In South America we celebrate women and tango, so South America’s woman of the month is Mora Godoy, a famous tango dancer praised all over the world.

Tango is an important part of the Argentinian culture, so if you plan to learn about its rich heritage or even visit this beautiful country and its bustling capital, you must consider learning how to dance. And if you are wondering how to find the best Tango classes in Buenos Aires, you should know that the answer is quite simple: everywhere!

But before you begin looking for a place to dance, find out who is charming Mora Godoy:
The Woman who Represents the Best of Tango Dance.

Known as a dancer and choreographer, but also a director and producer, Mora Godoy is praised for her talent and elegance. But her accomplishments wouldn’t exist without passion and hard work. Chantecler Tango, Tanguera and Bailando Tango Remix are only three of her best works, and she has multiples awards in Argentina, as well as all over the world. Mora Godoy is not only representing Argentina as a symbol of tango but also powerful women from everywhere.

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To thank her for her great success in spreading the Argentian culture in every corner of the world, she was given the title of an “Outstanding Personality of Culture” of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. In addition, Mora Godoy set a new Guinness World Record for the “highest” tango performance ever when, together with Jose Lugones, she danced on a suspended platform, at 60,5 metres above ground.

And guess who else danced with Mora? When participating at a state dinner in Buenos Aires, the former president of the United States, Barack Obama was invited to tango with our beloved dancer, while Michelle Obama was dancing with another talented dancer

Mora Godoy also performed on stage during the opening ceremony of the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games at Obelisco monument on October 06, 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Watch the video of her performance!

Are You Looking for the Best Tango Classes in Buenos Aires?
If you plan a romantic escape or your honeymoon in Argentina’s spectacular capital, you should consider learning how to tango. Yes, if it were possible, Mora Godoy would be the person to give the best tango classes in Buenos Aires. But, since reaching her would be very difficult, you should learn from the less famous, but also amazing local teachers.

Where to find them? Well, tango classes are available everywhere in buzzing Buenos Aires, from cultural centres to all the milongas (the dance halls or dance events). You can also attend many tango shows. But to make sure you avoid tourist traps, choose modest shows instead of the extremely popular ones, which are created for curious travelers. To see free shows, check out the Galerías Pacíficos where you will have the chance to see daily street performances.

And if you want something more authentic, search for the underground milongas and live tango orchestras. Though it might not offer the best Tango classes in Buenos Aires, Salón Canning, also known as Milonga Parakultural is a great choice for an authentic Tango evening. Most of their nights begin with a dance lesson, right before the professionals hit the dance floor.

would you like to take your first steps in this unique dance? contact us and  we can help you design your tango trip in Argentina!

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