South America is famous among passionate travelers for its impressive history and culture, mouth-watering foods, warm people, and of course spectacular landscapes. But in addition to emerald rainforests, wild beaches, imposing mountains, and unspoiled islands, it is also filled with comfortable and romantic hotels. And having the perfect accommodation will definitely enhance your traveling experience. So, if you want to plan the ultimate escape for couples, here is our list of the best Romantic Boutique Hotels in South America for your Honeymoon.

Best_romantic_boutique_hotels_in_South_america_ for_your_honeymoon_ponta_dos_ganchos
A perfect combination of massages, aromas and exclusive treatments designed to satisfy the most demanding guests

Best Romantic Boutique Hotels in South America for your Honeymoon: Ponta Dos Ganchos Brazil

Travelers interested in celebrating their love while exploring Brazil should take into consideration enjoying a honeymoon on the Brazilian Emerald Coast.

Ponta dos Ganchos Brazil is a high-end resort overlooking the superb coast, that offers its guests a private island.

You can relax while enjoying the gym and spa, indulge in the tasty food at the restaurant or swim in the pool while admiring the panoramic views. But you also have the chance to adventure into hiking, snorkeling, kayaking or helicopter tours.
And of course, the rooms are comfortable, beautifully decorated, and perfectly equipped to offer you the best stay.

A beach paradise of white sand and surrounded by the sea of the Emerald Coast.
Best_romantic_boutique_hotels_in_South_america_ for_your_honeymoon_ponta_dos_ganchos
An exclusive dinner to the sound of the waves, illuminated by torches and moonlight.
Best_romantic_boutique_hotels_in_South_america_ for_your_honeymoon_ponta_dos_ganchos
Pure luxury, with a stunning views

The Best Romantic Boutique Hotels in South America for Your Honeymoon:  Luma Boutique Hotel Villa Langostura, Patagonia Argentina

If Argentina is on your bucket list, you must find the best spot in the country. With so much beauty, choosing can be very difficult. However, if you want an escape full of relaxation and romance, the spectacular shore of Nahuel Huapi Lake is a great option. This is where one of the best romantic boutique hotels for a honeymoon is located.

Luma Casa is a designer hotel with luxurious rooms, a stunning wine cellar, a heated pool, and mesmerising views of the Andes. The breakfast buffet is rich, and the á la carte restaurant serves delicious Italian dishes.

Situated on the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake
The pool invite you to relax and enjoy the view.
It offers 8 exclusive suites, panoramic views of the Andes, a heated pool, and a wine cellar
restaurant serves Italian gastronomy and the wine bar a variety of regional wines

Best Romantic Boutique Hotels in South America for Your Honeymoon: Aranwa Boutique Cuzco

Want to visit Cuzco, and sleep in a 5-star luxurious hotel with regal interiors and lavish bathrooms? Aranwa is your answer.
Not only will you be able to enjoy a perfect sleep in a comfortable bed, and indulge in long baths in the circular hot tubs, but you also have the chance to taste authentic Peruvian food at The Mishti Gourmet Restaurant, as well as easily travel to Cusco City Centre and explore its history, culture and, of course, food. The hotel also offers a personalized city tour of Cuzco.

Aranwa Boutique Cuzco
Indulge in long baths in the circular hot tubs
Enjoy te bet Peruvian food at The Mishti Gourmet Restaurant

Best Romantic Boutique Hotels in SA for Your Honeymoon: Emiliano Rio de Janeiro

Are you dreaming about celebrating your love in bustling Rio de Janeiro? In this case, the Emiliano Rio, one of the best romantic boutique hostels for a honeymoon in Brazil, is the best option. Set right next to Copacabana Beach, this incredible hotel has unique views, luxurious rooms, an outdoor infinity room, as well as a spa and fitness centre.
This is the perfect option if you are planning a beach honeymoon in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Set in a privileged location in Rio de Janeiro, beachfront to Copacabana Beach.
Best romantic boutique hotels in south america
Authentic Carioca hospitality that lets travelers live like a local in a setting that celebrates sophistication, service, privacy and comfort.
Located on the same floor as the Santapele Spa, the room provides an extension of all the spa’s wellness experiences in a more intimate setting.

Best Romantic Boutique Hotels in SA for Your Honeymoon: The Singular Patagonia Chile.

Beautiful Patagonia is waiting for romantic couples with breathtaking landscapes, interesting activities, and romantic hotels. The Singular Patagonia Chile is one of the best choices for newlyweds. Located near the Patagonian fjords of Last Hope Sound and the Andes mountain range, this hotel has some of the best views in the area. The rooms are spacious, elegant, and have big windows that give you the chance to indulge in the breathtaking views.
Staying at the Singular Patagonia hotel comes with the chance to explore the beautiful surroundings, enjoy traditional Patagonian meals, as well as relax in the spa and wellness center.

Best_romantic_boutique_hotels_in_South_america_ for_your_honeymoon_singular_patagonia
Part of the building is a fascinating museum,carved out of a sprawling cold storage plant (which operated between 1915-1971
All suites have a floor-to-ceiling picture windows with views of the Last Hope Sound and the Andes mountains.
Heated pool, sauna, steam room, treatment rooms and a private suite with a whirlpool tub.

Best Romantic Boutique Hotels in South America for your Honeymoon: Alto Atacama Chile

Located next to Pucará de Quitor, Alto Atacama Desert Lodge & Spa is the best romantic boutique hostels for a honeymoon, especially if you are interested in all-inclusive packages.
Not only will you have the chance to rest in large, comfortable rooms and relax at the hotel’s Puri Spa, but the packages also include airport shuttles, city transfers, daily tours, all meals, as well as refreshments and drinks.

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