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by Sisters Maria & Clara Barciela
When it comes to South America, we’ve got so many stories to share and advice to give. We’ve paddled the waters of Antarctica, seen blue footed boobies in the wild, savoured world class ceviche and stood in awe at the ancient city of Macchu Picchu. We can’t get enough of the colour, the people and the history of this place! We look forward to helping you gain a deeper insight into this very special continent so you’re inspired to plan your own South American vacation.

When is the best time to visit South America?

Travelers usually start here, asking us: “when is the best time to visit South America?” Although this seems to be an easy question it is not quite so simple to answer it. First of all, when thinking about the best time to visit South America you...

Across South America is now Featured on Stridetravel.com

We’re happy to announce that Across South America is now featured on Stride. Please consider leaving a review for Across South America on Stride. It only takes a few minutes to share your opinion and have your voice be heard.  Reviews provide an opportunity...

Five places to spend New Year’s Eve in South America

Clara Barciela here, and believe me, no one puts on a party like us Latinos! The celebrations that take place to ring in the New Year are the biggest on the Latin American calendar (outside Carnival). The festivities are wild and colourful. New Year’s Eve in South...

Five reasons to go hiking in Patagonia in Autumn (fall)

Clara Barciela here, co-founder of Across South America. I live in Buenos Aires but one of my favourite places to visit on holiday has always been Patagonia - the epic landscapes and rustic feel makes me feel more alive. For many nature lovers (myself included!),...

When is the best time to visit Macchu Picchu?

No feeling can compare to how I felt when I stood at the sun gate and saw the Incan citadel for the first time. But – when is the best time to visit Macchu Picchu? Having been there several times, here are my thoughts.