If you are planning to visit South America soon, and you want to make sure you see all the best spots, don’t forget to add Salar de Uyuni to your list.  Located amid the Andes in southwest Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world and one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. Created after a prehistoric lake went dry, this desertlike beauty promises to amaze your eyes with its mesmerizing charm. But to have the vacation of your dreams in Bolivia, you should also find the best places to stay in Uyuni area.

Accommodation in the area is basic but if you do want to have a memorable escape and pamper yourself with a lavish room, there are a few nice hotels that can offer you this possibility. So, continue reading this article and find out which are the best places to stay on your visit to Uyuni salt flats. 

Best places to stay in Uyuni: Stay in a Lavish Lodge Palacio Del Sal 

Built entirely of salt and located on the banks of the stunning Salar de Uyuni, Palacio del Sal is a perfect choice if you want to relax, forget about the daily worries and routine, and stay somewhere that is in great harmony with the landscape. 

No visit to the famous Salt Flats is complete without a night or two in a hotel made of salt! experience amazing views of the salar from your room

Not only does this hotel offer you the chance to wake up to the incredible beauty of the salt flats every morning, but it is also known for its fantastic services. In addition to comfortable rooms, friendly and professional staff, and a great restaurant, Palacio del Sal welcomes its guests with a relaxing spa that promises a unique experience. 

Swimming in a pool with a view on the sunset over the salar

Experience Luxury Glamping: Kachi Lodge 

The futuristic white pods of the Kachi lodge look like a space station.

If you want to try glamping, which means glamorous camping, Kachi Lodge welcomes you with its luxurious domes decorated with bespoke furniture, textiles, and unique paintings special created by the Bolivian Andy Warhol, Gastón Ugalde

A stay at Kachi Lodge in Bolivia is a unique experience, the arid landscape can give you the feeling you’ve traveled to another planet. Staying in Kachi lodge is any stargazer’s dream. The stars are always on display!

In front and on top of the 6 luxury domes, a transparent panel offers wide-open views on the Salar and its starry night sky.

Besides that, what makes Kachi Lodge one of the best places to stay in Uyuni is the chance to indulge in great activities such as hiking and cultural and ethnic excursions, as well as the opportunity to taste mouth watering dishes created by famous Bolivian chefs. 

The Bolivian cuisine at the lodge is provided by La Paz’s multi-award-winning Gustu restaurant. This cool restaurant is one of Latin America’s 50 best restaurants 2017.

Staying at Kachi lodge will turn your Salar de Uyuni trip into the most luxurious adventure!

Artwork of one of the Bolivian most well-known contemporary artists Gaston Ugalde, can be found everywhere across the lodge.

Relax with Elegance: Luna Salada 

Sunsets at hotel luna Salada.
Photo by @hoteldesallunasalada

If elegance defines you, consider booking a stylish room at the charming Hotel Luna Salada & Spa. With the breathtaking salt flats located a few meters from the hotel, beautifully designed rooms, sensational restaurant and a relaxing spa with panoramic views, Luna Salada is a perfect choice for traveling romantics or visitors who are always ready to pamper themselves. 

Magical nights at Luna Salda in Salar de Uyuni.
photo by @lifebeforekids

In addition to a perfect unwinding experience, you can also enjoy exciting tours that include the best natural sites in the area.

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Enjoy views of the salar from your room.
photo by @hoteldesallunasalada

Have a Romantic Escape: Cristal Semana 

Whether you are planning a romantic trip, a solo vacation, or a memorable expedition with your best friends, Cristal Semana is definitely one of the best places to stay in Uyuni. 

Rooms at cristal Semana have a FENG SHUI inspiration. Photo by @hotelcristalsamana

The lovely hotel offers a great range of rooms to choose from as well as interesting activities and the chance to experience a romantic getaway in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Also, if you are interested in an authentic wedding, at Cristal Semana you have the opportunity to plan the winter or summer wedding of your dreams.  

Enjoy the Silence: Tayka del Desierto 

Located in the Siloli Desert, 200 km from the Salar, the Tayka del Desierto Hotel is a perfect choice for travelers who are interested in relaxing and experiencing a beautiful solitude. In addition to being able to enjoy a trip to the mesmerizing Salar de Uyuni, from this charming establishment you can also visit the famous Eduardo Avaroa Andean Flora and Fauna Reserve, and admire its colorful Lagoons, the Geysers, and much more. 

These are 5 of the best places to stay in Uyuni, so if you want to have the vacation of your dreams, check them out and choose the one that suits you most. 

Finally, how and where to start your South America Salt flats trip? Check our suggested Argentine, Chilean, and Bolivian Salt Flats and Lakes: 12 Days Suggested Itinerary or Drop us a line and tell us what your dreams are! Our team will craft the itinerary around your interests and your own travel style.

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