If you want to spend your honeymoon in a place that offers a combination of enchantment, natural wonders, and a warm, welcoming culture, look no further than South America. This captivating continent boasts one-of-a-kind experiences for honeymooners looking for romance and adventure. Ready to take the plunge? Here are our top picks for hoenymoons in South America.

Honeymoon Destinations in South America: Stargaze in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

In Northern Chile at the base of the Andes mountains, you’ll find the Atacama Desert – the ideal South America honeymoon destination for stargazing lovers. The desert’s remote location, dry air, and high elevation offers up unmatched views of the galaxy.
Plan a visit to the Paranal observatory to get up and close and personal with our breathtaking galaxy. Or book a stargazing tour to learn more about the starry show in the night sky.

Honeymoon destinations in South America: Turn Up the Heat and Dance Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nothing says Argentina quite like the sultry tango, and what better way to turn up the heat on your honeymoon! Experience this iconic, passionate dance in Buenos Aires for an unforgettable and seductive experience.
Dress up and head out on the town for a live tango show or sign up for tango lessons and spice up the night with your love.

Honeymoons in South America: Learn the Gaucho Way with an Estancia Experiencia.

While you’re in Buenos Aires, why not get a taste of the local culture? Argentina is known for its deep-rooted gaucho (cowboy) culture. Just a short drive outside of Buenos Aires is La Pampa, a region filled with estancias, or ranches, and the gauchos who work them.
We can help you book a day tour or overnight stay at one of the best estancias in the region, where you can experience Argentinian history and culture firsthand

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Honeymoons in South America: Kayak in the Lake District of Patagonia.

Imagine floating on a serene lake with your love, taking in the breathtaking, majestic scenery surrounding you. Turn this dream into a romantic reality in the Lake District of Argentinian Patagonia. With beautiful lakes and snow-capped peaks, outdoorsy couples will fall in love with this South America honeymoon destination.

Start your adventure in Bariloche, a resort town in Argentina that is an outdoor playground for adventurers. Plus, honeymooners will love that Bariloche is a world-famous chocolate producer – the perfect aphrodisiac after a long day of kayaking.

Honeymoons in South America: Sunbathe at Brazilian beaches

If relaxation in the sun is more your speed for your honeymoon getaway, then grab your bikini and head to Brazil for world-famous sunbathing and beaches.

Here are three of our favorite Brazilian beach destinations.

• Buzios. Located about an hour from Rio de Janeiro, Buzios boasts more than 20 beautiful beaches and is known as the “playground of the rich”.

• Fernando de Noronha. If you’re looking for serene, unspoiled beaches, the island of Fernando de Noronha is your honeymoon haven.

• Rio de Janeiro. From secluded stretches of white sand to vibrant, fun-filled shores, Rio de Janeiro has earned its reputation for an unbeatable beach scene.

Honeymoons in South America: Sip Wine in Mendoza.

What is more romantic than sipping wine in the most renowned wine region of Argentina? If you and your honey are wine enthusiasts, plan to visit the Mendoza wine region, which offers jaw-dropping views and world-class wines and unique wine lodges by the Andes mountains
Sign up for a wine tour with an expert guide (we can help!).

Honeymonns in South America: Trek Through Torres del Paine National Park

For couples looking for adventure, head out for a hand-in-hand hike at Torres del Paine National Park. Located in the heart of Chilean Patagonia, this is one of the largest and most popular parks in Chile – and it’s easy to see why! With towering mountains, massive glaciers, and sparkling lakes, you and your other half can enjoy wildlife-watching and hiking to your hearts’ content.

Let us help you plan your unforgettable Honeymoon, We’ll help you craft a journey of a lifetime any time of the year. Contact Across SouthAmerica for more info

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