Moira Smart is from South Africa and is visiting South America for the 5th time with Across Across South America! Moira is now travelling with her son and will focus her time just in Chile, since she loves to explore in depth each country at a time.

She´s been 4 times to Argentina and she knows the country even better than any other argentine!

Today we are bringing the Story she shared with us about her experience during her 4th trip to South America in March 2014. Moyra traveled to the Argentina Patagonia and visited Estancia Harberton in Patagonia, Ushuaia.

Thanks Moira for your cooperation with our Blog!!

“A little bit of heaven on earth”.  That is how I like to describe my stay at Estancia Harberton in Patagonia.

Estancia Harberton Patagonia

My imagination was lit up about the “Land of Fire” on a previous trip to Ushuaia when time did not allow more than a visit to the National Park and a sailing excursion along the Beagle Channel, which made a brief stop on Bridges Island.

On further research I became fascinated by the history of Thomas Bridges – his life dedicated to do God’s work amongst the aboriginal inhabitants of this wild and magical land. I thought it would be wonderful to stay at his Estancia, the Estancia Harberton in Patagonia, to learn more and absorb the experience.

Estancia Harberton Patagonia

I am very grateful that in March I had the opportunity to spend 2 days and nights at Estancia Harberton in Patagonia, in the old shepherd’s cottage on the banks of the Beagle Channel. Wow! It was so peaceful you could hear the silence! Comfortable, clean lodgings and healthy meals provided by the attentive staff. I loved the walking excursion accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who explained the sad history of a vanished culture and that of the Bridges family, the geography, the flora, different Nothofagus trees in the forest, birdlife and scarce animals.

The Acatushún Museum was amazing! It contains 1000’s of skeletons of marine mammals and birds with ongoing research in the laboratory. I was fascinated.

Estancia Harberton Patagonia

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I am glad that I stayed more than one day because the weather is so unpredictable. The final day the Penguin Island trip was cancelled because of rough sea. Snow, rain, wind, sun, whatever the weather, it is a fun adventure!

If you are a traveler and not a tourist, you will enjoy this journey into the past at the very trip of the S.American continent.

Estancia Harberton Patagonia

A BIG THANKS to Moira who allowed us to share this and her other travel stories.

She is a lovely and warm lady and we trust that her 5th time in SA will be as memorable as the other 4 times!

Maria Barciela
Co-Founder Across South America

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