepare your own caipirinha. The class ends with a large meal including delicious Brazilian desserts.

DAY 4: Transfer out to International Airport.


  Accommodation: Miravida (Buenos Aires)