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South American Luxury Journeys
for the Discerning Traveler  


You are a "traveler", not a tourist; You want to explore South America authentically, but you don't know exactly where to begin... You are overwhelmed with so many options, travel portals, airlines, blogs, and platforms... 

But you're an avid traveler, and you don't want just the touristic places; you want to experience the real thing. You know that any expedition into foreign territory requires careful planning, connections with the right people, and resources.


That's why you're here – you're looking for the unique South America Luxury experience, off the beaten track places – the very best Local Travel Agency to help execute your dreamed vacation.

As Local luxury travel Experts, we know how to make your dreamed vacation come to life. We take care of everything, including the little details – before and while traveling.
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Sisters and Partners at Across South America

For us, travel is a way of life. We were born into a travel-obsessed family and had already lived in three different countries in South America by the time we started school, so wanderlust was inevitable for us. We are incredibly fortunate to have parents that insisted that travel was the best classroom and, thankfully, our school holidays were spent exploring fascinating places, both near and far.

We founded 16 years ago Across South America a female-founded and women-run Boutique Travel Agency to make your dreamed vacation come to life.


 Get in touch today for a trip complimentary consultation. 

Our Tailor-Made Boutique Experiences & Concierge Service

In this webinar we will cover

Authentic & Off The Beaten Track Experiences 

We believe experiencing new countries in an authentic, real-life way is the best way to see the world.


100% Customized Trips Designed around You

Experience South America the way you want it. We create luxury trips that are tailored to your needs and dreams.

Made Easy

We take the hassle out of travel planning for you.  We’re always on hand to help. 

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With Clara & Maria

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With Clara & Maria


Our favorite client quote —

OMG! Every moment was a dream come true. 

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