Travel, for now, is on hold. But this won’t last forever. The coronavirus pandemic is going to pass and travel will be back. And I don’t know about you, but when they do, I’ll need a vacation – yes a vacation from this quarantine!

So, why not start thinking about your holiday for the next South American Summer 2021?

We remain positive that we will be able to show South America in the near future. If you plan to visit South America, starting to plan your next trip for next summer 2021 is a great idea. Just remember that the southern hemisphere seasons are reversed which basically means that summer runs from December to March, Autumn from April to June, winter from July to September, and then Springtime from September until December again.

Magic Landscapes from our Luxury Food & Wine Tour of Argentina and Chile in 14 days 🙌⁠
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⁠📸by @⁠gusariase

South America offers a diversity of options no matter what time of year one visits, there will always be a region to explore! In Summer, between December and March, not only your trip in South America will have great weather, giving you the chance to enjoy its best attractions, most amazing beaches, as well as its famous festivals, but some places, like Patagonia, are more accessible, particularly in the far south.

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Continue reading this article, and find out which are the best summer destinations in South America. The options are immense and we couldn’t possibly mention them all here BUT it’ll certainly give you an idea of what regions you should be visiting in on your next summer 2021 vacation.

Exploring the Breathtaking Nature: Patagonia & Antarctica

If you are an adventurous traveler, South America is waiting for you with plenty of incredible destinations. 

Hiking in Patagonia during the summer months is an incredible idea, not only because the beauty of nature is at its best, but also because the weather is friendly and welcoming. The spectacular classic W of Torres del Paine, the fascinating Perito Moreno glacier, or Fitz Roy in Chalten are just a few examples of the things that will amaze your eyes. 

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Wildlife aficionados, who choose the summer season for their trip, will have the chance to enjoy the charming penguins in Peninsula Valdes and Ushuaia, as well as an incredibly diverse marine fauna in Antarctica.

My itinerary recommendation for the summertime in Patagonia:  Antarctica & Patagonia Tour

The rainy season for the deserts

The biggest salt flats in the world, Uyuni ( Bolivia) and Atacama ( Chile) deserts are on their rainy season during the months of summer. So, this is the best time to visit the deserts, you will be able to admire the overwhelming beauty of the mirror effect, the most amazing natural mirror in the world!

As you can imagine, this is also the time when the majority of tourists come to this area. So, expect it to be crowded.

The place where Heaven meets Earth 🌎⁠The largest Mirror in the world.⁠
📆Visit between January and April to see this surreal effect.⁠
📸 @bruereno

My itinerary recommendation for the summertime in the deserts:  Argentine, Chilean, and Bolivian Salt Flats and Lakes: 12 Days Suggested Itinerary

Relaxing on a Spectacular South American Beach

If you want to get closer to the culture and daily life in South America, while also relaxing on its sunny beaches, our best summer season suggestions are José Ignacio and La Pedrera in Uruguay. 

La Pedrera offers sun lovers a dramatic 30-mile beach where they can unwind and forget all about the daily worries, as well as indulge in mouth-watering seafood and tasty cocktails. In the evening, La Pedrera becomes a busy place filled with parties no visitor should miss. 

Sunset tasting at Playa Vik Jose Ignacio, Punta del Este Uruguay 😎⁠
The comparisons to the French Riviera and the Hamptons are inevitable. Where else does one see such a mix of glamour and gorgeous beaches?⁠

If you want something chic and fashionable, Jose Ignacio is a great choice. Relaxing beaches, great restaurants, and a town center filled with boutique art galleries are some of the things waiting for travelers in Jose Ignacio. 

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Enjoying a Real South American Party

One of the best summer destinations in South America is Rio de Janeiro. Not only is the New Year’s Eve in Rio a spectacular moment, but its famous carnival is a massive color celebration that shouldn’t be missed. The streets of the city, as well as the warm sands of Copacabana Beach, will be filled with happy, friendly people, ready to party and watch the spectacular fireworks display together. 

Cristo Redentor at night 🙌⁠

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If these parties seem too much for you, spending New Year’s Eve at the end of the world, in Ushuaia, is a fantastic idea. This is one of the best summer destinations in South America for nature lovers, who love running away from big cities to enjoy the peaceful mountains. 

Another great destination for ringing in the New Year in Cusco, the former Inca capital, a place that promises a celebration to remember. Make sure you’ll be wearing yellow because this color is considered lucky since the day of the Incas by the people of Cusco. 

My itinerary recommendation for the summertime Rio de Janeiro: Charming South America in 14 days

So, Which are the best summer destinations in South America? as you can see, whether you are looking for adventure, relaxing moments in the sun, or explosive parties, there are plenty of summer destinations in South America you can choose from! you can actually visit South America in summer more than once! Ultimately it depends on what you want to experience

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